The Contract Player's Guide


This Guide contains the comprehensive rules for The Contract.

No idea what The Contract is? Visit The Homepage for an overview of the Game's features, and follow the Getting Started Guide to start Playing.

Using this Guide

If you are new, read the guide front-to-back and ignore hyperlinked articles except for review. Concepts will be introduced and explained as needed.

Once you are acquainted with the rules, you can jump to a specific article via the Index displayed on the left (desktop), below (mobile), or in the navbar dropdown menu (both).

Content Warning and Player Safety

Players largely determine the play experience and content of The Contract.

That said, The Contract's system allows violence and includes lasting injuries, trauma, and death. Furthermore, because The Contract encourages outside the box problem solving and features genuinely high stakes, certain Players and Characters may choose to go to extremes to accomplish their goals, using murder, kidnapping, torture, or other distasteful tactics.

These elements can be tuned up or down depending on the group's preference, and it's important that all Players agree on a tone and content limits before they play.

We recommend employing one or more RPG Safety Tools when playing with new people or if you don't understand why such tools are useful.