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Age of Expansion
A world where Space Travel is prevelent.

6 members | 7 Contractors | 3 completed Games

In 2100 ACE space travel is common place for military and civilian use. With the new frontier, world governments have joined into The Confederacy, in an attempt to rapidly expand the reach of Earth's power into the Galaxy. Discontented with The Confederacy's policies and diplomatic ways, a paramilitary organization, known as The New Roman Empire, left Earth and settled Jupiter as their capital, expanding from there.


Project *******
A world Where reality flows and bends and breaks and the whole world stands at a delicate balance.

24 members | 33 Contractors | 36 completed Games

The world is full of anamolies and secret organizations. Join one of the many groups or create your own. Currently in the "open cannon" However actions will affect the world as a whole moving it in one way or another. Be an contained or uncontained anomaly. Work with or against the Foundation juat better have some friends.


A world much like our own.. for now.

22 members | 35 Contractors | 3 completed Games

Three months ago, the world was normal.
A lot like our own, actually. The populace had no exposure to the genuine supernatural, tended to react with fear and panic.

Three months ago, the first contractors found it.
Fringe groups and conspiracy groups have exploded in popularity online. 4chan groups pop up overnight, devoted to uncovering and decoding weird occurances that hit the news, though most (like the talking dog) are discredited. Some sightings, like the woman who disappeared from a guarded cell on camera, are harder to disprove. Others, like the naked man with a mouth in his chest going viral on tiktok, are more credible but dismissed as hoaxes and publicity stunts- for now.

(If the link expires, bug Redchigh on the main discord)

Reset Earth
A world A world where the top magical powers get a pat on their back and their magic redistributed.

2 members | 1 Contractor | 1 completed Game

America f yeah
A world Anerica has conquered the world and the earth is now entierly capatalist.

1 member | 3 Contractors | 0 completed Games

Wreck it Ralph
A world where video game characters exist.

9 members | 5 Contractors | 0 completed Games

Join us and be the video game character you could always be.

The Gilded Cage
A world created to imprision and punish Aberrants.

1 member | 1 Contractor | 0 completed Games

All contractors to inhabit this world must have a Power from character creation.

Starship Troopers
A world where Service guarantees Citizenship! Will YOU do your part?.

16 members | 15 Contractors | 2 completed Games

The Twilight Zone
A world that is a flickering shadow of our own. It is...The Twilight Zone.

5 members | 1 Contractor | 0 completed Games

"There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area we call the Twilight Zone."

Happy Sunshine Land
A world <insert tag line soon>.

3 members | 1 Contractor | 0 completed Games

A good world


Realm of mysteries
A world the mystical lurks around every corner in plain sight but hidden.

9 members | 6 Contractors | 14 completed Games

Steampunk with super natural, hidden away from public eyes, 8 deity's that control aspect of the universe itself.
22 pathways with a specific progression. Incorporated into the storyline.
Treading the line of madness itself. What do you seek among the mystic and the powerful?

Hunters world
A world Where the asteroid never hit earth millions of years ago.

7 members | 5 Contractors | 2 completed Games

A world filled with giant evolved monsters. Will you be the hunter or the hunted?


World of Darkness
A world of vampires, werewolves and other monsters living among us; hiding in plain sight.

20 members | 10 Contractors | 4 completed Games

This is a world of Vampires fighting secret Jihads over centuries old political and ideological differences. This is a world of Werewolves trying to save themselves from the genocide of globalization. A world of Mages losing the war of reality against rationalism and technology. Wraiths spend eternity fighting for their own souls in a perpetual nightmare while Changelings search for wonder in a world growing jaded with casual skepticism.

This is the World of Darkness

Based on the World of Darkness setting by White Wolf Publishing

The Immortals
A world of giftless, dying mortals who want to decide their own fates.

6 members | 1 Contractor | 0 completed Games

The Immortals is a cell for terminally ill Newbies and Novices who will never live to see Seasoned. The contracts are highly dangerous with a high mortality rate. One of these contracts will end your life, if the cancer eating your brain or the untreated AIDS in your blood don't kill you first.

Whether they want to go out in a blaze of glory, or want to scrape together enough cash to leave behind for their loved ones, they all end up the same way.

The Dark Tower
A world that is the dying heart of the universe; a nexus of doorways to every conceivable reality.

9 members | 2 Contractors | 0 completed Games

It is reputed to be the center of creation. The center of all possible universes and realities. A tower in the middle of an endless field of roses that connects all planes of existence and holds them steady with it's Beams.

Based on The Dark Tower series by Stephen King.


The Netherworld
A world between worlds. The last resting place of countless stillborn worlds that could have been.

18 members | 16 Contractors | 4 completed Games

The Netherworld! Connecting a dozen or more parallel worlds, the Netherworld contains the rubbish of all the Worlds that might have been. If you have an idea that doesn't fit anywhere else, this is probably the place!


A world .

1 member | 1 Contractor | 5 completed Games

Characters will be playing through the slow, agonizing decline of the world into the apocalypse, and then, hopefully, through its inevitable regrowth into the new normal.

I am laying down the rule that once your character is asigned to my Cell, they are Grounded to my cell alone unless you discuss it with me, and invest either Gameplay or Gifts in order to travel to other dimensions. Keep this in mind while you make your character!!!!!


Dark Mirror
A world not for the faint of heart. Gothic-Punk Horror Setting.

10 members | 8 Contractors | 17 completed Games

My Horror Cell, almost the antithesis of "The Illumination."

Players are encouraged to read the description before making a Character.