Reset Earth

A World A world where the top magical powers get a pat on their back and their magic redistributed.

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Reset Earth was created by Iamangelofwar 2 weeks, 2 days ago

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A world where recently, major powers have fallen, and now magic is as plentiful as water, both things causing major problems

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For those who learned and earned their powers, climbing back up the ladder was easy. For those born with potent gifts, or were fueled by long dead followers, things were about to become so much more difficult.


Sometimes power stays in one place for too long. Be it the first time with the Egyptians, then with the Romans, or three weeks ago. And after a while, of all of that power sitting in one place, the magical flow in the world begins to slow to a craw, and almost stop completely. That’s when magic itself starts the flow once again, stripping itself completely from the most powerful, and collecting from everyone else until everyone is below a certain base line. At this point, more sorcerers can be born into the world, and a lot more magical ongoings occur, revealing itself to a society that has not believed in magic in generations.

The last redistribution of power was last week, on the First of September of 2021. Many powerful beings fell, demons, angels, elder vampires, lovecraftian beings, and even the abramic god himself. All of these beings were hording so much magic, that immediately, new unchecked powers began to pop up instantly, and cults formed around these new powers, putting aside any doubt of Magic's existence. 

But as many of the old Magic revolved around previously existing and currently redistributed beings, groups that called upon these beings needed to find new sources of power, and thus, instead of turning to other planes, they turned to other worlds entirely...

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