First Five Gifts

New Players can fall into the trap of creating powers that are difficult to find opportunities to use. To combat this issue, it's good practice for a Contractor's first five Gifts to be five separate Powers that fall into the following categories.

NOTE: This list is merely a suggestion, not a rule for Gift-giving.

Suggested gifts (order arbitrary)

Puzzle Piece Power

This is any Power that brings the conceptual core of the Contractor into the supernatural. If there is a situation where it would be bizarre if the Contractor failed, this Power enables that victory. Examples include: A chef character’s ability to make food everyone loves (through influence powers), a beastmaster’s ability to control animals, a driver’s ability to engage in a high-speed chase in a city center, etc.

A Combat Power

Something that the Contractor can activate or use in a combat situation AFTER the fighting has started. This does not have to be an offensive Power.

An Investigation power

Something that provides unique and useful information. Investigate Individual and Object are strong choices, but Powers like Mark and Ward work as well.

A Power that Creates Opportunities

This Power should give the Contractor a new tool when assessing strategic options. Many Powers fall under this category, but examples include mobility Powers that allow reaching new area or influence Powers to control an interaction such as Disguise or Emotion Control.

Something Unique that the Player Wants

The most inspired idea that is achievable with the Powers System. Something that fits into one of the other four gift groups is good too.

Bad Choices

These sorts of Powers often feel underwhelming to Novices.

  • Inventory management powers (stash, holding, tools at hand etc.)
  • Signature Item
  • Defensive Powers and Regeneration
  • Powers with too many Drawbacks (rendering them far too situational)
  • Powers that require more than one Gift to achieve their intended flavor.