Limits represent events or choices which could be traumatic to a Contractor. Each Character takes 3 Limits during Character Creation. Normal humans usually have the following three Limits:

  • Torture - If you are ever tortured, make a Trauma roll.
  • Murder - Make a Trauma roll if you ever kill someone for a reason other than immediate self-defense.
  • Humanity - Make a Trauma roll if you ever witness a humanitarian atrocity such as massacre, torture, extreme abuse etc.

Crossing Limits

If a Contractor crosses one of their Limits, their Player must make a Trauma Roll (roll Mind Difficulty 7, Penalty applies). Failing a Trauma roll causes Mental damage and a new Trauma.

List of Alternative Limits

Contractors with abnormal psychology-- such as sociopaths, zealots, or aliens-- may choose from a selection of alternative Limits or create their own. Self-created Limits are subject to GM approval and generally speaking must be at least as restrictive as the default Limits.

The Character Creation page (click the "show more" button under Limits) shows a number of possible limits, but here is a list of options:

  • Betrayal - You are extremely sensitive about being lied to or misled. Make a Trauma roll whenever you discover you've been tricked or lied to about something serious.
  • Capture - If you are ever held against your will, imprisoned, or tied up, make a Trauma roll.
  • Failure - You are a perfectionist or a megalomaniac and cannot tolerate major failures of any sort. Make a Truama roll every time you lose a Game or fail a task in your area of expertise.
  • Injustice - Any time you allow someone (through action or inaction) to escape justice for a major crime, make a Trauma roll.
  • Lifesaver - You cannot bear the guilt of taking a life. If you are ever responsible for someone else's death, either through action or inaction, make a Trauma roll.
  • Monsters - Make a Trauma roll each time you see a new monstrous supernatural creature. Lovecraft, eat your heart out.
  • Near-Death Experience - The frailty of your own life terrifies you. Make a Trauma roll after any near-death experience (such as being Incapacitated or hanging from a cliff by your fingertips).
  • Sin - You are a true believer with a specific religious code, defined at Character creation,. Make a Trauma roll any time you violate this code.
  • Submission - You are a controlling narcissist. Make a Trauma roll if you ever go along with someone else's plan or idea, whether by force or choice.