Viewing Effect - Commune
Speak to intelligences that cannot be spoken with

Create a Commune Power


You possess the ability to temporarily speak with beings that are otherwise impossible to communicate with.


Spend an Action, Exert your Mind, and target a being within [[range]]. You may communicate with the being for 10 minutes. The conversation happens aloud in your native tongue and may be overheard or intruded upon.

You may only communicate with beings that your Enhancements allow. Without at least one "Commune" Enhancement, this Power is unusable.


Cantrip (This Power has no Exertion cost, but its level is capped at 2 Gifts, and it cannot be upgraded further)

Conditionally Costless (This Power does not require Exertion in certain circumstances. The condition should be balanced such that the Power has an activation cost the majority of the time you are able to use it.)
If you take this enhancement, you must occasionally be able to use the power at full cost and other times at no cost. This cannot be the same condition as the drawback "Conditional" as that would imply that the power is costless any time you can cast it.

Battery-operated (This power has its own 3-point Source pool that is the only way to activate it. The Source regenerates at the rate of one point per day and cannot be raised with Experience.)
Powers can share a battery pool by taking this Enhancement on each Power and specifying the same Source. Each additional Power after the first increases the capacity of the Source by 2, to a maximum of 10. This Enhancement cannot be used to enhance the owning character's source.

Triggered (You cannot manually activate this Power. Instead, choose a triggering event, always outside your control, that activates this Power without requiring an Action or Exertion cost from you.)
Cannot be taken with the "Conditional" Drawback. The triggering event must be outside of your control, and balance must be strictly enforced by Cell Leaders. Suitable events may include: suffering an Injury Severity two or higher, being grappled, falling unconscious, being tied up and bound, being angrily screamed at, etc.

Piece of Cake (You may activate this Power as a Free Action, meaning you may activate it and take an Action in the same Round of Combat.)
A Free Action is one that can be taken at any time without spending the Round's Action. Activation costs (Exertion, etc) are unaffected.

Commune: Creatures (You may commune with aliens, animals, monsters, and other inhuman creatures.)
This Enhancement does not grant intelligence to the creature.

Commune: Dead (By targeting the body of someone who has died in the past week, you may speak to them.)
Their memories extend to the moment of their death.

Commune: Humans (You may Commune with humans who do not speak your languages.)

Commune: Long-Dead (You can commune with people who have been dead for any length of time. You must still target their remains, though it may only be a small piece of them.)

Commune: Machines (You may Commune with sentient machines.)

Commune: Writing (You may Commune with any form of communication that is recorded to be interpreted via sight, scent, or touch. This includes any written language, runes, schematics, pictographs, and scent markings. You may "read" and "write" for the duration.)

Telepathy (The communication between you and the target is private. It cannot be overheard or intercepted.)

Long Conversation (This Power lasts an hour.)

Fluency (Select "Myself" or "Target" when taking this Enhancement. The selected participant can communicate with all creatures that the other participant could mundanely communicate with for the duration of this Power.)
For example, if you chose “Target” and are targeting an animal, the animal may speak to any human you normally could for the duration. Or, if you choose “Myself” and are targeting an alien, you may speak to any member of the alien species for the duration.

Concealed (This Power is not obvious. Bystanders must roll Perception + Alertness, Difficulty 7 to determine the Power's Source and Target. You must still exhibit some tell that you are using it such as a small gesture, an intense stare, or a bloody nose.)
As per the standard rules, a complete success (Outcome of at least 4) is required to determine the source and target flawlessly. Lower outcomes may result in partial successes.


Focus (Activating this Power requires a specific kind of item.)
Subject to GM approval.
Once per Day (May only use this Power once per day.)
Conditional (Only usable when a certain condition is met. This condition must be severe enough that the Power is unusable the majority of the time.)
Condition must be significant. Subject to GM approval.
Unique Focus (This Power takes the form of a specific, unique item, which can be borrowed, lost, or stolen.)
Traumatic (Make a Trauma roll when you use this power)
Long Cast (This Power takes one minute to activate.)
Sacrifice (Activating requires you to Exert your Body instead of Exerting your Mind or spending a point of Source.)
You cannot use Armor to soak this damage.
Monologue (The communication only goes one way. Either you gain the ability to understand them, or they gain the ability to understand you, but not both.)
Ghosting (You may only use this Power once per target per day.)
Chit Chat (This Power only lasts 60 seconds.)
Fuel (Using this Power consumes some material good in addition to its other costs.)
The unit of material consumed per activation must be specified at power creation time. For example, "A quart of gasoline," or "a head's worth of human hair" etc. The amount should be proportionate to the difficulty to access the material. For instance, something you can get in town (gasoline, ink) should require a half gallon per activation, something abundant like water should require at least a gallon, something rare like mercury should require a cup or so.
Monstrous (This Power causes a mutation that elicits a strong, negative social response from the average person in your Cell's setting. The mutation is ALWAYS present and visible even if you are wearing long sleeves, pants, and shoes. Maximum one per Contractor)
This mutation is ALWAYS present, even when the Power is not being used, and ALWAYS extreme and difficult to conceal. This mutation may complicate social situations at the GMs discretion. Maximum of one Power with the Monstrous Drawback per Contractor.

Parameter - Range

Default Level: 0

Seasoned Threshold: 3

Veteran Threshold: 5

  1. Arm's Reach
  2. 20 feet
  3. 300 feet
  4. Line of Sight

Example Powers