Incoming Power System Improvements

The Contract's Powers System is capable of modeling an extremely wide variety of Power concepts, but it cannot support everything. While certain Powers will never be achievable in The Contract, others are only difficult to achieve because the game is currently a work in progress.

Power Features

The following Powers Features will be added to The Contract as development continues.

  • Item Crafting: Craft tradeable items that have unique (Power-like) effects.
  • Traps: Place traps or create cursed items with Power-like effects.
  • Material Manipulation: Move and manipulate certain materials and elements.
  • Mythic Attributes: Achieve supernatural abilities related to Attributes.
  • Slingshots / Slings / Throwing Mastery: Achieve supernatural abilities with throwing and slings.

. . . And more.

Powers that will Never be Achievable

  • Extremely flexible powers (e.g. the effects are not determined beforehand. Any effect that can be justified to the GM is achievable. See systems like Ars Magica and Mage: The Ascension).
  • Specific Mechanics. Oftentimes inspired by video games or other RPGs, these Powers have very specific mechanics that govern their usage such as a Power that re-casts itself twice in two different forms, etc.
  • Powers focused on dice bonuses, mechanics, or Powers that go against the overall Design Philosophy of The Contract.