Battle Scars

Not all Injuries heal cleanly. Battle Scars represent permanent disabilities brought on by Injuries. Some examples are a severed hand, a lost eye, or a wheezing cough. Battle Scars can only be healed by Powers. Any Injury of Severity level 4 (Serious) or higher leaves a Battle Scar.

It is up to the GM to decide how the Battle Scar will manifest, either at the time of the Injury or during treatment. Extremely good medical treatment administered promptly might prevent some battle scars from certain serious Injuries. Likewise insufficient or shoddy medical care can cause less serious Injuries to produce more severe Battle Scars.

A Contractor’s rating in Body is reduced by 1 for each Battle Scar after their fourth.

Example Battle Scars

The impact of a Battle Scar should generally align with the Severity of the Injury that caused it, but when the chips are down, it is in the GM's hands how Battle Scars will manifest.

Injury Severity Four (Serious) Scars

  • A severe facial scar. Causes a -1 dice penalty to any social roll where it would have an impact.
  • Chronic pain. The Character's Body dice penalty is always one level higher than it should be. OR The Character must make a Trauma roll at the start of every Game with failure resulting in a substance addiction.
  • Minor limp. Free Movement in Combat is reduced by 5 feet.
  • Stiff hand. -1 dice to Legerdemain rolls.

Injury Severity Five (Severe) Scars

  • Severed finger. -1 dice to all rolls using that hand.
  • Moderate limp. Combat Movement is reduced by 15 feet to a minimum of 5.
  • Disfiguring scar. Causes a -3 dice penalty to any social roll where it would have an impact.
  • Damaged lung. -2 dice to all rolls where lung capacity is a factor. Drowning time is substantially decreased.
  • Lost eye. same as the One Eye Liability.
  • Sense loss Complete loss of a non-sight sense.
  • Mental disorders from head trauma or PTSD. Select from Traumas

Injury Severity Six (Critical) Scars

  • Blindness.
  • Lost hand, arm, foot, or leg.
  • Loss of ability to speak.
  • Severe disfigurement. Includes drooling, moaning, and other unpleasantness. -4 dice to any roll where it would matter.
  • A Severity two Injury that never heals.

Injury Severity Seven (Deadly) Scars

  • Loss of Intelligence or another Attribute.
  • Loss of both legs.
  • Lasting Injury. A Severity four Injury that never heals.

Curing Battle Scars

Battle Scars may be cured only with Powers.