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Effect: Mundane Catalog
Change shape into non-humanoid creatures

You have the ability to temporarily transform into any one of a set of predefined creatures. These creatures could be normal animals or supernatural creatures, but they are mundane in their capabilities and cannot fly. You do not have access to your other Powers while transformed.

You may transform into one of up to [[number-animals]] non-human, non-flying creatures. These creatures may be aesthetically supernatural but cannot bestow any supernatural abilities. They must have analogous stats to an extant, living, mundane animal. You do not have access to any of your Powers while transformed.

Exert your Mind and spend an Action transforming into one of the following creatures: [[catalog-of-creatures]]. You remain transformed for up to one hour and may end the effect at will.

Your Injuries persist between forms, with potentially lethal results.

You should record the Attributes and Body score of your chosen creatures when you take this Power. Otherwise their stats are at the GM's discretion. You adopt the new form's Attributes (other than Intelligence and Wits) and Body rating.

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Number Of Animals

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