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Don Thomas Ryder arrested for first degree murder

on the annual vaccation trip from Callifornia to Hawaii, Martha Stencil was murdered in cold blood by the Don of the Italian mafia Thomas Ryder and has been incarcerated and is waiting for his trial in Hawaii's max security prison

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Florida politician found dead

Candidate for mayor John Steven was found dead having fallen from his 60 story building. Susspect of multiple accords of criminal activity that has yet to be proven, it's been assumed that an enraged individual had assassinated the candidate after crashing a stolen matress semi into the building and then driving off in said semi causing massive damage to the city in their escape. Eye witnesses of the semi escaping recal a rather hairy bald man driving in front seat, no known individuals have been found suspect of the murder and theft

Latest Journals

3 hours, 8 minutes ago: Batimir Feratu wrote a Downtime Journal for Do you like my red yacht friend?

Mob Ties

After the yacht party I decided to spend a little extra time making some valuable connections, as it turns out the Family was actaully quite apperciative of my efforts to prove their Don innocent: and apon realizing who I was, and that I had used one of my own employees as a scapegoat, made the connection that I'd sacraficed one of my own for theirs. I then decided to offer some of the Mafiosos legitamete jobs as members of my security team; should they ever need a "Clean" job. 

Though I probably won't be able to assist or help out Thomas Ryder too much, as long as he, or someone, goes to prison and takes the fall for what the Don's done, I'm in bed with the mob. I'd say I value these Mob Ties much more than I value the one accountant, as far as im concerned thats one less loose end who won't be able to tell on me later, something I haven't been too good at discerning. 

Being surrounded by all those guns and men-with-guns at the party has taught me a valuable lesson about staying safe; and fortunately for me with some help from the harbingers I've managed to awaken my blood's latent potential, my blood now serves as a sort of reactive-armour. Though it's only been trained to react against Bullets and Firearms, my blood now has the capability to take on the properties of Ceramic Plates: so long as it pertains to gunfire im essentially wearing a weightless invisible bombsuit.

1 day, 13 hours ago: Batimir Feratu wrote a Downtime Journal for Delete it

A Draining Exercise

After long weeks of trial and tribulations I've finally managed to improve the condition of my own blood; I have cured myself of Hemophillia. Not only does my Blood no longer flow as dangerlessly, but my blood itself is now sentinent: sentinent enough to clot wounds automatically and heal my own injuries overtime. No longer will I fear reprisal from one minor cut, no longer will I be forced to spend months in recovery after one guy decides to tackle me, I now have the ability to passively heal at almost-superhuman rates.

Other things I've done in the timeframe since then have been planning ahead for the future: I've decided I need some type of Alias or some type of Alter-Me to use as a front as I contract further. I've decided that perhaps my alter-self will probably be named Sang Chasseure, he shall be a blood-doctor or some sort of medical fellow. I've already made the call to make sure hes a non-associate with the company incase he ever gets into altercations or legal issues. I, however, will have to put the effort into creating such an alter-identity some other time.

The final thing I've worked on during this last month has been lavish partying, fortunately for me the locals are quite bored and quite love coming to parties: especially parties at inconspicious road-side wooded mansions. It has been quite the enjoyable last few weeks, however I do hope soon I'll be contacted again by one of them, afterall thanks to these little missions... Progress has begun. 

1 day, 13 hours ago: Batimir Feratu wrote a Downtime Journal for The Caverns


I decided that I lacked a sizable amount of equipment and a sizable quanity of things; I have all this money and nothing to do with it. First off I began to invest into affordable-and-replaceable concealable minicameras, "Spycams" if you will. Theres this company that sells a particular brand of spycameras which are disguised to look like pens, or buttons, and I decided to have some commissioned / shipped to me. This'll be useful the next time I wish to record and/or gather evidence, or begin to realpolitik again. 

Additionally I've decided that I can't compromise my identity anymore by going out as myself, I'll have to work on disguises / creating some sort of false identity or alter ego. While my status and contacts may eventaully prove useful, in the majority of situations the fame and acclaim that comes with my presence is most troubling. I've reasoned that if I pickup causal clothes and masking I can reasonably be mistooken for a cosplayer of some kind or just a random guy.

I've decided that I need some type of way additionally to obscure myself and that I've ought to be more distant from fellow Contractors that are not-so-involved with me. Realstically I can't begin to trust any of these folk; and I can't be certain that they won't just turn on me or attempt to claw at me whenever they find themselves at a bind. 

I've begun to dive more into the art of Hemomancy, I've discovered that through a mixture of my blood-and-bodily fluids, and through the delievering of this mixture through flesh maggots whcih I have now gained the ability to produce for the express purpose of such an ability, I can "Transfuse" people with my own vitality: meaning that if they are able to accept such a macabre occurance I am able to heal them.

