Legendary Artifact

Rune Collection

Created and held by Raul Saturn.
A Collection of Runestones worn on a leather necklace

a rune-carved stone is worn on a necklace around the Dragon Slayers neck, allowing them to create a defensive layer of glowing multi-coloured light around themselves, warding off attacks and reducing the damage the Dragon Slayer receives. The Dragon Slayer can focus on their Ward Stone in order to amplify the effect, at the cost of a further supply of Mana.

Edit: After further refinement, the Ward stone now provides a constant level of protection, though it can still be amplified by channelling more mana into it, causing a glow of Octarine light.

You gain the following benefits as long as you are wearing this Artifact.

You have 3 Armor, which reduces incoming Damage. Armor from multiple sources does not stack.

You may Exert your Mind and spend an Action or Reaction to double your armor rating for the Round.

Your Armor protects you against Injury from non-physical sources as well.

The Rune of Revival is one of the most potent runes available to the Dragon Slayer, capable of reviving them from death so long as it remains intact. Once the Rune triggers, the Dragon Slayer is pulled to their feet as a wave of magical light washes over them, repairing the fatal injury.

You gain the following benefits as long as you are wearing this Artifact.

If you would take an Injury that would kill you, you don’t die. Instead, you survive in an Incapacitated state, though you appear dead to any means of detecting life. This state lasts for the next hour, at which point you fully return to life.

While Incapacitated, your only weakness is The Rune of Revival must be taken from the Dragon Slayers body and shattered, and if you take damage from it, you will die. Damage from other sources will still be dealt and can cause Battle Scars, but will never kill you. If your weakness is not immediately intuitive or obvious, attackers may be able to make some sort of knowledge roll to discover it, at GMs discretion. After you return, the Injury that would have killed you, as well as any Injuries sustained while Incapacitated, are healed. Battle scars obtained during this time remain.

The Dragon Slayer has carved a rune of holding into a small stone and placed it onto a necklace, allowing them to store and withdraw their tools at will.

Spend a Free Action to activate.

You may withdraw an item from your stash, or add an item that is within arm’s reach to your stash. You may store Objects in your stash, each no larger than something which could fit inside a rolling luggage bag (50 liters), and you may store up to 7 things at a time.

  • Containers which hold multiple things may count as a single item so long as the things within are generally packaged together. For instance, you may stash a clip full of bullets, a medical kit full of medical supplies, or a box of crackers, but you cannot stash a backpack full of miscellaneous equipment.
  • You may only attempt to store Objects which are free-standing and disconnected from other things. The use of this Effect will not allow you to sever any connections holding an Object in place.
  • The Maximum Object Size parameter is intended to roughly capture the weight / size restriction of items and isn’t intended to restrict shape. GM discretion is advised. A human being is level 4 in the Maximum Object Size parameter.

The Rune of Regeneration is carved into a stone and worn around the neck of the Dragon Slayer, accelerating their recovery from harm and sealing their wounds shut within seconds.

You gain the following benefits as long as you are wearing this Artifact.

Any Injury you receive heals quickly, reducing its Severity by one level every three days, starting once it becomes stabilized. Battle Scars caused by your Injuries are also healed when the Injuries that caused them regenerate. Any Injuries you receive stabilize automatically and do not deteriorate further.

The Dragon Slayer has learned how to carve Communication Runes, allowing them to make another runestone for their necklace

Expend a point of Battery and spend an Action to activate. Select a target within 10 miles of you. You must have a specific target in mind, but you require only an intuitive understanding of them, such as their name, face, or Location.

You open up a line of conversation to your target, and may continue speaking with them without any additional Exertion cost for as long as you maintain Concentration

The conversation will only be perceived by the intended recipient. You must share a common language for your target to understand the message.

  • Receiving a message does not force a target to pay attention to you, and they can feel free to ignore your message if they choose. Depending on the flavor of your Gift, they may or may not be able to return to it and read it later on.
  • Generally you cannot communicate with Contractors who are not in a Contract with you.
  • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.

The Dragon Slayer has carved a modified rune onto a stone and added it to their necklace, expanding its range from the detection of dragons and their kin to the detection of all monstrous creatures. The runestone lights up with a magical glow when it detects a monster nearby, and can have its accuracy improved by empowering it with additional mana.

Exert your Mind and spend an Action to activate.

You automatically detect all Monsters within 50 feet of you for the next minute. This includes any who come within range during the duration. You have a sense of how many valid targets are nearby and their direction, and you have a clear sense of both the distance and direction towards any detected beings. This information is accurate enough to use for aiming at them, at +1 Difficulty.

Even while this Effect is not active, if any Monsters come within 50 feet of you, you may roll Perception + Alertness, Difficulty 7 to detect them.

A Blink Rune, inscribed in a stone, is attached to a necklace worn by the Dragon Slayer and allows them to travel short distances in an instant.

