Gifts and Improvements

How does a Contractor acquire and improve Powers?


Gifts are the primary reward for winning a Game, and winning a Game is the only way to get Gifts.

A Gift may be spent to grant a Contractor a new Power or to improve an existing Power.

(Coming soon) Spending Gifts in other ways

Gifts can also be spent on one-off favors from the Harbingers. These favors may include a lump sum of money, a new identity and face, or other benefits. They can never directly solve a Contractor's problems or rid them of an enemy. Gifts can never be used to revive a dead Contractor, as they are considered failures by the Harbingers.

The "Golden Ratio"

If a Player GMs a Game in which at least one Contractor dies and at least one Contractor wins, they have achieved the Golden Ratio, and are given a Bonus Improvement to spend on one of their Contractor's Powers. A given Contractor must always have at least twice as many Gifts as Bonus Improvements.

Coins of Charon

If a Contractor dies during a Game, their controlling Player is given a Coin of Charon. A coin may be spent when creating a new Contractor to grant them a single Power before they've been invited to their first Game.