Creating a New Fascinate Power

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Effect: Fascinate
Get someone's attention

You have a method of catching and holding the attention of other creatures. This effect is transmitted by a particular sense (sight, hearing, smell, etc), and while you can generally stop someone in their tracks, an active life-or-death struggle will always take priority.

Exert your Mind, choose a target within [[range]] that can perceive you via [[chosen-sense]], and make a contested roll of [[fascinate-roll]] vs the defender's [[resistance]]. If successful, you have the target's full attention for [[duration]]. They automatically fail any roll related to noticing anything other than you.

Only targets capable of perceiving you by their sense of [[chosen-sense]]-- if they were paying attention to you-- can be targeted. This perception of you may be transmitted. The effect ends early if the target receives an Injury or enters Combat.

This does not affect the target's opinion of you or their mood, and they may take any Action while affected (including attacking), as long as that Action centers on you.

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Fascinate Roll
Difficulty 6
Difficulty 6
Chosen Sense



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