6 days, 2 hours ago: Kaerym Yasura wrote a Downtime Journal for Sanctuary


After that, for lack of a better word...unfucking fathomable night where we lived out a whole fantasy action film and somehow survived the most ridiculous situations, John Batimir and I exchanged our contacts, went back home our seperate ways and (with a little help from batimir) got a ride back home all the way from Nebraska apparently.

I couldn't help but replay every thing that had happened in my head, over and over again.

Gareth...if it wasn't for him we would have all died, torn limb from limb and turned into one of those ghouls, I shudder at the thought, i will forever remember the name Gareth Vendet because the only reason I'm still going for how ever much longer is all thanks to him, he may not have known it himself but he truly did save us all, and it was not in vain.

ever since we got out of that.. Darkness, I felt something, it was that same feeling i had when i Leaped for the first time, it felt like I could do something new, but i didn't know exactly what it was until, on one of the many day's I practice my abilities, when I had my my eyes closed i could feel a rythm.. sort of a tempo, and it was coming from the air around me.

I could somewhat control it, i could change the rythm and even try to form sounds with it, it was like learning how to whistle almost, but instead of your lips you're using the atmosphere around you, eventually through doing this day in and out I could try to form almost steady streams and eventually it happened, I took a deep breath and put everything i had into the strongest sustained stream yet, I was able knock over one of those smaller trees using the wind, now not only was i able push myself with this ability, I can now send a powerful force of air to hit things from a distance

6 days, 9 hours ago: Batimir Feratu wrote a Downtime Journal for Sanctuary

Scholarship of Merit

I have decided after my last outting that my inherently weak body is quite a detriment; I have responded to this by working out. I have been jacking Iron in my manor-home for the past month, my security team included my beloved psuedo-son Ace have been questioning me on why I have been working out extensively, they also questioned why I returned home wounded and bleeding slightly; I answered none of these questions. I see no need to answer any of them, so infact, I chose not to.

Other then that I've decided to openup a scholarship "Program of Merit" for gifted students; it's first benefactor will be the young woman I met on my previous contract: the money has been and will be wired to her immediately and she will be recieving a full ride scholarship as well as her car-and-living expenses paid for, for basically the next decade or however long it takes for her to finish school. Additionally I need to figure out about that Mariner's family, and get a sizable Insurance fund deposited to them for their son and/or father's unfortunate passing. The depths are, afterall, calling.

I am a bit saddened that I did not retrieve that book, I believe though it is best to leave it in the girl's hands though as I wonder what she'll be doing with it. I can always just figure out where she lives and show up abruptly if I want it, after all. I've decided to purchase alot of items that'll make my next Contract easier, I can only wonder about the nature of my next outting. 

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Illuminated Earth is a twisted reflection of the modern world where the advent of smartphones and the internet confirmed the existence of the supernatural instead of disproving it. Here, witch hunts have merit. Billionaires and Senators employ paranormal advisors and bodyguards, and everyone knows. Charlatans become pop culture icons, and each revelation inspires a new cult. The world is changing. The secret societies that pull humanity's strings scramble to adapt.

Now's a good time to move up.

House Rules

Contractors from The Illumination Are portable, and may play in Contracts in other Playgroups.
The Illumination grants an Improvement to GMs who achieve the Golden Ratio.
  • This Playgroup is for two kinds of Players: new Players who are learning about The Contract and invested, skilled roleplayers who would like to play in The Illumination setting. 
    • If after a few Contracts we feel that you are not playing in good faith, not respecting other Players' time and energy, or otherwise aren't a good fit for the group, we will remove you from the group. Your Contractors will be returned to you as Free Agents, and you are of course always welcome to join other Playgroups or start your own Playgroup. 
  • Citizenship: Active Players are expected to GM Contracts from time to time. If you have played as a Contractor in your most recent six Illumination Contracts, you are barred from playing in The Illumination again until you GM a contract in The Illumination. (In other words the first six Contracts are free, but after that you must GM). 
  • GMing: All members of The Illumination are encouraged to GM, and no approval is required. Custom Scenarios likewise do not require pre-approval, though you should feel free to ask a Playgroup Judge if you have concerns about your Scenario’s content.
  • Supernatural Powers All non-mastery, non-concealed Gifts must be obviously supernatural when activated or grant a mutation that marks the wielder as supernatural or bizarre if discovered.
  • Live Play Only: Contracts and Side Games that require a GM must be conducted over voice, not play-by-post. This rule is intended to keep active Players roughly in-sync as far as the passage of time and to ensure Downtime activities are resolved in a reasonable timeframe. 
  • Consistency: Scenarios that have an impact on the setting can be run a maximum of one time, canonically. Further runs must occur in parallel dimensions that have no impact on the primary setting. 
  • Conflicts: Contractors who make it past four victories must have some conflict. Whether it be an enemy, acting on an ambition that puts them in conflict with the setting’s status quo, or something else. The Playgroup’s GMs will convene private meetings to plot conflicts and complications for Contractors. No GM (including the Playgroup judges and Leaders) are immune.

