Setting and Worlds

Harbingers and The Powers that Be

A Harbinger

The Games are organized by a shadowy conspiracy known simply as The Powers That Be. Even their direct servants, the powerful Harbingers, can only guess at their true identities or purpose.

What is known is that they reward a rare few, and reward them well. How they select candidates is as large a mystery as why. Some think the Contractors are being prepared for an imminent apocalypse. Others believe the "Masters" are merely sadists.

Harbingers are the administrators of the Games. Their purpose is to find or create deadly challenges to test the Contractors, invite them to Games, lure them into accepting, and sometimes transport them to the site where the Game takes place.

Harbingers are as powerful as they need to be to accomplish these goals and aren't required to have pre-established stats or powers. Their interactions with Contractors are generally minimal and standoffish. They cannot attack Contractors unless attacked first. They will never directly solve a Contractor's problems (though they may sometimes cause them).

GMs may have multiple Harbingers, and each Harbinger has their own story, modus operandi, and goals. They may bring a particular flair or complication to their Games. Perhaps every Game run by a certain harbinger is a gameshow that is televised, or another Harbinger only runs Games where a single Contractor can win.


A World is a group of Contractors who share a setting.

World Leaders act as the head GM for their Worlds, settling disputes, approving Powers, and generally preventing shenanigans. They are empowered to edit the Character Sheets of the Contractors in their World, record or void Games, and define their World's setting.

Some Worlds opt to use a tribunal of the three most experienced GMs instead of a single World Leader.

Creating a World

Creating a World is as easy as filling out the form! You can create as many as you'd like.

Custom Settings

This could be your World's Setting if you'd like.

Each World has its own private parallel dimension in The Contract's collective multiverse. The World has complete authority to build, change, and destroy their own Setting however they wish.

Shades of "modern day but with supernatural elements," tend to work best, but if you want the Games in your World to take place in Feudal Japan, a futuristic science-fiction city, or the world populated by anthropomorphic animals, make it so!

Traveling to other Worlds

Contractors live their lives in their home World's Setting, but Harbingers from other Worlds may invite them to join Games in their worlds. If the Contractor accepts, they are transported to the Harbinger's World to participate in the Game and are returned to their home World when the Game concludes. Contractors may earn Gifts (or die) while visiting another World.

A Contractor visiting another World is only guaranteed to have access to their base stats and Powers. GMs may strip them of any equipment or special abilities that they have obtained through any means other than Rewards from Games. If your Contractor happened to find a spellbook that allows them to cast fireballs during a Downtime, they may not have access to it while traveling to another World.