News and Updates

Patch 0.0.4 - Dear Diary, Today I Blew Stuff Up

This update introduces some major new features including Journals, six new Effects, systems for explosives, and lots of power balances and quality-of-life updates.



Journals are a brand new way to earn Experience and Improvements for your Contractor! Write in-character records of Games and Downtimes that are at least 250 words to get 1 Experience point each. Every 4 Game Journals you write rewards your Contractor with a new Improvement.

Journals are an excellent way to explore your Contractor’s character and their relationship with their teammates. Scenario writers and would-be GMs will find game-time Journals helpfully linked on the View Scenario pages.

Contractors who have played in at least one Game will find a link to start their Journal on their Character sheet near their biography.

You can read community Journals on the Community Journals Page, which is linked in the “Community” section of the logged-in homepage.

Six New Effects

We’ve introduced six brand new Effects this update.


We have added long-overdue systems for explosives and tasers to the Player’s Guide. You’ll have a blast absolutely ruining the GM’s plans and accidentally injuring your friends. Read the new system in the “Other Sources of Damage” page of the Player’s Guide

Kick Back with a Good Read

This update introduces some new fiction by author David Emery! It is linked on the logged-out homepage, and you may read it here.

System Updates

Dylan’s Second-Best Idea: Mind is now equal to 1 + Intelligence + Charisma (max 9).

Dodge This: Exerting to dodge now levies a -2 Penalty to your next Round’s Action instead of using the entire thing.

Fewer Monks, More Punks: The stats of melee weapons and unarmed attacks have been adjusted so that all attacks and parries are made at Difficulty 6. Only half of Brawn acts as Armor against unarmed attacks. View the details in the Weapons and Armor section of the Player’s Guide.

True-ish Grit: The Asset True Grit now reduces Penalty by a maximum of 5.

Black Knight: A Contractor’s rating in Body is reduced by 1 for each Battle Scar after their fourth.


Two new Scenarios will be added to the Stock Scenarios on Sunday: Monster Hunter Island and Sanctuary.

Website Updates

  • Fixed a bug where some buttons on the Interactive Character Sheet would erroneously appear to function when a user’s session ended after the page had loaded.
  • Fixed a bug where certain letters and symbols were not allowed in Power Enhancement and Drawback details fields.
  • Scheduled Games now show how many players have RSVPed so far.
  • The dates on the View Game pages now display your time zone.
  • Improved the logged-out homepage.
  • Stock Scenarios are not automatically spoiled when unlocked. Instead they are revealed in your Scenario Gallery but must be manually spoiled.


General Updates

What is “Obviously Supernatural” Anyway? The obvious-ness of the supernatural nature of Powers is now left up to Players to decide during Power creation and is not an element of balance any longer.

Who Dunnit? Concealed changed to “Onlookers must roll Perception + Alertness Difficulty 6 to determine the source and target of this Power.”

Writing Prompt: The Create Power page now has additional per-Effect information about the requirements of the Description field, including how obvious the target and source of the Power should be.

Parry Party: Defensive rolls for Powers have mostly been standardized to offer a choice between rolling Mind or Body as a Free Action or allowing dodges and parries with a reaction.

Added roll speed (Committed Action, Quick Action, Reaction, etc) and parry types to rolls in power creation

Effect Updates

Please note, if your Contractor has a Power that has had its Parameters changed, you must re-create it from scratch (do not use the “copy and edit new” button). This is a bug we are looking to fix in the next update.


The behavior of the Flexible Animation Enhancement is now available by default.

Added Maximum Object Size parameter

Removed duration parameter. Default duration is now one Hour.

Commands that bypass the object’s security mechanisms now require an additional roll.

New Drawback: Purpose-Built ( The animated object can only perform tasks that for which it was designed (e.g. brooms will sweep, towels will rub up against stuff, flashlights will shine on things, etc.)

New Enhancement: Imbue (Animated Objects remain animated indefinitely. You may maintain a maximum number of animated objects equal to your Wits.)


Adjusted Able-Bodied to include certain environmental adaptations. The Junk Drawback now requires that you are untreatable by modern medicine.


Explosives can no longer be created until Seasoned level and require an additional Enhancement.

Eternium Enhancement can now create a maximum of three objects. Additional items beyond the third cause the oldest to break or disappear.


New Drawback: Non-visual (Your illusion affects a sense other than sight. The range of your Illusion is double the range of what you would be able to produce without equipment or Powers).

Inanimate Transformation

Added a note to Sentient Object that the Status requirements for the other Enhancements it grants are ignored.


Damage Parameter now increases at an increasing rate after Seasoned.

New Enhancements

  • Accursed Wounds: Injuries caused by this Power do not heal naturally.
  • Scarring: causes a battle scar regardless of total damage dealt
  • Painful: target also gets -3 penalty for next hour
  • Knockback: target gets knocked back
  • Shredder: destroys mundane armor, temporarily removes supernatural armor.

New Drawback

  • Slow: Instead of dealing damage at once, the Injury caused by this Power starts at Severity 1 and worsens at the rate of one level per round until it reaches the Severity it would have otherwise been. Armor is counted only once, when calculating the ‘target’ Severity.


Clarified the Power’s behavior.


Removing a Mark now inflicts a Severity-1 Injury

New Enhancement: Target Lock (All of your dice rolls against the marked target receive a +2 dice bonus. This bonus stacks with other bonuses)

Melee Mastery

Melee Mastery now requires you to select a type of melee weapon to specialize in.

New Enhancement: Weapons Master (All benefits gained from this power apply to any type of melee weapon.)

Increased the default damage bonus.

Read Memory

Removed the Maintain Focus Enhancement


Get out. Made available to Novices


Alexis Memorial: Rebalanced Restrict. Added a defensive roll and changed the Cocoon and Persistent Binding Enhancements.

Cocoon: any physical actions taken by the target suffer a dice penalty equal to the binding strength. These penalties may reduce dice pools to 0. Rolls to escape only suffer one half of the Penalty (rounded down).

Persistent binding: unless the binding is fully escaped, it regenerates by one outcome per round up to a limit of 3 greater than the initial binding strength.

Send Message

New Enhancement: Broadcast (Your message is delivered to every target within range.)

Signature Item

New Enhancement: Collection (The protections offered by this Power extend to an additional item of your choosing.)


Improved clarity around requirements of Concentration.

Unarmed Mastery

Clarified that the Enhancement Transcendence only applies to attacks targeted at you. Clarified that the Enhancement JuJitstu does not benefit from additional damage bonuses from the mastery.

New Enhancement: Flow Like Water (Upon a successful Clash, instead of dealing damage to your target, you may redirect their attack to any target within range.)

Warp Form

Augmentation clarified. “The Battle Scars caused by your alterations may provide a functional benefit to your target instead of a penalty. Dice bonuses from augments are limited to +2 dice for relevant actions or to simple beneficial traits possessed by mundane animals, such as gills for water breathing.”