Full Setting Description

This Playgroup uses the official Illumination Setting.

World Events

Posted by blackrouge963, 14 hours, 5 minutes ago. Permalink

Don Thomas Ryder arrested for first degree murder

on the annual vaccation trip from Callifornia to Hawaii, Martha Stencil was murdered in cold blood by the Don of the Italian mafia Thomas Ryder and has been incarcerated and is waiting for his trial in Hawaii's max security prison

Posted by blackrouge963, 1 day, 15 hours ago. Permalink

Florida politician found dead

Candidate for mayor John Steven was found dead having fallen from his 60 story building. Susspect of multiple accords of criminal activity that has yet to be proven, it's been assumed that an enraged individual had assassinated the candidate after crashing a stolen matress semi into the building and then driving off in said semi causing massive damage to the city in their escape. Eye witnesses of the semi escaping recal a rather hairy bald man driving in front seat, no known individuals have been found suspect of the murder and theft

Posted by Serpentail, 1 day, 21 hours ago. Permalink

Adolescent Sasquatch Steals ATV from Gas Station

A recent viral YouTube video shows a fuzzy humanoid creature jumping on a ATV parked at a gas station and driving off before the ATV's owner could stop them. The creature believed to be an adolescent sasquatch was about average height and covered in light brown hair. Why did this young big foot steal the vehicle and what could he possibly be planning with it?

Posted by ShadyTradesman, 3 days, 3 hours ago. Permalink

Archbishop Vasquez of San Francisco nominates Sister Mary Catherine to Sainthood

Flying in the face of tradition, Archibishop Vasquez has defied the typical five-year posthumous waiting period and nominated recently-deceased Sister Mary Catherine for sainthood. 


Sister Mary Catherine was recently found dead inside an abandoned pet store, her body partially consumed by what officials suspect were rabid animals. 


Archbishop Vasquez has posted several videos of Sister Mary Cathering performing healing miracles to CryptoLeak. In the videos, she can be seen experiencing stigmata and performing a laying of hands that is credited with curing chronic illnesses such as cancer. These cases were documented, and doctors have confirmed that their patients seem to have been cured, although no scientists witnessed these miracles. 


A massive populist following has formed for Sister Mary Catherine, especially in the Catholic communities worldwide. Her canonicalization seems very likely. 

Posted by Tranks_300, 1 week ago. Permalink

👨 Frederick Francis✔️ @FredtheFoodlover

           I was at this event, lucky I got out when I did. Food was good though, the fat head chef said made by some Boo Fellow(?)


         Below is a retweet of CNN news, the video states "An attempted assassination on a genetically made 'super baby'
 The footage shows the Medical Science Award show where a baby was shot by a supernatural flare, the baby survived and was treated by medical troopers from the Syndicate of International Medical Practioners and Surgeons. The baby just barely survived but it's genetic abilities were lost.


324💬 5.4k🔃 134k❤️ 


👤Pete @PeterPumpkinEater

Oh god, caring about rich people are we fred?

Posted by shotgunwizard22, 1 week, 6 days ago. Permalink

Famous Actor Disappears

Famous Actor Micheal D'onovitchison, Star of the cult hit movie franchise Man Crunch, has gone missing after a visit to Brazil in preparation for what is reported to be a new installment in the beloved cult classic series. Last seen at the Cuiaba International Airport, D'onovitchison disappeared after climbing into a car with three unidentified individuals, which is believed to have been driven into the Amazon Rainforest. Police refuse to comment on whether the much loved Celebrity's disappearance is related to a string of missing individuals in the area, though the authorities have reassured the public that everything possible is being done to find the Actor and bring him home.

Posted by Redchigh, 1 month, 2 weeks ago. Permalink

Breaking News at the Tuscaloosa County Courthouse

    James Barton, 36, has been arrested, charged with multiple counts of murder, mutilation of a corpse, burglary, and trespassing, after a citizen's arrest and his trial is underway. His family has detained Alan Dershowitz as counsel. Dershowitz is known for taking on high-profile and often unpopular cases and clients, and has won 19 of the 21 murder and attempted murder cases he has taken on as a criminal appellate lawyer.

    Police believe Barton picked victims at random, waiting till an opportune moment to approach and murder the victims scattered around the state. Victims have been identified as Micheal Stepinac (33, Woodstock) Hailey Jeffries (22, Tuscaloosa), Derek Smythe (48, Hitop) , Aaron Abbot (29, Birmingham), Elizabeth Evans (19, Anniston), Grace Marie Elois (27, Huntsville), Marie Sheilhamer, (16, Mobile) and Edward Pyle (71, Northport)

    The defense seems two-fold, focusing on James Barton's rapidly deteriorating  mental state from a head injury during a violent mugging 3 years ago, and sowing doubt on credibility of evidence submitted by casting doubt on the citizens performing said arrest- enhanced greatly when Barton's foreman and other witnesses of the arrestat JD Lumber  testified the arresting citizens used multiple Unnatural Abilities during the apprehension.
We go now to our reporter at the courthouse, where the police and counsel are about to hold a press release.


