Creating a New Blast Power

Effect: Blast
Deal a radius of damage

You have some form of supernatural attack which deals damage in an area.

Spend an Action, Exert your Mind, and target a location in line of sight and within 50 feet to be the center of the blast. The area in a [[radius]] radius of your target immediately and obviously becomes imminently dangerous. Next round, on your initiative, roll [[activation-roll]]. Every creature remaining within [[radius]] of the targeted location takes Outcome + [[damage]]. Armor is [[armor-effectiveness]] against this damage.

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Armor Effectiveness

Activation Roll
Difficulty 6
as a Free Action a Reaction



Describe what the Power looks like when it is used, how it works, and its impact on the owner, target, and environment. By default, the target and source of this Power, as well as the danger zone, are obvious to bystanders.

A snippet of text that introduces the Power in a flavorful way