Examples of Bodily Harm

To fully understand these example scenarios, read about Injuries first.

Insufficient Care

Joe Freerunner tries to make a daring jump over a crevice. Despite his impressive 4 in Brawn, he misses and falls pretty far. He takes a Critical (6) Injury from the fall. He now has 1 Body remaining (7 - 6), and is therefore "maimed."

His High-roller friends find a bridge to cross the crevice and leave him to die due to the fast pace of the game. He lays at the bottom of the crevice unable to treat his multiple compound fractures and internal bleeding.

Since he was never stabilized, in 24 hours he receives an additional Severity-1 Injury in the form of internal bleeding. His Body is now fully depleted, and he is Incapacitated (7 - Highest rated injury, 6, + number of other injuries, 1). He loses consciousness as his life slips away over the next day. 48 hours after the initial fall, he is dead.

Many Threatening Injuries

Alexa (2 Brawn) loves to knife fight, but Rachel is a bit better. On the first attack, Rachel stabs Alexa in the arm, dealing 3 damage. Alexa receives a Threatening (3) injury. Her remaining Body is now 3 (starting Body of 6, minus 3), making her "injured."

Next round, Rachel attacks again, dealing another 3 damage in the form of a slash across the abdomen. Alexa now has two Threatening (3) injuries and her remaining Body is 2 (6 - highest injury - number of other injuries). Alexa is attacked twice more in the upcoming rounds, taking 3 and then 2 damage, leaving her with three Threatening (3) Injuries, and one Moderate (2) Injury.

She now has 0 Body remaining (6 - 3 [highest] - 3 [number of other Injuries]) and is incapacitated. Her wounds are not particularly difficult to stabilize, but she will still degenerate (at one level a day) if she doesn’t treat herself or get treatment. If she gets proper treatment at this point, she will be fully healed in 5 weeks (the time it takes her Threatening injuries to heal). She will receive no debilitating Battle Scars from this rough encounter, but possibly a few aesthetic ones.

A Bad Situation Made Much Worse

Let’s say two cowboys, McCree and Graves, get into a shootout. McCree catches some shotgun shot in his shoulder and takes a Threatening (3) injury. Next round, a lackey sneaks up on his position behind cover and stabs him for 2 damage before being quickly dispatched with a stun grenade and a headshot.

McCree now has a Threatening (3) injury and a Moderate (2) injury. His starting Body was 7, so he now has 3 remaining and is "wounded." Next round he runs between hiding spots and catches a really bad shot in the abdomen for 5 damage. He now has a Severe injury (5), a Threatening injury (3), and a Moderate injury (2).

This puts his remaining Body at 0 (7 - 5 - 2), Incapacitated. If his buddy takes out his assailant for him and finds him a doctor, he will heal completely in 13 weeks (time it takes his Severe injury to heal) and be left with a debilitating Battle Scar.