(Camera shows a crowd of people at the courthouse- a small podium surrounded with mics, and a crowd of reporters. Further back, police hold back the public- some of which hold signs that say "FREE JAMES" and "CLEANSE ALABAMA OF WITCHCRAFT" and "UNNATURAL OPPRESSES THE NATURAL", and there is also a counter protest, an unidentified organization in camo and masks, seemingly in favor of the citizens arrest.)


A suited representative of the ABI steps up to the mic,"Let me take this moment to thank our officers, citizens, and Dr Keller at the medical examiners office for their faith and determination in helping solve this case. This isn't likely to be a quick trial, though we are faithful justice will be delivered swiftly. Due to the excessive brutality of this case, the DA's office is seeking 9 consecutive life sentences. Thanks to the quick work of our staffed psychologist, Barton has calmed down a bit and seems cooperative thanks to medication- we were able to remove his muzzle in order to let him testify in his own behalf."

A reporter yells out "What do you know about that name 'Azaghel' he was screaming about the first day?" 

"We have no reason to believe 'Azaghel' is a genuine threat at this time. Morton was likely just a very sick man, but justice must be served. Any other questions?"

    Over the yelling reporters, 4 gunshots ring out from the direction of the courthouse.and the crowd immediately reacts, most running away but a few running towards it with cameras. The camera view slumps to the ground as the cameraman flees, and the live feed is cut, now showing the studio again, the news announcer's shocked faces."We seem to be having an actively developing situation." the woman says, a visible look of shock on her face.

She holds her earpiece in her ear, clearly listening before saying, stunned-"James Barton has been shot in the courthouse in cold blood. The killer was cooperative, immediately dropping his weapon. It seems he grabbed the bailiff's gun, and fired off four shots, all four hitting Barton- 3 in the torso and one in the head. I repeat, James Barton is dead." She grows silent, listening, before adding: "The shooter self-identified as Hank Jeffries on the scene. Witnesses claim he proudly announced 'This is for Hailey, you sick f'(a beeping censor cuts off the end of the word) as he pulled the trigger four times,followed by immediately dropping his weapon and putting his hands behind his head."She looks at her cards, before smiling cheerfully. "Thats all the time we have for today, Tune in at 9 for more updates on this developing story."

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This story is evolving!

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         r/hottakes - posted by u/massivehamsterballs7 12 hours ago

       Anyone know her plug? I want what she's having KekW

20k     Lolcow


Attached is a link to a video titled "Why all of you bitches are inferior!!!" posted on a YouTube channel titled "Momma motherfucking Ettu"

The video itself depicts an elderly woman of around eighty years of age that refers to herself as "Momma Ettu", she's wearing a tin foil hat and a skin tight latex suit, her hair is messy and grey, her eyes bloodshot as she yells at the camera, spittle flying from her lips, coating the lens about halfway through the video.

She goes on a long-winded rant spanning around an hour, touching upon a variety of sensitive topics, her rhetoric includes rampant racism, sexism, antisemitism, homophobia and transphobia.

She finishes the video of by advocating for violence against marginalized groups and minorities, calling all like-minded fellow Americans to take up arms and -

"Cleanse mother earth of the blight and filth staining her beautiful face"


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     HatessTenessee - 2 hours ago

  lmao just saw a clip of this shit on the local news, bitch is completely off the rails I love it

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 │      ConfusedRa - 2 hours ago

 │   │  Can't wait for the body cam footage to drop when the pigs raid her house and riddle her with holes for "resisting arrest" kekekeke

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 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Load 476 more . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


The threads continue with countless other users expressing their disdain for "Momma Ettu" and her antics, while others support her actions, be it in jest or otherwise.

Users also begin to share short clips of their local radio stations gossiping about the outrageous videos that so quickly gained traction online, gathering countless clicks views and shares.

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Manhunt Continues for Conner Inkz; Artist Suspected In Brutal Killings, Kidnappings, and Arson

A nationwide manhunt is underway for the famous tattoo artist Conner Inkz, according to the FBI, as well as for Lily Foreman, his girlfriend and known accomplice.

Mr. Inkz is the primary suspect in a series of brutal killings which occured in Burley, Idaho just last week, as well as in the kidnapping of two girls who lived there.  According to the Burley Police Department, Mr. Inkz is responsible for inciting a riot during which he killed several people including three police officers, and set the county courthouse ablaze.  He later killed a police officer and two prison guards while escaping custody.

"His guilt is clear," said police spokesperson Dana Moorehouse during a press conference shortly after the killings. "There are multiple witnesses to the riot and footage of the prison break.  We are confident in a conviction if we are able to ascertain his location."

Police refused to release the video evidence, but anonymous hackers had posted it publicly on YouTube, and though it was eventually taken down, by then it had been copied and widely circulated.  The footage shows Mr. Inkz and Ms. Foreman being escorted into a cell block before turning the tables on the guard and officer, brutally beating them to death.

