When the chips are down and the stakes have never been higher, a Contractor can Exert themselves, channeling their willpower into a single Action at the cost of their mental or physical health.

Exertion comes in two flavors: Mental Exertion and Physical Exertion. The relevant type depends on the Action. Focusing one's mind to shoot the villain without harming their hostage, wracking one's brain to remember some reference to an occult symbol, or focusing all of one's willpower to be the life of the party would be Mental Exertion. Examples of Physical Exertion include a mother lifting the car from her child, Morpheus breaking free of his handcuffs, or an Olympic athlete pushing themselves to win the gold medal.

Exertion comes at a cost. Exerting the Mind causes a single point of Mental Damage. Exerting the Body causes a new Severity-1 Injury

Uses of Exertion

  • A Contractor may exert themselves to gain +1 to the Outcome of a roll (may only be done once per roll). The type of exertion (Mental or Physical), depends on the Action. Exertion cannot be used to gain +1 to the Outcome of Initiative or Trauma rolls.
  • A Contractor may Exert themselves to ignore their Penalty for a single round. The type of Exertion depends on what they are doing that round.
  • Activating most Powers requires Mental Exertion. A point of Source may be spent in lieu of this cost, if available.
  • If you have already spent your Action for a given Round and have not Exerted yourself, you may Exert your Body to dodge or Parry an incoming attack. Your next Action is performed at a -2 dice penalty.

Limits of Exertion

  • A Contractor cannot Exert themselves more than once per round in combat. That means that Exertion benefits cannot be stacked.
  • Whenever Exertion is used to gain +1 to an Outcome or to ignore penalties, the Player must declare that they are exerting themselves before they roll.