Creating a New Animal Possession Power

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Effect: Animal Possession
Take control of an animal's body

You are capable of temporarily transferring your consciousness into an animal, granting you control over their body.

Exert yourself, choose an animal target within [[range]] and spend an Action activating this Power to possess them. If the Animal is sapient, you must succeed a contested Mind roll, where your Difficulty is 6 and the target's is 7.

The possession lasts for [[duration]], and you may end it prematurely with a committed Action. During the possession, any rolls that utilize Brawn, Dexterity, or Perception use the target's Attribute values (determined by the GM) instead of your own. You do not have access to your Powers during the possession.

If you take damage, you are evicted back into your own body. You cannot force your host to take actions which would violate their instinct for self-preservation (which includes engaging in Combat for any purpose other than self-defense or natural hunting); any attempt to do so will sever the connection and send you back into your own body. If you are forced out of the target's body prematurely, you must make a Trauma roll.

If your body was destroyed during the possession, you die if evicted from the host or when this Power ends.

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