Creating a New Amorphous Transformation Power

Effect: Amorphous Transformation
Change into a shapeless form

You may transform into a particular amorphous alternate form, such as a swarm of bugs or rodents, a goo monster, water, vapor, or similar.

Exert your mind and spend an Action transforming into a [[amorphous-form]]. Lasts up to [[duration]] but may be ended early at will. While in this form, you can squeeze through any gap that is not water-tight. Damage from standard attacks is halved, and damage from AOE effects is increased by 3.

You cannot communicate, use equipment, or use Powers while transformed. Your equipment does not transform with you beyond basic body coverings. Carrying capacity is unaffected.

Your [[amorphous-form]] must remain relatively contiguous. It strikes observers as an unusual entity moving with a singular purpose.

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Amorphous Form



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