Running The Contract


If you've been reading the guide sequentially, you are now equipped to GM your first Game.

You may notice that we haven't covered Powers in detail yet. This is because Contractors do not start with Powers, so if you are GMing your World's first Game, you do not need to understand them yet.

Overview: How to Run a Game

Step 1: Select or Write a Scenario

Several stock scenarios are provided, and there is a guide on how to write your own.

Step 2: Invite your Players

Players will choose which Contractors they would like to bring based on Game's allowed Status.

If a player is new, consider sending them the Guide for new Players.

Step 3: Run the Game


The initial phase of the Game involves your Harbinger approaching each Contractor, inviting them to participate in the Game, and briefing them on the mission.

The Action

This is the main meat of the Game. If you're doing it right, things are likely to go off the rails in a way you didn't expect. Embrace the chaos and have fun!

Step 4: Resolution

Choose the winners and losers at the end of the Game.

Games on the Website

Recording Games on this website is the key to unlocking its recordkeeping capabilities. Rewards (Gifts and Experience) are granted to the Contractors based on each Game's outcome and tracked automatically. It is highly, highly, HIGHLY recommended that you record the Games your group plays.

To schedule an upcoming Game, click here.

World Leaders and Judges may also record Games that have already Occurred using the "Declare a Completed Game" button at the top of their World's home page.