Creating a New Possession Power

Effect: Possession
Take over another's body

Required Status: Seasoned

You are able to temporarily transfer your consciousness into someone, possessing them. They remain aware but helpless during the ordeal.

Forcing them to perform actions that violate their most deeply-held convictions makes it easier for them to force you out.

If the body you are possessing or the body you left behind dies, you die.

Spend an Action, Exert your Mind, and roll [[attack-roll]] against a Living Sapient target no farther than [[range]], which they can resist by rolling [[resistance]] as a Free Action. Targets that are Incapacitated from Mind damage cannot resist. If you succeed, you possess the target for [[duration]].

You may end the effect with a committed Action as long as you are within [[range]] of your body.

During the possession, any rolls that use Brawn or Dexterity use the target's instead of your own. Likewise you assume their physical Assets and Liabilities instead of your own. You do not gain access to the target's Active Powers, memories or skills. You retain access to your Active Powers but not any Passive ones.

If the body you are possessing dies, you die immediately. If the the body you left behind dies, you die when your possession ends.

While possessing if you take an action that violates the target's Limits or attempt self-harm, the target must make a Trauma roll. If they succeed, you are evicted from their body. Even if the roll fails, they may Exert their Mind to evict you.

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Attack roll
Difficulty 6
Difficulty 6



Describe what the Power looks like when it is used, how it works, and its impact on the owner, target, and environment. By default, the target and source of this Power are obvious to all bystanders.

A snippet of text that introduces the Power in a flavorful way