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Posted by Rainbowdragon1357, 2 days, 21 hours ago

Nagasaki Massacare!

Yesterday At around midnight the City of Nagasaki was awoken to quite the scare. An enormous number of people, estimated at around 30k-40k began massacring the city, using lethel force such as firearms where they could be found, but also improvised weapons senselessly killing residents of the city. People would also be ceromoniously burned while the killers chanted about a being known as Adora. Experts have deemed the killers as a fanatical religeous group or "Cult" and the event a mass sacrifice to their assumed diety Adora. The massacre claimed around 350k lives. U.S. Forces in military bases around Nagasaki mobilized as the event began but simply couldnt respond to the efficiency and brutality of the group who dispersed very quickly before the military could effectivly respond. Many Xenophobic and anti-occult Rallys and protests around the world in response to the event putting pressure on governments around the world to clamp down on supernatural activity related to the illumination. 

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Posted by GreenAppll, 3 weeks ago

Circus leader Assassinated and many killed.

Reportedly, Jumper, a world famous hitman was seen leaving from a circus with the death of 38 people and the circus leader. 
We have the side profile of these 2 personell and will be considered wanted as we believe them to be related to the cult that killed in nagasaki (Dr. Conrad Blackwell and Maria Brooks)

These 3 will be wanted Dead or alive. 

Latest Journals

23 minutes ago: Adam ‘Skids’ Crowley wrote a Downtime Journal for Warlocks of the Woods

Life in the skies

I've been touring the world recently, there's a lot of great places and since I've got my personal aircraft of sorts. Took a trip to y fathers old house, the old family home, had a look through my fathers old belongings. Found some interesting stuff. A couple of old journals and an atlas that was highly annotated with notes from so many travels. I've been travelling the routes he travelled before. 

South America was lovely, followed the Inca trail, it was one of his earliest travels, it was lovely, the scenery and people, also they have some amazing food down there. 

I feel closer to him now, hearing, seeing and feeling some of the things he did too. It was a good start. Looked like almost every page of that atlas had something written on it, notes of routes, destinations. I look forward to more of these trips.

I did some film work, it's good to do, the melodrama is enjoyable compared to these grand adventures, leaping through a window onto a crash at is much safer than exploring dangerous islands or transporting deadly creatures by plane. The films finished now, another good one, with some starts should be a blockbuster not that it affects me much, it's a good pay but you dont get famous from being in the sidelines. 


I bought he DVD of the Fillmore, bit of a dead medium i know but i still do it. Always get that, got a whole shelf for all the fils I've acted in. I go through them every so often. Some good ones, some absolutely terrible ones. I do love Shadows from the Underworld, such a nonsense film but it does what it set out to, and the whole demon ninja hovercraft scene was such a joy to film, and in all honesty, they made it work.

6 days, 11 hours ago: Mansquito wrote a Downtime Journal for On a plane!


By the time he returned from his adventure, Mansquito could feel a qualative change come over himself. His chitinous exoskeleton, already thick and tough, had grown harder, now properly encapsulating his entire body in a way it hadn't before, and he felt... durable. Previously his exoskeleton had acted as normal clothing, tough enough to endure the weathering of the world as he went about doing his duty to fight for JUSTICE! But never tough enough to take a bullet until he had acquired the ability to enhance himself, and expand his impressive form to greater size. Now, he felt as if he could shrug off a bullet. Truly, the ways of JUSTICE were incomprehensible, empowering him through his pursuit of perfect JUSTICE, making him ever stronger, more powerful, more able to fulfill the needs of true JUSTICE, now, not even the most brazen of criminals would be able to stop him! True to form, upon reaching the great city of New York, his home and base of operations, Mansquito once more set off to patrol the streets, ever vigilant for any signs of INJUSTICE afoot, when he came across a den of MOST VILE VILLAINOUS VILLAINS! Gangsters, from the look of them, scrawny twenty somethings loitering in an abandoned warehouse near the shore, and with his keen Mosquito eyes, Mansquito could see firearms hidden within their clothes. The only course of action to ensure the enforcemnt of TRUE JUSTICE was to take these evildoers down, and so Mansquito prepared. His vigour coursed through his body causing it to expand, muscle inflating like balloons as his exoskeleton thickened, darkening to a deep black. Mansquito backed up a distance, facing a plain, solid wall of the warehouse, and his oversized adrenal glands dumped a portion of his reservoir into his body, time seeming to slow around him. Mansquito charged forward like a bullet, slamming through the wall, the expanded chitin cracking and flying off of him as his true shell underneath held firm, the monstrous Vigilante plowing into two of the Criminal Scum as he slammed clean through the wall. A resounding cry of "JUSTICE - BZZZZzzzZTT- CRASH!" echoed through the building, as the armed men jus tstood in stunned silence as a creature they had only heard rumours of burst through the wall like a homicidal Kool-Aid Man, before reinflating into a hulking, 12 foot behemoth. Fueled by his burning desire for JUSTICE, Mansquito thrashed the Evildoers with barely a scratch, his hardened exoskeleton reducing the single bulletwound that pierced his shell to a mere flesh wound, one that was easy to correct with his overflowing FIGHTING SPIRIT! Once more, JUSTICE had prevailed!

