Viewing Effect - Obscure Self
Make yourself difficult to see

Create a Obscure Self Power


You have the ability to temporarily conceal yourself from a single sense, chosen at Power creation. While active, you are completely concealed from the chosen sense, unless it is vision. In that case, you are camouflaged, not invisible, so a keen eye may still spot you.

This Power is not obviously supernatural.


Cannot be taken with powers that make you difficult to hear, suppress other senses, etc. If you use the Switch enhancement, and enter combat or are injured while the power is temporarily deactivated, it will end the effect entirely and you will need to reapply it (unless you have Combat Stealth).


Exert your Mind and spend an Action to obscure yourself. You and any clothes or equipment you are wearing are obscured from [[affected-sense]] for [[duration]]. You cannot re-cast this Power until [[cooldown]] has elapsed. Entering Combat or being injured ends the effect early.

All mundane attempts to detect you via [[affected-sense]] fail, unless you chose vision. In that case, others must roll to detect you, and all attempts to detect you via mundane means are rolled at +2 Difficulty.

GMs should use their discretion when determining the exact effects of this Power. Standing still against a complex background may render you impossible to detect, and footprints in snow may make it easy. A chance to detect you is not guaranteed.


Switch (You may turn this Power on and off at will during its duration)

Sharable Stealth (May also target other individuals. One additional target per application.)
Default range is touch.

Invisibility (Target is made completely invisible.)
Roll to see when standing still almost impossible, rolls to detect during stealth at +3 difficulty for silent surfaces, +2 for noisy ones.

Concentration (You may sustain stealth through injury)

Conditionally Costless (This Power does not require Exertion in certain circumstances. The condition should be balanced such that the Power has an activation cost the majority of the time you are able to use it.)
If you take this enhancement, you must occasionally be able to use the power at full cost and other times at no cost. This cannot be the same condition as the drawback "Conditional" as that would imply that the power is costless any time you can cast it.

Battery-operated (This power has its own 3-point Source pool that is the only way to activate it. The Source regenerates at the rate of one point per day and cannot be raised with Experience.)
Powers can share a battery pool by taking this Enhancement on each Power and specifying the same Source. Each additional Power after the first increases the capacity of the Source by 2, to a maximum of 10. This Enhancement cannot be used to enhance the owning character's source.

Triggered (You cannot manually activate this Power. Instead, choose a triggering event, always outside your control, that activates this Power without requiring an Action or Exertion cost from you.)
Cannot be taken with the "Conditional" Drawback. The triggering event must be outside of your control, and balance must be strictly enforced by Cell Leaders. Suitable events may include: suffering an Injury Severity two or higher, being grappled, falling unconscious, being tied up and bound, being angrily screamed at, etc.

Additional Sense (You are concealed from an additional sense)

Mind Tricks (Any supernatural detection abilities utilizing your chosen sense(s) are affected as much as mundane ones.)

Ordinary (Any supernatural attempt to detect you must be rolled and is rolled at +2 Difficulty.)

Combat Stealth (Combat does not cause the effect to end. Anyone you attack will immediately notice you. Everyone else may re-roll each time you take an obvious action at -1 Difficulty per Action during the combat.)
Taking an Injury does still break your stealth.


Focus (Activating this Power requires a specific kind of item.)
Subject to GM approval.
Tunnel Vision (While this power is active, you are at -2 dice to all Actions.)
Conditional (Only usable when a certain condition is met. This condition must be severe enough that the Power is unusable the majority of the time.)
Condition must be significant. Subject to GM approval.
Unique Focus (This Power takes the form of a specific, unique item, which can be borrowed, lost, or stolen.)
Supernatural (This Power causes a mutation (passive) or an effect (active) that marks it or its owner as a supernatural being.)
Camo (Obscurity is only effective when the target is standing still.)
Traumatic (Make a Trauma roll when you use this power)
Long Cast (This Power takes one minute to activate.)
Mage (Activating this Power requires at least two committed Actions and involves intricate use of the arms, hands and either the voice or an object. If interrupted during activation, the Power Fails.)
Just about any attempt to interrupt the ritual should be successful. Even neutral events (like a cat wandering up) may cause it to fail. GM's discretion. If the cast time for the Power is longer than the minimum two actions required, the ritual must last for the entire cast time.
chameleon skin (This Power does not affect your clothes or equipment.)
Sacrifice (Activating requires you to Exert your Body instead of Exerting your Mind or spending a point of Source.)
You cannot use Armor to soak this damage.
Fuel (Using this Power consumes some material good in addition to its other costs.)
The unit of material consumed per activation must be specified at power creation time. For example, "A quart of gasoline," or "a head's worth of human hair" etc. The amount should be proportionate to the difficulty to access the material. For instance, something you can get in town (gasoline, ink) should require a half gallon per activation, something abundant like water should require at least a gallon, something rare like mercury should require a cup or so.
Monstrous (This Power causes a mutation that elicits a strong, negative social response from the average person in your Cell's setting. The mutation is ALWAYS present and visible even if you are wearing long sleeves, pants, and shoes. Maximum one per Contractor)
This mutation is ALWAYS present, even when the Power is not being used, and ALWAYS extreme and difficult to conceal. This mutation may complicate social situations at the GMs discretion. Maximum of one Power with the Monstrous Drawback per Contractor.

Parameter - Duration

Default Level: 1

Seasoned Threshold: 2

Veteran Threshold: 3

  1. 3 Rounds
  2. 1 Minute
  3. 1 Hour
  4. 1 Day
  5. Indefinite

Parameter - Cooldown

Default Level: 1

Seasoned Threshold: 3

Veteran Threshold: 4

  1. 1 Day
  2. 1 Hour
  3. 1 Minute
  4. 3 Rounds
  5. 1 Round

Example Powers