Other Considerations

Introducing Supernatural Objects and Spells that Contractors may Obtain

You may system out any supernatural elements for your Scenarios, including spells and magical items, however you'd like. You don't need to use The Contract's Powers System. However, if a World Leader later decides that the item is unduly powerful (or maybe harms the story of the world), they can strip it or declare the Game void.

Also, Contractors are never guaranteed to have any setting-granted items or abilities when they play Games in other Worlds. They only bring their own Powers granted by the Gifts as rewards for completing Games.


Let's start this section with a motivating question. Which of the following elements are acceptable to put in a Scenario?

  • Someone's character is cursed and grows bunny ears permanently

  • The players must kill a child to succeed the game

  • The gang fights Santa Claus

  • A pop-culture character makes a guest appearance

  • There's an erotic or leading scene that must be roleplayed

The answer? It depends. All of these things have occurred in House Games that have been run in various Worlds.

These are somewhat extreme examples, but the lesson is that what's acceptable in one group is not always acceptable in other groups. Things are rarely black and white, and the handling of a subject matter can make a huge difference in whether or not it seems okay. Try to get a grasp on what a particular set of players will balk at or embrace. Always consider your audience, and don't force your preferred tone down their throats.

See the Content Warning at the very start of the Guide.