Gifts and Improvements

How does a Contractor acquire and improve Powers?


Gifts are the primary reward for winning a Game, and winning a Game is the only way to get Gifts.

A Gift may be spent to grant a Contractor a new Power or to improve an existing Power.

GM Rewards

GMs can receive a maximum of one Bonus Improvement per Game they run, which they can use to improve an existing Power on one of their Contractors. They receive a Bonus Improvement if the Game they GM had a brand new Player in it or if they achieve the Golden Ratio.

A given Contractor must always have at least twice as many Gifts as Bonus Improvements.

The Golden Ratio

If a Player GMs a Game in which at least one Contractor dies and at least one Contractor wins, they have achieved the Golden Ratio, and are given a Bonus Improvement to spend on one of their Contractors.

NOTE: The Golden Ratio is only intended to encourage GMs to kill Contractors when they deserve it. It is not necessarily a goal for all Games to have at least one Contractor death. Different play groups will have their own lethality preferences. To help Players find groups that match their preferences, the website labels GMs and Worlds with titles that describe their lethality.

Into the Fold

Running any Player's first Game grants the GM an Improvement even if they did not achieve the Golden Ratio. A Game is considered a Player's first if it was the first one entered into the website.

Coins of Charon

If a Contractor dies during a Game, their controlling Player is given a Coin of Charon. A coin may be spent when creating a new Contractor to grant them a single Power before they've been invited to their first Game.