The Basics

Signing The Contract

Art by Gwynn Tavares

The Contract is a tabletop roleplaying game in which Players control ambitious experts who are approached by mysterious entities (known as Harbingers) and offered an intriguing proposition: participate in a series of deadly Games for an opportunity to awaken their latent supernatural Powers. The Contractors who survive are forged into some of the most fearsome and influential beings in existence.

Primary Features

  • Solving Absenteeism: The Contract is friendly towards inconsistent groups and nomadic Players. Players can play and progress their favorite Contractors regardless of who shows up on a given night.
  • Rotating GMs: The responsibility of the Game Master (GM) rotates between sessions as desired, preventing burnout.
  • Unique Characters: Contractors are highly individual, unique, and may attain almost any Powers imaginable. Despite this, the Powers system ensures they remain balanced.
  • Interesting Action: The Contract is realistic and gritty, but light on number crunching. Advancement grants tools that enable novel tactics rather than simple dice bonuses.
  • Useful Tools. The Contract's website offers an extensive selection of tools to make learning and playing The Contract easy.

The Players

Art by Gwynn Tavares
Players create and play characters known as Contractors that risk their lives for great rewards in the Harbingers' Games. Their goal is to navigate the challenges posed by the GM as they explore, develop, and play their unique Contractors.


Contractors are ambitious, competent individuals who willingly risk their lives in the Harbingers' Games for power.

Contractors (usually) start out as non-supernatural humans but may grow in any direction and achieve almost any character concept their Player can imagine.

Their capabilities and weaknesses are defined during Character Creation and recorded on their Character Sheets. Numerical ratings for their Attributes (Brawn, Intelligence, Wits, Charisma, Dexterity, Perception) and Abilities (Science, Firearms, and Athletics to name a few) are used when rolling dice to determine whether or not they succeed any risky actions they attempt.

Players often maintain several Contractors, but they can never play more than one at a time. No two Contractors owned by the same Player may ever meet or communicate with each other.

The Game Master

Each time you play The Contract, one person is designated as the Game Master (GM). Instead of playing a Contractor, they act as a referee, controlling the world and the non-player characters. When your group participates in one of the Harbingers' Games, the GM runs a prepared Scenario that outlines challenging situations for the Players to navigate.

After a Game, the GM decides which of the surviving Contractors succeeded and which ones failed. Those who succeed are granted a Gift that awakens their supernatural Powers. GMs are given rewards for running Games that they can use to enhance their own Contractors.