Creating a New Illusion Power

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Effect: Illusion
Create illusory images and objects

You can project an image of something which seems real to people who observe it, but which does not actually have physical form.

Exert your Mind, spend an minute, and make a [[activation-roll]]. The Difficulty depends on the complexity of the intended illusion and is at the GM's discretion. Success allows you to generate a visual illusion that is [[size]], and place it within arms reach of yourself. The illusion will remain in place for [[duration]]. This illusion may have moving parts, but they will stick to a fixed, predetermined, simple motion unless you maintain concentration in order to "puppeteer" them. Making them engage in complex, spontaneous interaction with the real world may require additional rolls.

Upon observing an active illusion, a person can make a Mind roll, difficulty 7. If their Outcome is greater than the Outcome on your initial roll, they realize they are viewing an illusion, though it will still be visible to them for the duration. If they investigate the illusion and notice it is non-corporeal or otherwise behaves in a bizarre manner, they conclude it is an illusion without a roll.

An illusion can show any image that fits the size restriction, but it cannot create a direct replica of an existing living being, and it may only affect a person's sense of sight, not hearing, smell, taste, touch, or other senses.

Illusions cannot be used as attacks. For example, you cannot create an illusion of the sun to blind people.

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