1 week ago: Adam ‘Skids’ Crowley wrote a Downtime Journal for On a plane!


After a harrowing flight, Crowley managed to find his way back to the airport, picking up his muscle car from the airports car park. It was a long flight home, but a peaceful one, this time he didn't have to fly the plane. 

Returning home, Skids was in pain, he had taken a few injuries in his latest exploits. After taking the time to recover, he returned to work, filming several scenes from the latest film he'd been hired for some stunt work. It definitely wasn't the best film but the work was fun as always. 

Using his contacts through the stunt man and trainer community, he managed to contact a flying instructor. Crowley managed to learn the basics of flying most aircraft and also learnt a few tips and tricks for flying in dangerous circumstances.

2 weeks, 4 days ago: Raul Saturn wrote a Downtime Journal for The greatest show in the world

Expansion and Escape

The latest surge of power from my task has been used to study and carve a blink rune. The newest rune will allow me to travel a distance of 50 feet in an instant, allowing both easier escape and rapid repositioning, though use does cause some mild disorientation. In addition, the rune has been modified to draw upon the excess mana within my body and store it within an internal pool, allowing me to use the rune successively with no cost to my own reserves, though I can no longer channel mana from my well through it. Further improvements to be made include reducing or removing the disorientation which occurs on use of the rune, to allow for repositioning and striking at the same time, as well as increasing the responsiveness of the rune, to allow for use in avoiding blows.

Additionally, there was excess power present in the latest surge, enough to allow me to expand my rune of holdings storage space. With this, it should prove possible to carry an entire arsenal of weaponry as well as magical and mundane tools for use in hunts. I have been training in the use of firearms to combat my lack of effective ranged weaponry, the death of Raphael proved how effective they can be in the hands of a sufficiently skilled marksman, and I hope to be able to reduce or remove my vulnerability to being swarmed in this manner. Additionally, I shall contact Guy soon in order to arrange for the acquisition of some explosives. Storage with the Rune of holding will make their use much simpler, and remove the risk of discovery upon being searched.

2 weeks, 6 days ago: Raul Saturn wrote a Downtime Journal for Macy's Madness

The First Glyph

My latest advancement is in the use of glyphs. A small, rounded stone bearing a magical marking that can be thrown to produce a specific mystical phenomenon. The latest surge of power was used for acquiring the ability to carve glyphs of binding, capable of holding even True Dragons in place once enough skill is acquired. As of yet, the resulting magical binding can be torn apart with sufficient brute strength, and those bound are still capable of attacking, even if immobile. Further advancement should focus on adding magical adaptability to the bindings, as well as fine tuning the placement of the bindings to reduce or prevent movement, reducing potential damage from the target.

My own estimates, based off of the improvements experienced over the last three months, are that I will be ready to truly hunt a dragon, one of the magical, highly intelligent beasts that took them, within as short a period as a little over a year, possibly two, depending on the challenge presented by my tasks. While my armour still holds up in its functionality, I have begun to suspect I shall need a more potent form of protection, and have begun looking into the acquisition of a ward stone for future enchantment. I shall have to expand my magical reserves to properly use my equipment, but for the present moment my other concerns are my mobility and my ability to deal with crowds. Both are problems that are possible to overcome with modern technology, so I have spent my available time familiarising myself with what is available.

