A Contractor's Penalty is the sum of the Mind and Body penalties caused by taking mental and physical damage. All of a Contractor's dice pools are reduced by their Penalty, to a minimum of one die.

Penalty also affects movement in Combat. For the purposes of calculating movement distance, consider the Character's Dexterity to be reduced by their Penalty to a minimum of 0. If their penalty exceeds their Dexterity, it reduces their Brawn by the remainder (for the purposes of sprinting) to a minimum of 1.

A Contractor may ignore their Penalty for one Action by Exerting themselves.

Calculating Penalty

A Contractor's Penalty is automatically calculated by the Online Character Sheets and appears between their Mind and Body ratings. If you are using pen and paper, refer to the following tables and add the Contractor's Mind and Body penalty together to obtain their total Penalty.


The penalty from Injuries is as follows:

Body Remaining Physical Penalty
6+ - Bruised None
5 - Hurt -1 Dice
4 - Injured -1 Dice
3 - Wounded -2 Dice
2 - Mauled -3 Dice
1 - Maimed -4 Dice
0 - Incapacitated Unconscious or unable to move
< 0 - Dead See you in the Graveyard


The Penalty from Mental Damage is as follows:

Mind Remaining Mental Penalty
6+ - Distracted None
5 - Rattled -1 Dice
4 - Worried -1 Dice
3 - Alarmed -2 Dice
2 - Frantic -3 Dice
1 - Delirious -4 Dice
0 - Incapacitated Reduced to a sniveling wreck, fainted, or otherwise unconsious. They can take no Actions.