Viewing Effect - Raise Dead
Restore "life" to those who have lost it

Create a Raise Dead Power


You are capable of temporarily animating recently-deceased corpses. Creatures revived in this way are unintelligent and cannot move very quickly due to the stiffening of rigor mortis, but they are absolutely loyal and will follow any command you verbalize.


Target a corpse that has died within the last month, spend an Action and Exert your Mind to raise the dead. The resulting creature is a shambling husk of their former selves, a slow-moving, mindless zombie. It has no memory of its past life, and no hint of its personality remains.

The revived creature will follow any command you speak.

The creature lasts for one hour or until re-killed. It is revived at full health. Any Injuries it had in life are not accounted for when determining its penalties or progression towards re-death, though they may affect its ability to perform certain actions at GM's discretion.

The revived creature's Abilities are all set to 0, and its Dexterity, Charisma, Wits, and Intelligence, are all set to 1. Its Brawn and Perception are the same as it had in life. A revived creature cannot use any Powers.


Battery-operated (This power has its own 3-point Source pool that is the only way to activate it. The Source regenerates at the rate of one point per day and cannot be raised with Experience.)
Powers can share a battery pool by taking this Enhancement on each Power and specifying the same Source. Each additional Power after the first increases the capacity of the Source by 2, to a maximum of 10. This Enhancement cannot be used to enhance the owning character's source.

Willful End (You may end this Power before its duration has elapsed. This occurs as a Free Action and must be done on your initiative.)
Why take this when Switch is available? It's because the goal is to create the most flavorful Powers, not the strongest ones. . . OR HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN? D:

Rigor Mortis no More (The revived creature has the same rating in Dexterity that it had in life and may move normally.)

Speech (The revived creature may always speak if it could in life, regardless of its state of decay or bodily damage.)

Lich (The revived creature has access to any Powers it had in life.)

Plague Z (If any creature dies within an hour of being injured by one of your revived creatures, they are in turn revived by the same Power.)

Ghost (The revived creature is incorporeal. They cannot physically interact with the real world, though they may pass through walls and make noise.)

Skeletal Minion (You may use this Power on long-dead corpses. At least half the skeleton must be present.)

The Spark (The creature is revived with their memories and personality in tact. Their Intelligence, Wits, and Charisma are the same as they had in life. They may roll Mind, Difficulty 8, to resist any command you give.)

Durable Dead (The revived creature remains animated for a day.)

Live for Rot (The revived creature no longer expires after an hour. receives a Severity 1 Injury after existing for 24 hours. This Injury worsens by 1 Severity every day until the revived creature dies again, at which point it is reduced to dust.)
Revived creatures that have died cannot be re-revived.

Skilled (The revived creature has the same Abilities it did in life.)

Conduit (You may use this Power at any range, but doing so requires a token of your target. You may use this Power once per token. Tokens must be of a particular type determined at Power creation, such as a track of the target, a body part of the target, etc.)
Token types examples: a track of the target, a body part of the target, a mirror that has reflected the target, an object of sentimental value to the target, a sample of the target's handwriting, etc.

Concealed (This Power is not obvious. Bystanders must roll Perception + Alertness, Difficulty 7 to determine the Power's Source and Target. You must still exhibit some tell that you are using it such as a small gesture, an intense stare, or a bloody nose.)
As per the standard rules, a complete success (Outcome of at least 4) is required to determine the source and target flawlessly. Lower outcomes may result in partial successes.


Focus (Activating this Power requires a specific kind of item.)
Subject to GM approval.
Tunnel Vision (While this power is active, you are at -2 dice to all Actions.)
Conditional (Only usable when a certain condition is met. This condition must be severe enough that the Power is unusable the majority of the time.)
Condition must be significant. Subject to GM approval.
Unique Focus (This Power takes the form of a specific, unique item, which can be borrowed, lost, or stolen.)
Traumatic (Make a Trauma roll when you use this power)
Long Cast (This Power takes one minute to activate.)
Humanities (This Power can only be used on Humans.)
Only the Freshest Ingredients (The targeted creature must have died within the hour.)
Feral Dead (The raised creature has no obligation to follow your commands and is often aggressive.)
Sacrifice (Activating requires you to Exert your Body instead of Exerting your Mind or spending a point of Source.)
You cannot use Armor to soak this damage.
Monstrous (This Power causes a mutation that elicits a strong, negative social response from the average person in your Cell's setting. The mutation is ALWAYS present and visible even if you are wearing long sleeves, pants, and shoes. Maximum one per Contractor)
This mutation is ALWAYS present, even when the Power is not being used, and ALWAYS extreme and difficult to conceal. This mutation may complicate social situations at the GMs discretion. Maximum of one Power with the Monstrous Drawback per Contractor.

Example Powers