3 weeks, 1 day ago: Raul Saturn wrote a Downtime Journal for the hanged man

Mastery of Technique

The Rune of Holding proved its utility. Clever use of the rune to bypass certain forms of lock allowed access to rooms previously inaccessible, therefore the next problem to address is the dragonkins ability to ignore the blows from my sword. It proved possible for me to harness the power gained during the previous mission to further hone my skills with the blade, wielding my sword now feels smoother and more natural despite reaching what should theoretically be the upper limits of human technique. Tests of my newly enhanced prowess have allowed me to determine that I now possess the ability to instinctively cut through gaps and weak points in defenses. Further refinement should allow for the permanent reduction of an opponents armour through properly timed twists of the blade, flaying scales and causing armour to snap. Other possible improvements are to the precision with which I can target weak points, as a sufficient level of reduction may allow me to wound the dragonkin during my next encounter with it.

Theories proven are that it is necessary for me to go on these missions in order for me to further improve my skills, as well as that the rate at which I improve has been drastically increased to compensate. It is worth considering investment in a method of restraining foes, as well as defensive measures for future encounters. The inevitable drain on my mana reserves cause me to believe that internal mana wells placed within the runes would be a wise investment, in order to maintain combat effectiveness for an extended period of time.

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Illuminated Earth is a twisted reflection of the modern world where the advent of smartphones and the internet confirmed the existence of the supernatural instead of disproving it. Here, witch hunts have merit. Billionaires and Senators employ paranormal advisors and bodyguards, and everyone knows. Charlatans become pop culture icons, and each revelation inspires a new cult. The world is changing. The secret societies that pull humanity's strings scramble to adapt.

Now's a good time to move up.

Full Setting Description

They named that time The Illumination, and it was by the flash of a camera phone.


The year was 2004. Until that point the Earth was as we had always known her. We filled her cruel vastness with legends, superstitions, and rumors. Warlocks, monsters, and gods lurked on the edge of the collective consciousness, always a possibility but never more. We lacked evidence. That evidence came as humanity filled its pockets with technology equipped to capture and transmit.


An iPhone found on High School senior Nate Klienman’s mangled corpse held a video of his girlfriend’s bone-snapping transformation into a monstrous wolf creature. A Brazilian widow documented a series of conversations with the misty figure of her late husband. A Chinese fishing boat caught a mermaid in a net and put it on display in the Beijing aquarium.


Each week brought a new revelation that we were not alone. Superstitions reversed their slow death overnight. Salem held their first witch trial in a century. The jury rendered a verdict of “guilty on all charges” and sentenced Maxibelle Horux to death. A week after her lethal injection, half the jury died from a tainted batch of flu vaccine. A fearful, populist movement arose to rid humanity of the creatures lurking in its ranks. Suspects are forcibly subjected to bizarre tests of their humanity, and the results are often open to interpretation. A mob’s justice is swift.


Yet the paranormal is not merely relegated to a persecuted class. Where some see monsters, some see sentience, and others see opportunity. If a vampire can sustain themselves on cloned blood and work the graveyard shift, why not legalize and tax? Politicians and Aristocrats employ odd-looking individuals as "advisors" or "protection." Entertainment magazines publish revelations every week about which celebrities shed their human skins at home. Charlatans of all stripes, from palmistry mediums to televangelists, have flourished despite the risks. The treatment of the paranormal varies from place to place, person to person.


Long have cabals, cults, and secret societies thrived in the shadows. Their roots run deeply through humanity’s oldest systems of power. Machinations are challenged, and sleeping dangers awaken. The world is changing, forcing long-dormant powers into desperate action. And it is in the midst of this great period of change that The Powers That Be have once again turned their attention to the blue marble. For the first time in two hundred years, Harbingers approach worthy individuals with an offer they won't refuse.

The Games have returned, and a new generation of Contractors are being forged.

World Events

Posted by Rainbowdragon1357, 2 days, 21 hours ago

Nagasaki Massacare!

Yesterday At around midnight the City of Nagasaki was awoken to quite the scare. An enormous number of people, estimated at around 30k-40k began massacring the city, using lethel force such as firearms where they could be found, but also improvised weapons senselessly killing residents of the city. People would also be ceromoniously burned while the killers chanted about a being known as Adora. Experts have deemed the killers as a fanatical religeous group or "Cult" and the event a mass sacrifice to their assumed diety Adora. The massacre claimed around 350k lives. U.S. Forces in military bases around Nagasaki mobilized as the event began but simply couldnt respond to the efficiency and brutality of the group who dispersed very quickly before the military could effectivly respond. Many Xenophobic and anti-occult Rallys and protests around the world in response to the event putting pressure on governments around the world to clamp down on supernatural activity related to the illumination. 