"It is unclear what involvement Ms. Foreman had in the riot incidents, but she is plainly responsible for the death of the prison guard, and is known to be romantically involved with Mr. Inkz as well." said Morehouse. "They are both known to be incredibly dangerous individuals, and should not be approached by civilians."

The FBI got involved on Friday, placing Inkz and Foreman on their well-known list of Ten Most Wanted Fugitives, and setting up a special hotline for tips.  They have promised a $50,000 reward for any information which leads to the arrest of Mr. Inkz.

According to FBI spokesperson Linsday Gold, "If you see something, say something.  Mr. Inkz and Ms. Foreman are highly dangerous and on the run, and it is imperative that we are able to catch up to them.  Do not hesitate to contact local law enforcement as well as reach out to our tip line as soon as possible if you have any indication of their whereabouts."

Local police have also circulated descriptions of the two missing women, Abby Hobbes and Dorothy Childs. "We believe that the two women are victims of kidnapping and are likely to be in the custody of Mr. Inkz at this time."  Moorehouse said that they were last seen being carried away from the riot by Inkz, and have not been seen or heard from since.

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Attack at Omnitech!

In a rare move the excutives were found to be up to no good again. With the companys lavish Christmas party up ahead it was found that the CEO and excutives were part of some strange and odd death cult. After an array of a scene there was some vigilatees trying to take advantage of the lack security. The police have taken several bodies of peopel in robes trying some bizzare ritual. The CEO was found choked to death. More details to come...

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Emperor Norton II Delivers Glowing Boba Endorsement

"Emperor" Norton II drew a crowd outside of  San Francisco boba tea shop Bobasaurus tonight. His speech is partially recorded and has been widely shared.


A cell phone video of a man in flamboyant imperial attire addresses a crowd outside of Bobasaurus:

"So do we declare that in perpetuity that this Boba Cafe is, as of today, the true & recognized Imperial Boba Cafe of the City of San Francisco. To the seventh generation, so to that this Boba Cafe will pass to it's relatives until that glorious day, serving all the citizens of the City & the Imperial States of the Union..."


Bobasaurus itself is enjoying a healthy boom in business, though its signature tapioca pearls have run out for the time being.


In other news, San Franciscans are shocked by footage of a high speed chase through Russian Hill last night...

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OOC Announcement

Hello residents of Illumination, this is just an OOC announcement to adress a few points concerning the illumination that I dont think have been getting across through the fault of the people managing the cell.
      First of all although supernatural happenings occur in the illumination the general public still is adjusting to it, witches are not just hanging out in bars and werewolves aren't driving cabs about in London. Therefore it is reasonable to assume most first time contractors may be taken aback by supernatural, and most NPC's likely should be as well.
      Second thing I would like to go over is some of the major influentail effects the Nagasaki event had over the world just to get things clear. Main point being the massive movement of xenophobic and anti-supernatural behavior the world is engaging in. The majority of the human population have negative attitude towards supernatural and generally will stay away and potentially show violence towards obviously supernatural contrators and the likes. One of the collosal results of this which should always be roleplayed in when it comes up is the outlawing of supernatural beings and objects within the country of Japan, the people of Japan didnt respond to kindly to the cultish massacre and the use of "magic" was outlawed
      Thanks for the understanding and Apologies things got a little confusing, I hope this clears up some of the main problems and idea that needed to be communicated.

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Horrific Pirate Attack near Puerto Rico

On a remote island near Puerto Rico new has struck the world of a horrific action. American turned Somali Pirate Eden Davis Facebook  Lived a horrific massacre of an Entire Island. Dozens of pirates apparently descended upon the island looking for two individuals one who eden claims is his twin another he very clearly names as Damien Lee and even provides Damiens Cell phone number. The group has sworn to continue to assault local areas until these two are delivered to him. Local law enforcement went out to the boat to attempt to negotiate with the pirates however now it is reported that they are also calling for the arrest and extradition of Edens twin and this Damien Lee. If you have any information there is a 5 million dollar reward for any information that directly leads to the arrest of these two individuals by the local government.

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Nagasaki Massacare!

Yesterday At around midnight the City of Nagasaki was awoken to quite the scare. An enormous number of people, estimated at around 30k-40k began massacring the city, using lethel force such as firearms where they could be found, but also improvised weapons senselessly killing residents of the city. People would also be ceromoniously burned while the killers chanted about a being known as Adora. Experts have deemed the killers as a fanatical religeous group or "Cult" and the event a mass sacrifice to their assumed diety Adora. The massacre claimed around 350k lives. U.S. Forces in military bases around Nagasaki mobilized as the event began but simply couldnt respond to the efficiency and brutality of the group who dispersed very quickly before the military could effectivly respond. Many Xenophobic and anti-occult Rallys and protests around the world in response to the event putting pressure on governments around the world to clamp down on supernatural activity related to the illumination. 

