The Void

A World where people are brought from all over the multiverse to compete in random events for the endless entertainment of the elite few.

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The Void was created by SeedofEntropy 3 months ago

World Leader

Farin Sil the Dragon Spirit
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor
Maran Wu the Phoenix
A 0-Victory Newbie Contractor
Riane Night the Hunter
A 0-Victory Ported as Veteran Contractor

World Member

Aria Feist the Changeling
A 3-Victory Novice Contractor
Aro the Homeless guy
A 1-Victory Novice Contractor

World Member

World Member

World Member

World Member

Terra Wilde the Kitsune Samurai
A 0-Victory Novice Contractor
Ninety-Nine the Weaponsmith
A 1-Victory Novice Contractor
Erron Brown the Vulpine Gunslinger
A 2-Victory Novice Contractor

World Member

World Member

World Member

World Member

Dade Anderson the Hacker
A 0-Victory Ported as Seasoned Contractor

The Void is less a Dimension so much as a pocket amongst the multiverse where a select few cosmic beings have found and retired. They pull beings from all over and set them against each other in advanced colosseum battles, races, survival games, or live games of chess. Most of the contestants are unaware that they are part of a game, but the more they win, the stronger they become.

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