Expend a point of Battery and spend an Action to activate. Select a Location which is at most 50 feet away horizontally or 10 feet away vertically.

You jump to the chosen location. If the landing is precarious, the GM may call for a roll to land safely. You will never take fall damage from successfully landing a jump made with this Effect.

Instead of physically passing through the air, you are teleported directly to your destination. Does not allow you to go through walls.

  • If you are Encumbered, the maximum range is cut in half. If Encumbrance has reduced your total movement to 0, you cannot activate this Effect.
  • Rolls to land safely will generally be Athletics, but GMs may call for a different roll at their discretion if it makes sense for the specific circumstances.
  • You must be on a surface of some kind in order to activate this effect; it cannot be activated while in mid-air.
  • You may only use this Effect once per round of combat, regardless of any enhancements you have taken.
  • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.

Community Artifacts

Extracted Memory Type R

Created and held by Carl Baskins.
A band of unbroken scarlet metal. When used, some of the color drains from it.

The metal band around his waist vibrates, hums, and seethes. The color begins to drain from it, and move up Carl’s chest, then his arm. As he reaches a hand out to his target, the scarlet color flows from his hand into the object, and infuses it. The affected object turns obviously scarlet in color until the enhancement wears off. The belt loses some of its scarlet coloring (appearing clear and colorless in affected areas) until it regains that Source point.

Carl was taken to a room he no longer remembers, where using some device, personnel he has since forgotten the existence of used a memory extraction device to pull this item from his mind into reality. Though he does not realize it, this strange belt is intrinsically linked to the door he has nightmares of each night.

Expend a point of Battery and spend a minute to activate. Select a non-Alien Device within arm's reach. Cannot be used to improve Armor.

For the next day, your target receives 1 extra dice to all actions taken with its intended use.

  • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.

Long Tom

Created and held by Icarus Onigiri.
A sniper rifle of a dark design, manufactured for recon and stealth with its innate function of folding into a fake briefcase.

The signature weapon of the sniper Icarus: Long Tom. A powerful cybernetic sniper rifle that uses nearby energy or magic in place of kinetic bullets to fire away. On its side is a dial that you have to set to the feet away the target is. Too close and it'll deal subpar damage. Too far and it'll deal above average damage. But get it just right, and the damage will be huge. One of the nice ways this weapon stays hidden is its ability to fold into the form of a briefcase-- fake, of course, and unable to contain anything other than itself.

This Artifact cannot be broken.

This Artifact's creator is always aware of the direction and distance to this Artifact.

  • "Cannot be broken" means that damage cannot render the Artifact's Effects unusable, nor can it cease to be used for its primary mundane purpose, if it has one.

Hand made terrifying doll

Created and held by Maximus Augustine.
A Doll made by the lovely demon that Max lives with, very terrifying and bound to give a child nightmares

Through his Fae Contract he isn't able to bring him here, but he is able to replicate Jerma which he can control as a companion.
Using a doll that was given to him by the demon, then using Magicks he is able to replicate the demon in a well-weakened force but it will be indeed tiresome as
of what occurs is in holding out the doll, a circle with demonic sigils with be upon the ground nearby it and from it will arise a companion version of Jerma, not the real thing but will work just fine.

Exert your Mind and spend at least two Actions performing the following ritual: With the connection of the Fae Contract, alongside his knowledge of magicks begins to recite words as he summons up a weakened copy of the other side of the fae contractor to activate. You must maintain Concentration while activating this Effect, and it fails if you are interrupted.

Summon a single ________ at your location. They will last for an hour, or until they are destroyed. They are controlled by the GM but will follow any commands you give. You may have at most 1 minion active at a time.

Minions have 4 Body and can make melee range attacks with 5 dice to attack and +1 Damage. Your minions can move 20 feet per Round as Free Movement, and double that when performing an all-out Sprint. They cannot dodge or Defend. They have dog-level intelligence, but are capable of communicating information back to you. Any Perception checks they make are rolled with 8 dice.

Your minions can fly at their normal movement speed.

Bracelet of Constant Function

Created and held by Gimmlin Artstet.
A loose, green bracelet that has an ethereal glow to it.

An item enchanted with this effect will have an ethereal green glow, though not enough for any significant sort of light. Touching the object is energizing, and supplies the wearer with unending function.

You gain the following benefits as long as you are wearing this Artifact.

You no longer require any food, water, or sleep in order to survive.

Peace Pipe

Created by Cletus Cassidy, given to Perkins Cadbury.
A Cletus Co. specialty peace pipe

You take a drag on the joint, as the end begins to smoke without use of a light. As the thick smoke fills the air, tendrils begin to flow into the airways of the targets, filling them with a comfortable sensation of peace and non hostility.

(Can use a drugs secondary skill in place of influence)

Exert your Mind and spend an Action to activate. Select a number of Living targets equal to your Charisma within 45 feet. Roll Charisma + Influence at Difficulty 6. Affected targets can resist by rolling Mind at Difficulty 6.

