Mind represents your Contractor's mental and emotional fortitude. Mind is rolled to cope with potentially traumatic events and to resist urges and outside influences. It also acts as a sort of "health pool" for short-term mental wellbeing.

A Contractor's rating in Mind is equal to Intelligence + Charisma + 1, with a maximum of 9. An average human will thus have a Mind rating of 4-6, while the enlightened will have 8-9 Mind and the weak-willed will have 3 Mind.

If you are using The Contract's Online Character Sheets, your Contractor's Mind rating is automatically calculated from your Attributes and displayed on the sheet.

Mental Damage

Mental Damage is caused by Exertion, failing a Trauma Roll, or certain supernatural attacks. A partially depleted Mind contributes to a Character's Penalty, and a fully-drained Mind is incapacitating.

Mind recovers at the rate of one point per night of restful sleep.

Rolling Mind

When a Contractor's mental fortitude is tested, they must roll Mind. This is one of the only three rolls in The Contract that is not made by pairing an Attribute and an Ability (the others are Body rolls and Initiative rolls).

The number of dice rolled in a Mind roll is equal to the Character's permanent Mind rating (Intelligence + Charisma, minimum of 3, maximum of 9) but is affected by their Penalty as normal. Unless stated otherwise, the Difficulty is the standard 6.

A Trauma Roll is a special kind of Mind roll, which is made if a Contractor violates any of their Limits. A Trauma Roll is made at Difficulty 8. Failing a Trauma Roll causes one point of mental damage and the development of a new Trauma. Botching a Trauma roll causes two points of mental damage and two Traumas.

Traumas manifest immediately and should be chosen at the time the roll is failed.