Creating a New Repair Power

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Effect: Repair
Fix broken things

Using your tools or materials, you are able to repair a broken or damaged mundane object or machine such that it is once again functional. You cannot repair injuries on robots or sentient machines of any kind. This Power is not obviously supernatural.

Roll [[repair-roll]] to repair a mundane object. After [[cast-time]] work, it is repaired back to a functional state. If you fail the roll, use 1 as your Outcome when determining Cast Time, after which you realize you cannot repair the object. Must have [[required-supplies]] on hand in order to complete your repairs.

Cannot be used on an object larger than an SUV, and more than half of the target object must be present to repair it. This Power is not obviously supernatural.

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Cast Time

Repair roll
Difficulty 6
Required Supplies



Describe what the Power looks like when it is used, how it works, and its impact on the owner, target, and environment. By default, the target and source of this Power are obvious to bystanders.

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