Assets and Liabilities

Assets and Liabilities represent specific traits of a Contractor that give them advantages or disadvantages.

They can be taken at Character Creation or later by spending Experience. However, spending Experience to purchase new Assets or remove Liabilities is restricted and subject to World Leader approval.

Assets and Liabilities are separated into three categories:

  • Physical, which represent specific physical capabilities or defects such as ambidexterity, a poor sense of hearing, or a missing leg.
  • Background, which represent facts about the Character's history or backstory such as income, contacts in the criminal underworld, or having been raised by wolves.
  • Mental and Emotional, which represent different facets of a Character's mental or emotional state such as the ability to rationalize their behavior, an overriding belief in the sanctity of life, a jaded outlook that leaves them resistant to emotional control, or an innate trust of others.

Additionally, some Assets and Liabilities are restricted, meaning that they can only be taken with the approval of your World's leader, even at Character creation.

Through the course of play, Contractors' situations may change in a manner that matches an Asset or Liability. Say they come into a huge amount of money (Rich) or are cursed (Curse) or gain an enemy (Enemy). Contractors may have these statuses without formally taking a matching Asset or Liability.

List of Assets and Liabilities

To see a complete list of all Assets and Liabilities, visit the Character Creation page and scroll down to the Assets and Liabilities section.