Viewing Effect - Illusion
Create illusory images and objects

Create a Illusion Power


You can project an image of something which seems real to people who observe it, but which does not actually have physical form.


Exert your Mind, spend an minute, and make a [[activation-roll]]. The Difficulty depends on the complexity of the intended illusion and is at the GM's discretion. Success allows you to generate a visual illusion that is [[size]], and place it within arms reach of yourself. The illusion will remain in place for [[duration]]. This illusion may have moving parts, but they will stick to a fixed, predetermined, simple motion unless you maintain concentration in order to "puppeteer" them. Making them engage in complex, spontaneous interaction with the real world may require additional rolls.

Upon observing an active illusion, a person can make a Mind roll, difficulty 7. If their Outcome is greater than the Outcome on your initial roll, they realize they are viewing an illusion, though it will still be visible to them for the duration. If they investigate the illusion and notice it is non-corporeal or otherwise behaves in a bizarre manner, they conclude it is an illusion without a roll.

An illusion can show any image that fits the size restriction, but it cannot create a direct replica of an existing living being, and it may only affect a person's sense of sight, not hearing, smell, taste, touch, or other senses.

Illusions cannot be used as attacks. For example, you cannot create an illusion of the sun to blind people.


Switch (You may turn this Power on and off at will during its duration)

Quick (Power activation only takes 1 round.)

Cantrip (This Power has no Exertion cost, but its level is capped at 2 Gifts, and it cannot be upgraded further)

Battery-operated (This power has its own 3-point Source pool that is the only way to activate it. The Source regenerates at the rate of one point per day and cannot be raised with Experience.)
Powers can share a battery pool by taking this Enhancement on each Power and specifying the same Source. Each additional Power after the first increases the capacity of the Source by 2, to a maximum of 10. This Enhancement cannot be used to enhance the owning character's source.

Powerful Images (You may use one of your other Powers as though you were standing within your illusion. Doing so retriggers the Mind roll to see through the illusion. Anyone who has seen through the illusion is unaffected by any other Powers channeled through it.)
If they fail the Mind roll to see through the illusion, they will still be able to make any defensive rolls against the power being channeled through the illusion, if applicable.

Reach Out And Touch Me (Your illusion now feels real to the touch. The Difficulty of any roll made to see through the illusion is increased by 1.)
The Difficulty modifiers from this Enhancement and from Sounds Like A Duck, Smells Like A Duck do stack.

Traveler (Your illusion may now move from its initial location, though the speed at which it can move is limited to 10mph times your Wits. The nature of its movement when you are not concentrating and puppeteering it is limited to a simple command or rule.)

Portable (Your illusion may be "attached" to a person or object, and it will be fixed to them or it, rather than to the initial location the illusion was cast. If the person it is attached to sees through your illusion, they may dispel it at will.)

Sounds Like A Duck, Smells Like A Duck (Your illusion may now project sounds and smells, and has a taste. The Difficulty of any roll made to see through the illusion is increased by 1.)
Taste will not be noticeable without also taking the Reach Out And Touch Me Enhancement to allow the illusion to be touched. The Difficulty modifiers from this Enhancement and from Reach Out And Touch Me do stack.

Concealed (This Power is not obvious. Bystanders must roll Perception + Alertness, Difficulty 7 to determine the Power's Source and Target. You must still exhibit some tell that you are using it such as a small gesture, an intense stare, or a bloody nose.)
As per the standard rules, a complete success (Outcome of at least 4) is required to determine the source and target flawlessly. Lower outcomes may result in partial successes.

Replicate (Your illusion may be a copy of a specific being. The illusion is still created from your mind, and so you cannot learn anything new about the individual and the representation is limited by your familiarity.)


Focus (Activating this Power requires a specific kind of item.)
Subject to GM approval.
Once per Day (May only use this Power once per day.)
Conditional (Only usable when a certain condition is met. This condition must be severe enough that the Power is unusable the majority of the time.)
Condition must be significant. Subject to GM approval.
Unique Focus (This Power takes the form of a specific, unique item, which can be borrowed, lost, or stolen.)
Traumatic (Make a Trauma roll when you use this power)
Scarring (You receive a Battle Scar when you activate this Power. If this Power is benign (e.g. healing), the target receives the scar.)
Exhausting (All Actions are -1 die after this Power ends. Lasts for either 24 hours, or the duration of this Power, whichever is greater.)
Exhaustion penalties stack. If you activate this Power or another Power with Exhaustion, your penalty will continue to worsen.
Mage (Activating this Power requires at least two committed Actions and involves intricate use of the arms, hands and either the voice or an object. If interrupted during activation, the Power Fails.)
Just about any attempt to interrupt the ritual should be successful. Even neutral events (like a cat wandering up) may cause it to fail. GM's discretion. If the cast time for the Power is longer than the minimum two actions required, the ritual must last for the entire cast time.
Fan Dance (Must retain concentration to keep up the effect. While active, you are unable to do much besides move slowly, and if you are Injured or otherwise disrupted, the effect ends.)
Painful (Your Penalty is increased by 2. This lasts for either one hour, or the length of the Duration parameter if applicable. Is always on for Passive abilities.)
This Drawback stacks with itself; if you cast multiple abilities with Painful, or one ability multiple times within the duration of the effect, your effective Penalty will go up by 2 for each use of a Painful ability.
Sacrifice (Activating requires you to Exert your Body instead of Exerting your Mind or spending a point of Source.)
You cannot use Armor to soak this damage.
Dispel (If anyone successfully sees through your illusion, the entire effect is ended.)
All traces of the illusion vanish for everyone, not just for the person who succeeded the roll.
Unconvincing (Rolls to see through the illusion are made at -2 Difficulty)
Single Trick (You are only able to project a specific type of image or object.)
For example, you can only create illusions of dogs, or you can only create illusions of food.
Fragile Illusion (Touching or attacking your Illusion destroys it.)
Fuel (Using this Power consumes some material good in addition to its other costs.)
The unit of material consumed per activation must be specified at power creation time. For example, "A quart of gasoline," or "a head's worth of human hair" etc. The amount should be proportionate to the difficulty to access the material. For instance, something you can get in town (gasoline, ink) should require a half gallon per activation, something abundant like water should require at least a gallon, something rare like mercury should require a cup or so.
Monstrous (This Power causes a mutation that elicits a strong, negative social response from the average person in your Cell's setting. The mutation is ALWAYS present and visible even if you are wearing long sleeves, pants, and shoes. Maximum one per Contractor)
This mutation is ALWAYS present, even when the Power is not being used, and ALWAYS extreme and difficult to conceal. This mutation may complicate social situations at the GMs discretion. Maximum of one Power with the Monstrous Drawback per Contractor.
Non-Visual (Your illusion affects a different sense instead of sight. Your range is double the range at which you could normally affect that sense.)
For example, if you choose hearing, you can create sounds twice as far away as you could normally project your voice.

Parameter - Duration

Default Level: 1

Seasoned Threshold: 2

Veteran Threshold: 3

  1. 3 Rounds
  2. 1 Minute
  3. 1 Hour
  4. 1 Day
  5. Indefinite

Parameter - Size

Default Level: 1

Seasoned Threshold: 4

Veteran Threshold: 5

  1. No larger than a coffee mug
  2. No larger than a briefcase
  3. No larger than a person
  4. No larger than an SUV
  5. No larger than a two-story house
  6. No larger than a city block

Example Powers