Creating a New Age Power

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Effect: Age
Cause a target to age rapidly

You may rapidly advance a target's age, causing their body to atrophy if they are old enough.

Exert your Mind, target a living creature within [[range]], and roll [[attack-roll]], which the target can contest by rolling [[resistance]]. If you succeed, the target is aged by [[amount-aged]].

If target is human and aged beyond 40 they must roll Brawn difficulty (age/10 rounded down). If they fail, they lose Attribute point from either Perception, Brawn, or Dexterity (chosen randomly). Botches subtract additional Attributes. In the event that they are aged more than 10 years, they must make one such roll for each decade. Reducing any Attribute to 0 causes death (A Perception of 0 causes an indefinite coma).

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Amount Aged

Attack roll
Difficulty 6
as a Committed Action a Reaction
Difficulty 6



Describe what the Power looks like when it is used, how it works, and its impact on the owner, target, and environment. By default, the target and source of this Power are obvious to bystanders.

A snippet of text that introduces the Power in a flavorful way