More on Games and Custom Settings

More on Games

Splitting Games

If a Game is taking too long to complete, you may split a Game into multiple sessions. All Contractors that are present on the Game are "locked in" and cannot be played in other Games until the ongoing Game is concluded. As always, Contractors may leave Games early if they could easily excuse themselves from the situation at hand.

If a Game is split into multiple sessions, a simple majority of Players may choose to Void the Game.

Contractors will always receive a maximum of ONE Gift from a Game, no matter now many sessions were required to complete it. This is designed to incentivize quick Games, however there are mechanisms in place for more involved structures.

Cycles and Mini-campaigns

Cycles are a series of Scenarios that take place one after the other with no Downtime in-between. As such, Experience cannot be spent between the Games of a Cycle.

All Players should be told ahead of time if a Game is part of a Cycle and how many Games long that Cycle is.

The Contract's format can be also altered into a more traditional campaign-eccentric one if desired. In such cases, the GM should establish the mechanism for granting Gifts and Experience ahead of time.

Voiding Games

If the events of a Game are considered undesirably unfair or damaging, a Game may be declared Void.

Any Game that is voided never occurred. No rewards, Experience or otherwise, are given. Perhaps it was all a bad dream.

Games may be Voided by the following means:

  • Cell Leaders can declare any Games in their Cells Void at their discretion.
  • If a Game is split into multiple sessions and a simple majority of the Players vote to Void.
  • If, after the conclusion of a Game, all Players vote unanimously to Void.

Custom Settings

Cell Leaders and Game Masters are allowed to invent their own mechanics for magic, equipment, and other supernatural elements within their Cell's Setting. Cell Leaders have the final say in what is allowed to be a part of the setting, and may need to make house rules for balance purposes (the Liability Arsenal may be overpowered in a post-apocalypse setting, and the Power Hack may need to be restricted in a Cyber Punk setting). The further from "real world" you stray, the more the default balance may not fit.

NOTE: Game Masters may always invent any creatures, mechanics, or settings they please for the Scenarios they run. If a Cell Leader later decides that these developments are not desirable or appropriate for the Cell, they may void the game, or, more often, simply declare that the events of the Game occurred in a parallel dimension that just happened to look a lot like the Cell's usual setting.