Weapons and Armor

When a character attacks a target, they make an attack roll. If they have an Outcome of at least 1 (after subtracting any defensive Outcomes), they inflict an Injury on the target with the severity equal to Outcome + Weapon Damage - the target's Armor.

The roll (Attribute, Ability, and Difficulty) and the bonus Damage all depend on the type of weapon. Described below are the most common classes of weaponry. The Difficulty of these rolls may be decreased or increased based on situational conditions at the GM's discretion.


The specified rolls are for all-out attacks made with the relevant weapon. Weapons can be used in other ways with varying difficulties. For example, while the roll to actually Injure someone with a slingshot is Difficulty 8, merely hitting a person's body would be Difficulty 6 and wouldn't do any damage.

Note that while Guns are quite powerful, they can be difficult to transport and obtain. With a couple of Gifts, Contractors can make effective use of any type of weapon. Using Secondary Abilities can also be very helpful in making the most out of your weapon of choice.

Melee Weapons

Weapon Attack Roll Additional Weapon Damage Other Notes
Hand-to-hand, biting, choking Brawn + Brawl Difficulty 6 0 1/2 of the target's Brawn (rounded up) acts as Armor against hand-to-hand attacks
Knife or Dagger (Brawn or Dexterity) + (Melee or Brawl) Difficulty 6 +0
Edgeless thrusting sword (Rapier) Dexterity + Melee Difficulty 6 +1
Sword or Axe Brawn + Melee Difficulty 6 +1
Greatsword, Giant Axes Brawn + Melee Difficulty 6 +2
Club Brawn + Melee Difficulty 6 0 Most improvised weapons fall into this category


Note: Tracking reloads / ammo is an optional rule at the GM's discretion.

Weapon Attack Roll Additional Weapon Damage Range Reload After X Combat Turns
Handgun Dexterity + Firearms difficulty 7 2 90 feet 6 turns
Shotgun (slug) Dexterity + Firearms Difficulty 7 2 240 feet 3 turns
Shotgun (shot) Dexterity + Firearms Difficulty 7 1 150 feet 3 turns
Rifles Dexterity + Firearms Difficulty 6 2 450 feet 10 turns
Sniper Rifles Dexterity + Firearms Difficulty 8 3 1200 feet (2100 with trained spotter) 5 turns


Weapon Attack Roll Additional Weapon Damage Range
Throwing knife / shuriken Brawn + Athletics Difficulty 7 0 (maximum of 4 Damage total) 75 feet
Throwing axe / javelin Brawn + Athletics Difficulty 7 1 75 feet
Bow Dexterity + Athletics Difficulty 8, requires Brawn 3 to use 1 150 feet
Crossbow Dexterity + Firearms Difficulty 8 2 150 feet
Sling Dexterity + Athletics Difficulty 8 1 150 feet
Slingshot Dexterity + Athletics Difficulty 8 0 150 feet


Weapon System
Handheld Stun Gun Roll Dexterity + Brawl, Difficulty 7. If you are successful, the target must roll Body, Difficulty 9, adding their Armor rating to the Outcome. If they fail, they are stunned and lose their next Action. Otherwise, they suffer a Penalty of 4 - Outcome to their next Action. If they botch, they are stunned and take a Severity-1 Injury.
Ranged Stun Gun Roll Dexterity + Firearms, Difficulty 8. Maximum range is 35 feet. Resistance and effect as per a Handheld Stun Gun (listed above).Target must re-roll every round until the darts are removed or they gain an Outcome of at least 4.


Armor from multiple sources cannot stack. Instead, the highest armor amount is used.

Bulkier Armors levy a penalty on any physical actions taken by their wearer. Penalties from all sources stack.

Armor Armor Granted Penalty Notes
Layered/rugged Clothing 1 0 Examples include tough leather jackets, layered denim, etc.
Reinforced Clothing 2 0 Technologically crafted clothing, designed as armor
Bulletproof Vest 3 1
Bomb Suit 6 5 Movement is severely limited
Full Plate 4 3 Full Plate weighs 45 lbs.