When the chips are down and the stakes have never been higher, a Contractor can Exert themselves, channeling their willpower into a single Actionat the cost of their mental state.

Exertion comes at a cost. Exerting the Mind causes a single point of Mental Damage.

Uses of Exertion

  • A Contractor may exert themselves to gain +1 to the Outcome of a roll AND to ignore their Penalty for the Round. Exertion cannot be used to gain +1 to the Outcome of Initiative or Trauma rolls.
  • Activating most Powers requires Exertion. A point of Source may be spent in lieu of this cost, if available.
  • If you have already spent your Action for a given Round and have not Exerted yourself, you may Exert your Mind to Dodge or Defend against an incoming attack. Your next Action is performed at a -2 dice penalty.

Limits of Exertion

  • A Contractor cannot Exert themselves more than once per round in combat. That means that Exertion benefits cannot be stacked, and you cannot Exert yourself after activating a Power if you Exerted yourself to activate it.
  • Whenever Exertion is used to gain +1 to an Outcome and to ignore penalties, the Player must declare that they are exerting themselves before they roll.