(On an OOC note please diregard the last posted Nagasaki event)

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Circus leader Assassinated and many killed.

Reportedly, Jumper, a world famous hitman was seen leaving from a circus with the death of 38 people and the circus leader. 
We have the side profile of these 2 personell and will be considered wanted as we believe them to be related to the cult that killed in nagasaki (Dr. Conrad Blackwell and Maria Brooks)

These 3 will be wanted Dead or alive. 

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Gang Members get in Shootout with Firefighters

The White Scarf's hideout, an apartment building in the middle of San Jose, was set on fire by a currently unfound arsonist, right next to an investigation for a hit and run. When Firefighters arrived at the scene, the gang opened fire on the firefighters and the cops. All of the gang members burned in the building, 5 police officers and 3 fire fighters died as a result of the shootout.

This lead police to connect the Hit and Run and Arson with the alarm at Platinum Bank next door, where it was revealed to the public that former CEO Rupert Carlson had a secret room with an exit leading to the sewers, and lead straight into the vault. The secret room had some form of item, but whatever it was, it was stolen in the chaos. Two cops witnessed a man running from the scene, but they said that the man tripped then exploded. Examination of the body shows that the man had attached C4 to his chest, and immediately exploded when he inadvertently turned it on. Nobody knows the man's motivations, or what he stole, but we will never find out.

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Ultor Co. CEO and chairmen Exposed!

CEO Rupert Carlson and many Chairmen of the manufacturing and distribution company Ultor Co. have been exposed by an anonymous vigilante Hacker finding evidence of Money laundering, illegal drug trade, assasination, Human trafficking (the list goes on to describe several other illegal activities) through the company, the individuals in question are being further investigated and detained while more evidence is compiled. A transfer of power being handed down to a bridget jones who promises a better and redeemed future for the company. Investigations to find the vigilante who brought this information to light are in progress as well, dirty money accounts and various systems within the company were broken into and information on the hacker Is appreciated.

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The Blackwater massacre.

This is L0B0, and welcome to Glepnir Broken


Today's flavor of doxx is the identities of The Scarlet Claws, a mercenary group that is armed to hell and back, Ultor. Co, a corrupt company that hired them to kill union members of a small town "Blackwater" in Texas for profit, and William Murdoch, a Drug Addicted Madman with superhuman capabilities who shot up the town in a drug induced rage.


Included with the post is evidence exposing The Scarlet Claws including their buisness transactions with Ultor.Co and the names of high brass member of the company who were complicit in the deal, as well as all information on William Murdoch including his social media posts, voice and video recordings of his rampage throughout the town that depicts him firing multiple magazines worth of ammunition down upon the union and the mercenaries alike from a vantage point on a roof of a residential building, taking all of them down in a bloody display of savagery and carnage, furthermore there are pictures of the armored vehicle and the variety of weapons he owns.

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Suspected Plane Hijacker Killed in Court

This is a CNN special report. 

Earlier today, suspected plane hijacker Amaryllis (Amy) Fleischer attempted to escape during a court hearing. She was shot and pronounced dead on scene. Be warned: the following video contains graphic content. 

The video shows Amy in some sort of courtroom, dressed in orange, eyeliner streaked from crying. The Judge bangs her gravel, and a pair of corrections officers come to take her away. Just as they grab a hold of her, a spike of blood shoots from Amy's wrist through an officer's chest. First one, then the other. Someone screams. Amy sends a third spike through the handcuffs securing her hands and feet, then makes a break for it. She makes it halfway to the door before a rattling of gunfire rings out and she collapses. Several officers surround her prone body, pointing guns. A pool of blood forms underneath her, quickly growing and flowing down the aisle.

A harrowing closure to the terrifying ordeal of the passengers aboard hijacked flight UA1670.

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Plane Hijacked

Earlier today, flight UA1670 was hijacked by a black-haired witch. Viral footage shows suspect Amaryllis Fleischer using some sort of blood magic weapon to injure an Air Marshal and assault a good Samaritan monster hunter. The monster hunter died at the scene and was the only fatality of the incident. All other passengers are now recovered and free.


Eyewitness reports indicate that that she was attempting to protect a monstrous dog. No such dog appears in the footage. However, many individuals are seen interacting with and reacting to the “dog,” leading experts to believe that it was either an illusion or simply does not appear in recorded footage as a result of its supernatural origin. 


The suspected hijackers: Amy Fleischer and a man known only as “Walter” were arrested when the plane landed and are currently being held in a Honolulu prison.


Double Trouble: Passengers of Hijacked Plane Duplicates?

Reports are emerging that all passengers of the hijacked plane are already people that exist. The "original" passengers are all safe at their homes and had all considered going to Hawaii but made other plans for one reason or another. None of the duplicates are being held or charged with any crime. 


"It's really weird to meet yourself," says Sally Emerson, a passnger. "We're trying to figure out where to go from here." 


