Body represents a Contractor's physical fortitude and overall health. Body is depleted by being Injured, which can lead to an increased Penalty or death. Body is rolled when a Contractor's physical endurance is tested, such as when resisting poisons, diseases, or air deprivation.

A Contractor's rating in Body is equal to 5 + (Brawn / 2, rounded up). A moderately fit human will thus have a Body rating of 7, while hulking brutes will have 8 Body and weaklings will have 6 Body.

If you are using The Contract's Online Character Sheets, your Contractor's Body rating is automatically calculated from your Attributes and displayed on the sheet.

Depleting Body

The overall effect of a Contractor's current Injuries is summarized by depleting their Body. The amount of Body a Character has remaining is equal to the Severity of their worst Injury plus the number of other Injuries they have. A Contractor's Body will heal over time, depending on the Severity of their Injuries, but particularly brutal injuries will leave Battle Scars that do not heal.

Here is an example: if Nerise has 3 Brawn, she has a Body score of 7 (5 + Brawn / 2, rounded up). She falls down the stairs and breaks her ankle (a Severity 2 Injury). She now has 5 Body remaining (7 - 2). If she is then stabbed in the chest by a giant hornet's stinger (a Severity 4 Injury), she has 2 Body remaining (7 - 4 [most severe injury] - 1 [number of other injuries]). If she survives the game, her injuries will eventually heal, but the wound from the giant stinger will leave a Battle Scar which has lasting consequences, possibly chronic pain or difficulty breathing.

The Website's Character sheets have an easy-to-use Injury tracker that calculates these values for you.

If a Character's Body is fully depleted, they are Incapacitated. Any more, and they die. Death should be avoided if at all possible, as there is not generally any support for resurrection in The Contract.

Rolling Body

When a Contractor's physical fortitude is tested, the GM may ask them to roll their rating in Body. The number of dice rolled in a Body roll is equal to the Character's permanent Body rating (5 + Brawn / 2, rounded up) but is reduced by their Penalty, as normal. Unless stated otherwise, the Difficulty is the standard 6.