Viewing Effect - Project Senses
Observe from far away

Create a Project Senses Power


You are able to extend one of your senses out to observe things at a distance.


Exert your Mind, choose a target Location within [[range]], and roll [[perception-roll]]. You may see (but not hear or use other senses) as if you were standing at that Location for up to [[duration]]. You must maintain Concentration to keep up the effect, and you cannot perceive anything locally while the Effect is active.


Switch (You may turn this Power on and off at will during its duration)

Battery-operated (Instead of Exerting Mind to activate this Power, it has its own 3-point Source pool. The Source regenerates at the rate of one point per day and cannot be raised with Experience.)
Powers can share a battery pool by taking this Enhancement on each Power and specifying the same Source. Each additional Power after the first increases the capacity of the Source by 2, to a maximum of 10. This Enhancement cannot be used to enhance the owning character's source.

Conduit (This Power has unlimited range, but you require a token of your target to use it. You may use this Power once per token. Tokens must be of a particular type determined at Power creation, such as a track of the target, a body part of the target, etc.)
Token types examples: a track of the target, a body part of the target, a mirror that has reflected the target, an object of sentimental value to the target, a sample of the target's handwriting, etc.

Full Spectrum (You can perceive things from the target location via all of your senses, rather than just sight.)

X-ray (Instead of projecting to a target location, you may perceive anything up to [[range]] away from you, regardless of if there are walls or obstacles blocking your view. The Difficulty of all Perception rolls made through a wall are increased by 1.)
You must still retain concentration to maintain the effect.

Multi-tasking (You no longer need to maintain concentration to keep up the effect. Your senses can still only be in one place at a time.)

Shared Experience (You may allow others in your vicinity to share in what you see. They must consent to this in order to see anything. Determine the mechanism by which others observe what you are observing when you create this Power.)

Virtual Tour (Throughout the duration, your senses may travel from the initial location. They may move at up to 5 feet x Perception per round.)

Concealed (This power is not obvious, and it is hard for others to notice its use. Choose a Tell that occurs only when you use the Power; if someone suspects that a Power was used, they must roll Perception + Alertness, Difficulty 8 to pick up on your Tell.)
As per the standard rules, a complete success (Outcome of at least 4) is required to determine the source and target flawlessly. Lower outcomes may result in partial successes. Your Tell should be something small that would not otherwise frequently occur, such as a slight nosebleed, fiddling with an object, an intense stare.


Focus (Activating this Power requires a specific kind of item.)
Subject to GM approval.
Once per Day (May only use this Power once per day.)
Conditional (Only usable when a certain condition is met. This condition must be severe enough that the Power is unusable the majority of the time.)
Condition must be significant. Subject to GM approval.
Unique Focus (This Power takes the form of a specific, unique item, which can be borrowed, lost, or stolen.)
Traumatic (Make a Trauma roll when you use this power)
Long Cast (This Power takes one minute to activate.)
Critical Failure (Roll a single D10 when you activate this Power. If you roll a 1, you critically fail in a way that is extraordinarily dangerous. Failure should cause at least a Severity-4 Injury, a mutilating Battle Scar, or some other terrible consequence.)
Sacrifice (Activating requires you to take a Severity-1 Injury instead of Exerting your Mind or spending a point of Source.)
You cannot use Armor to soak this damage.
Spying In Plain Sight (You create a visible manifestation at the spot where your senses are projected. Determine what this manifestation looks like when you create this Power.)
Blind Spying (Instead of sight, this power works with a different sense of your choosing)
Draining (After this Power ends, you cannot move quicker than a walk for one minute and suffer a -1 dice penalty for an hour.)
Fuel (Using this Power consumes some material good in addition to its other costs.)
The unit of material consumed per activation must be specified at power creation time. For example, "A quart of gasoline," or "a head's worth of human hair" etc. The amount should be proportionate to the difficulty to access the material. For instance, something you can get in town (gasoline, ink) should require a half gallon per activation, something abundant like water should require at least a gallon, something rare like mercury should require a cup or so.
Monstrous (This Power causes a mutation that elicits a strong, negative social response from the average person in your World. The mutation is ALWAYS present and visible even if you are wearing long sleeves, pants, and shoes. Maximum one per Contractor)
This mutation is ALWAYS present, even when the Power is not being used, and ALWAYS extreme and difficult to conceal. This mutation may complicate social situations at the GMs discretion. Maximum of one Power with the Monstrous Drawback per Contractor.

Parameter - Range

Default Level: 1

Seasoned Threshold: 3

Veteran Threshold: 5

  1. 5 feet
  2. 50 feet
  3. 500 feet
  4. 1 mile
  5. 10 miles

Parameter - Duration

Default Level: 2

Seasoned Threshold: 3

Veteran Threshold: 4

  1. 1 round
  2. Outcome in rounds
  3. Outcome in minutes
  4. Outcome in days
  5. Outcome in months

Example Powers