No one is sure why or how this has happened, but considering the recent crashed plane, it appears something very strange is going on with flight UA1670. United Airlines has stated that they are cancelling the route out of an excess of caution. 

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The Loch Ness Monster Captured!

Breaking News: Loch Ness Monster Captured and Contained

On August 15 a Pliosaur or better known the Loch Ness monster was captured by a local Group of Scottish scientists after using sonar technology to track down and then contain it in a smaller more manageable enclosure. The Creature Clocked in at around 20 meters and 103,700 pounds, extremely large compared to its prehistoric ancestors.

At the current moment it is unknown how the Dinosaur survived to the current day or if there are more. Confirmation on Disappearances of people due to the Dinosaur have been found after an endoscopy on its digestive tract, discovering human remains, as well as much local aquatic life found in Loch Ness although few and erratic still occuring at least annually, mainly during the winter when food is assumedly lacking

The Head researcher, Travis Thomson, recently sold the Dinosaur to the Georgia aquarium in the US ,where they plan on creating an exhibit for it, to continue the funding of research of this prehistoric creature, and where it came from hoping to uncover the mysteries from the depths.

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BREAKING: Doubts raised over the fate of those in the Hawaii crash



Earlier today, a KITV report aired announcing the crash of United airlines flight UA1670. However, KITV never issued this report, and the author named in the byline has confirmed that they did not write it. 


That said, our on-the-scene reporters have confirmed the appearance of a crashed plane consistent on the northern coast of Oahu that appears consistent with the original report. The carnage of the wreckage indicates that several hundred passengers did indeed perish in the crash. However, many of those named in the original report have reached out to KITV to confirm that they are not, in fact, dead. United Airlines has issued a statement asserting that all of their flights are present and accounted for. 


The orgin of the erroneous news report, the airplane, and the unfortunate passengers aboard remains a mystery.


Before the United States government secured the scene of the crash, a first responder claims he was able to personally identify at least one of the bodies in the wreckage. "It was my sister, Emily! She's family, dammit. I'd recognize her face anywhere. It was her. But Emily is still alive. As soon as she saw the report, she called me, and we're together now. I don't know what happened. . . I'm still in shock. None of this feels real to me." 


The US Government is reaching out to those reported killed and scheduling interviews for more information. If you or a loved one was named in the original report, please call the number on your screen. 

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United Airlines flight crashes in Hawaii. All passengers killed.

This is a KITV breaking report. 


We have just received reports that United Airlines flight UA1670 from San Francisco has crashed in Ahupuaʻa ʻO Kahana State Park Oahu, Hawaii. At this time, the cause of the crash is unknown. First responders have confirmed our worst fears: none of the 325 passengers aboard survived. 


Listed below are the names of all the passengers who bought a ticket for this flight. KITV offers our deepest condolences to their friends and families: 