(On an OOC note please diregard the last posted Nagasaki event)

Posted by GreenAppll, 3 weeks ago

Circus leader Assassinated and many killed.

Reportedly, Jumper, a world famous hitman was seen leaving from a circus with the death of 38 people and the circus leader. 
We have the side profile of these 2 personell and will be considered wanted as we believe them to be related to the cult that killed in nagasaki (Dr. Conrad Blackwell and Maria Brooks)

These 3 will be wanted Dead or alive. 

Posted by Merfian, 3 weeks, 5 days ago

Gang Members get in Shootout with Firefighters

The White Scarf's hideout, an apartment building in the middle of San Jose, was set on fire by a currently unfound arsonist, right next to an investigation for a hit and run. When Firefighters arrived at the scene, the gang opened fire on the firefighters and the cops. All of the gang members burned in the building, 5 police officers and 3 fire fighters died as a result of the shootout.

This lead police to connect the Hit and Run and Arson with the alarm at Platinum Bank next door, where it was revealed to the public that former CEO Rupert Carlson had a secret room with an exit leading to the sewers, and lead straight into the vault. The secret room had some form of item, but whatever it was, it was stolen in the chaos. Two cops witnessed a man running from the scene, but they said that the man tripped then exploded. Examination of the body shows that the man had attached C4 to his chest, and immediately exploded when he inadvertently turned it on. Nobody knows the man's motivations, or what he stole, but we will never find out.

Posted by Rainbowdragon1357, 4 weeks ago

Ultor Co. CEO and chairmen Exposed!

CEO Rupert Carlson and many Chairmen of the manufacturing and distribution company Ultor Co. have been exposed by an anonymous vigilante Hacker finding evidence of Money laundering, illegal drug trade, assasination, Human trafficking (the list goes on to describe several other illegal activities) through the company, the individuals in question are being further investigated and detained while more evidence is compiled. A transfer of power being handed down to a bridget jones who promises a better and redeemed future for the company. Investigations to find the vigilante who brought this information to light are in progress as well, dirty money accounts and various systems within the company were broken into and information on the hacker Is appreciated.

Posted by therustyy257, 4 weeks, 1 day ago

The Blackwater massacre.

This is L0B0, and welcome to Glepnir Broken


Today's flavor of doxx is the identities of The Scarlet Claws, a mercenary group that is armed to hell and back, Ultor. Co, a corrupt company that hired them to kill union members of a small town "Blackwater" in Texas for profit, and William Murdoch, a Drug Addicted Madman with superhuman capabilities who shot up the town in a drug induced rage.


Included with the post is evidence exposing The Scarlet Claws including their buisness transactions with Ultor.Co and the names of high brass member of the company who were complicit in the deal, as well as all information on William Murdoch including his social media posts, voice and video recordings of his rampage throughout the town that depicts him firing multiple magazines worth of ammunition down upon the union and the mercenaries alike from a vantage point on a roof of a residential building, taking all of them down in a bloody display of savagery and carnage, furthermore there are pictures of the armored vehicle and the variety of weapons he owns.

Posted by ShadyTradesman, 1 month ago

Suspected Plane Hijacker Killed in Court

This is a CNN special report. 

Earlier today, suspected plane hijacker Amaryllis (Amy) Fleischer attempted to escape during a court hearing. She was shot and pronounced dead on scene. Be warned: the following video contains graphic content. 

The video shows Amy in some sort of courtroom, dressed in orange, eyeliner streaked from crying. The Judge bangs her gravel, and a pair of corrections officers come to take her away. Just as they grab a hold of her, a spike of blood shoots from Amy's wrist through an officer's chest. First one, then the other. Someone screams. Amy sends a third spike through the handcuffs securing her hands and feet, then makes a break for it. She makes it halfway to the door before a rattling of gunfire rings out and she collapses. Several officers surround her prone body, pointing guns. A pool of blood forms underneath her, quickly growing and flowing down the aisle.

