Creating a New Deteriorate Power

Effect: Deteriorate
Deal slow but continuous damage

You have a supernatural attack which inflicts an Injury that gets progressively worse over time.

Exert your Mind, choose a target within [[range]], and roll [[activation-roll]]. The target may roll [[defensive-roll]] to resist.

If you succeed, the target takes a Severity 1 Injury that is not stopped by Armor. This Injury will worsen in Severity by 1 level every [[period]]. The target begins experiencing noticeable symptoms immediately. If the target is cured, the Injury remains but does not worsen.

The target or anyone who examines them may roll [[diagnosis-roll]] to diagnose their affliction and determine how to treat it. The target may be cured by [[method-of-treatment]].

If this Injury would kill the target, they may roll a single die, Difficulty 6. If they succeed, they survive and are cured.

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Activation Roll
Difficulty 6
as a Committed Action a Reaction
Defensive Roll
Difficulty 6
Diagnosis Roll
Difficulty 6
as a Committed Action a Reaction
Method of Treatment



Describe what the Power looks like when it is used, how it works, and its impact on the owner, target, and environment. By default, the target and source of this Power are obvious to bystanders.

A snippet of text that introduces the Power in a flavorful way