If you succeed, for the next minute, affected targets will do things they otherwise wouldn’t have done, inspired by Calm. They will not necessarily display their emotions in an obvious way. Your own emotions are also shifted in the same way.

Actions they take will be in keeping with their character and the way they tend to deal with strong emotions. They will be unlikely to change their mind about any actions taken or decisions made until after the Effect ends.

Both attacking someone and being attacked will end the Effect.

  • If you succeed, the target MUST take at least one Action they otherwise would not have. Hey, GM who is reading this, I'm talking to you. You have to enforce this. Remember: Gifts must feel powerful.
  • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.

Stock Legendary Artifacts

The Coffin

"The Coffin" is a black, alligator-skin briefcase made to look like its namesake. The interior is coated in red, quilted leather. It is quite a bit larger on the inside, appearing to stretch backwards like a dark passageway.

This Artifact can be used as a container. It is roughly the same size as a alligator-skin briefcase and just as difficult to conceal. Unless you are storing something commonly found in coffins, this Artifact behaves as its mundane counterpart.

Your alligator-skin briefcase holds 5 times what it normally could. Objects stored inside are weightless.

Living things can be stored in your alligator-skin briefcase. They will have access to anything else inside and may attempt to break free, damaging or destroying the alligator-skin briefcase in the process.

If your alligator-skin briefcase is destroyed, things inside may get out, and it will cease to function until it is repaired.

You may change the type of your container between Contracts.

Only you may open and close the container. Others can still destroy it to get at the contents

  • You cannot change the container's type if you are not in possession of it.
  • There is no cost to use your container.

This Effect activates whenever you are submerged in salt water. It does not require an Action or Exertion.

You transform into small for one hour or until you choose to end the Effect. You cannot transform into a flying creature. See the Extended System text for stats.

While transformed, you cannot use any equipment (including Artifacts and Consumables), and you cannot use your Active, Direct, or Trap Powers. However, you can use your Passive Powers. Any equipment you are wearing transforms with you.

Injuries and Wound Level are carried over between forms. However, transforming can never kill you; you merely remain Incapacitated until your Injuries are sufficiently healed.

  • Creature Stats
    • Medium (large house cat up to human) Body 3. Brawn 1. Dexterity 3. Fall damage reduced by 1.
    All creatures get +3 dice to any non-combat Action that they are naturally adapted for. All creatures Medium and larger may attack by rolling Body, dealing +0 Damage (+1 for “predators”). Gms and Playgroup leaders can apply other bonuses and effects to specific animals.

The Airship of Solitude

The airship of solitude is an imposing black blimp. While flying through the air, it is regularly struck by lightning, terrifying those below.

This Artifact can be used as a blimp. It is roughly the same size as a blimp but can be collapsed into a phone-sized canvas cube and concealed. Collapsing or expanding it costs a Quick Action.

This blimp has full science laboratory, bullet-proof envelope, and ample parachutes. Any roll to pilot this vehicle receives +2 dice.

You also gain the following effects:

  • Crew of One: You alone may stand in for an entire crew if the vehicle would normally be piloted by more than one.
  • Mind of its Own: This vehicle can move and take Actions without you driving it. It has seven dice for all Drive rolls.
  • No Muffler: Any stealth rolls made to hide your vehicle automatically fail, and any rolls made to notice your vehicle automatically succeed.

The Skeleton Key

At first glance, this appears to be a standard, modern house key made of ivory. A close observer might compliment its skull-shaped head or usual material. No one would suspect it to be one of the Thief's most prized possessions: The Skeleton Key.

Spend an Action to activate.

You may lock, unlock, and/or open any number of doors, locks, or locked targets within arm's reach of you. Cannot be used on Alien technology.

If you successfully operate a lock, you may choose to destroy it, rendering it inoperable.

This Gift's Cost is capped at 2 and cannot be increased further.

  • Any door or restraint that is fastened or shut with a mechanism may be considered locked, at the GM's discretion. Can be used on control panels or other electronic locks, but not computer security systems.
  • If you operate a locking mechanism through this Effect which has some other secondary effect (such as the ignition on a car causing the car to start) you may cause that effect as well.
  • You can target yourself if you qualify as a valid target by the other requirements.

255TE "Lancer" Rife

A metallic disk that, with the press of a button, expands into a futuristic-looking rifle.

This Artifact can be used as a Rifle. It is roughly the same size as a Rifle but can be collapsed into a metallic disk and concealed. Collapsing or expanding it costs a Quick Action.

Attack by rolling Dexterity + Firearms, Difficulty 6. Successful attacks deal 2 Weapon Damage +2 Bonus Damage. The target's Armor is fully effective against this damage.

You also gain the following effects:

  • Silencer: Shots you fire can be made silent at will.

  • Rifles are +1 difficulty to use in melee range. Sniper Rifles are +3 difficulty to use without a tripod or in melee range. Setting up a tripod takes an Action.