Mikaela Ritter

Naomi Montes

Thomas Wiley

Caitlyn Levine

Jalen Daniels

Haven Mclean

Alma House

Francis Hodges

Ernest Berry

Gina Wilkinson

Cloe Mckee

Kaiden Riley

Arianna Zhang

Megan Beasley

Ruth Haas

Phoenix Alvarez

Inspector Gadget

Enrique Davenport

Johanna Wall

Ezequiel Petty

Lillie Blanchard

Freddy Osborn

Gabrielle Brady

Alayna Yates

Jaylin Jimenez

Caleb Leach

Kolton Jordan

Liliana Mclaughlin

Keagan Simon

Dillon Mullen

Anaya Barton

Nathan Wells

Dario Roberts

Kaleigh Gilbert

Mira Huber

Braiden Brooks

Gregory Lucero

Sam Deleon

Donald Walton

Lindsay Garner

Sadie Conrad

Connor Byrd

Max French

Jocelyn Beck

Dorian Bartlett

Jarrett Morse

Priscilla Friedman

Lea Vazquez

Amy Weiss

Josh Wallace

Nasir Campos

Lamar Washington

Zane Walsh

Eli Gutierrez

Harper Moore

Anabelle Frost

Carley Jackson

Kaydence Casey

Bruno Nixon

Leonard Shaffer

Ryker Hobbs

Scarlett Hatfield

Adrien Compton

Naima Chavez

Kristian Mcintosh

Sidney Skinner

Adeline Jones

Abagail Curtis

Charity Meza

Tyshawn Morrow

Hana Molina

Hailee Hayden

Charlie Rodgers

Keagan Howell

Nathan Bridges

Seth Horn

Addison Pugh

Mira Barrera

Mia Hensley

Ansley Berry

Phillip Wise

Lucas Weber

Alondra David

Hana Castaneda

Ellis Ferrell

Claire Rodgers

Cedric Montoya

Ralph Kerr

Cadence Hardy

Victor Adams

Abigayle Becker

Eleanor Michael

Kimmy Viable

Payten Simmons

Zaiden Everett

Jeremy Blackburn

Benjamin Pope

Shayla Steele

Jasiah Howell

Cassandra Richards

Josue Valdez

Kaiya Olsen

Harper Keith

Octavio Warner

Mia Coffey

Tiffany Gallagher

Aspen Brooks

Alexander Gallegos

Jamal Perry

Karissa Sutton

Keira Chang

Karissa Shah

Zain Vaughan

Hillary Lindsey

Drake Whitaker

Braiden Hicks

Ignacio Noble

Danny Mcdaniel

Ronan Holt

Chris Charvis

Antoine Byrd

Frederick Doyle

Caylee Valenzuela

Joe Duarte

Jacob Frederick

Julianne Skinner

Bailey Chapman

Christopher Avila

Andrew Hogan

Emmy Brown

Clay Moses

Tatiana Stevenson

Isaiah Moon

Emily Barber

Giuliana Park

Donna Bautista

Jaylon Nielsen

Winston Mercado

Pranav Richard

Bryanna Noble

Aleah Hester

Sterling Olson

Katie Randolph

Maximus Morrison

Brodie Bryan

Evie Rios

Gavin Burke

Judah Kerr

Tommy Nelson

Charlize Becker

Kamron Chavez

Memphis Carroll

Yamilet Small

Zoey Summers

Marlie Sexton

Dominique Gentry

Kristin Humphrey

Larissa Davis

Maddison Berger

Karter Martinez

Olivia Preston

Yurem Horton

Cornelius Skinner

Devon Howe

Yadira Rowland

Ansley Lutz

Edwin Jenkins

Meadow Castaneda

Brenna Ochoa

Elvis Lee

Dereon Fuentes

Melanie Flynn

Camron Elliott

Jack Wright

Ibrahim Hancock

Jazmyn Weaver

Shania Vaughn

Deven Crane

Harley Graham

Braydon Robbins

Marshall Horton

Jaelyn Mccormick

Sarah Ray

Taylor Byrd

Lisa Morrow

Litzy Adkins

Kaelyn Welch

Sydney Ruiz

Averi Wilson

Amya Holland

Ben Travis

Zaid Newton

Kadyn Huffman

Emmalee Gutierrez

Kaelyn Wolfe

Giselle Byrd

Alexzander Graham

Micheal Hudson

Macie Huerta

Lucian Sheppard

Kayla Holloway

Jaydon Pace

Alondra Hensley

Pierce Shields

Valery Coffey

Irene Kaufman

Dangelo Cline

Thaddeus Humphrey

Virginia Huynh

Ruby Jones

Kyan Salazar

Cory Mccormick

Conrad Gross

Cale Bowman

Adison Ross

Dominik Stark

Jaylynn Torres

Jillian Hayden

Rishi Nguyen

Zackery Alexander

Amiya Howell

Kianna Griffin

Quinten Robertson

Carolina Knight

Jacquelyn Cherry

Trent Christian

Yazmin Villanueva

Kymani Fox

Luca Lee

Mathew Beck

Jenny Rivas

Braylon Rhodes

Taylor Dean

Everett Burton

Ashlynn Murillo

Leland Bush

Elisabeth Cole

Alec Klein

Angelina Gray

Braydon Clements

Laila Carroll

Deshawn Mccarthy

Ian Barker

Elizabeth Randall

Tara Ballard

Valentino Dougherty

Aron Macias

Ryder Holder

Allen Robbins

Gillian Mcdonald

Alani Day

Elizabeth Hays

Muhammad Gregory

Sophia Farmer

Brayan Waller

Ayanna Campbell

Cullen Nicholson

Justus Fritz

Gaven Kelly

Aria Butler

Cassidy Davis

Jon Davies

Fletcher Gill

Casey Nolan

Shyanne Huerta

Annabella Esparza

Bradley BigBoy

Shawn Fritz

Grady Lowery

Kailee Moore

Maribel Reeves

Haiden Rosales

Krista Salinas

Sofia Jennings

Miah Hunter

Jennifer Rhodes

Aiden Blankenship

Phoebe Esparza

Kymani Lam

Jaylyn Bernard

Sarahi Matthews

Zoey Rich

Justice Mora

Martha Hampton

Ricky Colon

Nathaly Scott

Jacquelyn Gordon

Payten Bird

Elle Key

Bailey Lucas

Sheldon Long

Vincent Mora

Marisa David

Josue Acevedo

Lilianna Griffin

Amon [no surname]

Kendall Boyer

Connor Benson

Zoie Rivas

Leilani Copeland

Piper Foley

Sergio Booth

Raiden Davila

Karlie Mckee

Joselyn Blankenship

Breanna Simon

Thaddeus Dillon

Asher Potts

Cody Nixon

Rory Herrera

Jonathan Cabrera

Heath Cobb

Jermaine Franklin

Kameron Compton

Marques Ramsey

Crystal Bruce

Mohammad Kirk

Shaun Guerra

Gauge Hardin

Leslie Ashley

Cierra Yu

4 bodies were unidentified in the wreckage