A harrowing closure to the terrifying ordeal of the passengers aboard hijacked flight UA1670.

Posted by ShadyTradesman, 1 month ago

Plane Hijacked

Earlier today, flight UA1670 was hijacked by a black-haired witch. Viral footage shows suspect Amaryllis Fleischer using some sort of blood magic weapon to injure an Air Marshal and assault a good Samaritan monster hunter. The monster hunter died at the scene and was the only fatality of the incident. All other passengers are now recovered and free.


Eyewitness reports indicate that that she was attempting to protect a monstrous dog. No such dog appears in the footage. However, many individuals are seen interacting with and reacting to the “dog,” leading experts to believe that it was either an illusion or simply does not appear in recorded footage as a result of its supernatural origin. 


The suspected hijackers: Amy Fleischer and a man known only as “Walter” were arrested when the plane landed and are currently being held in a Honolulu prison.


Double Trouble: Passengers of Hijacked Plane Duplicates?

Reports are emerging that all passengers of the hijacked plane are already people that exist. The "original" passengers are all safe at their homes and had all considered going to Hawaii but made other plans for one reason or another. None of the duplicates are being held or charged with any crime. 


"It's really weird to meet yourself," says Sally Emerson, a passnger. "We're trying to figure out where to go from here." 


No one is sure why or how this has happened, but considering the recent crashed plane, it appears something very strange is going on with flight UA1670. United Airlines has stated that they are cancelling the route out of an excess of caution. 

Posted by Rainbowdragon1357, 1 month ago

The Loch Ness Monster Captured!

Breaking News: Loch Ness Monster Captured and Contained

On August 15 a Pliosaur or better known the Loch Ness monster was captured by a local Group of Scottish scientists after using sonar technology to track down and then contain it in a smaller more manageable enclosure. The Creature Clocked in at around 20 meters and 103,700 pounds, extremely large compared to its prehistoric ancestors.

At the current moment it is unknown how the Dinosaur survived to the current day or if there are more. Confirmation on Disappearances of people due to the Dinosaur have been found after an endoscopy on its digestive tract, discovering human remains, as well as much local aquatic life found in Loch Ness although few and erratic still occuring at least annually, mainly during the winter when food is assumedly lacking

The Head researcher, Travis Thomson, recently sold the Dinosaur to the Georgia aquarium in the US ,where they plan on creating an exhibit for it, to continue the funding of research of this prehistoric creature, and where it came from hoping to uncover the mysteries from the depths.

Posted by ShadyTradesman, 3 months, 2 weeks ago

BREAKING: Doubts raised over the fate of those in the Hawaii crash



Earlier today, a KITV report aired announcing the crash of United airlines flight UA1670. However, KITV never issued this report, and the author named in the byline has confirmed that they did not write it. 


That said, our on-the-scene reporters have confirmed the appearance of a crashed plane consistent on the northern coast of Oahu that appears consistent with the original report. The carnage of the wreckage indicates that several hundred passengers did indeed perish in the crash. However, many of those named in the original report have reached out to KITV to confirm that they are not, in fact, dead. United Airlines has issued a statement asserting that all of their flights are present and accounted for. 


The orgin of the erroneous news report, the airplane, and the unfortunate passengers aboard remains a mystery.


Before the United States government secured the scene of the crash, a first responder claims he was able to personally identify at least one of the bodies in the wreckage. "It was my sister, Emily! She's family, dammit. I'd recognize her face anywhere. It was her. But Emily is still alive. As soon as she saw the report, she called me, and we're together now. I don't know what happened. . . I'm still in shock. None of this feels real to me." 


The US Government is reaching out to those reported killed and scheduling interviews for more information. If you or a loved one was named in the original report, please call the number on your screen. 

Posted by ShadyTradesman, 3 months, 2 weeks ago

United Airlines flight crashes in Hawaii. All passengers killed.

This is a KITV breaking report. 


We have just received reports that United Airlines flight UA1670 from San Francisco has crashed in Ahupuaʻa ʻO Kahana State Park Oahu, Hawaii. At this time, the cause of the crash is unknown. First responders have confirmed our worst fears: none of the 325 passengers aboard survived. 


Listed below are the names of all the passengers who bought a ticket for this flight. KITV offers our deepest condolences to their friends and families: 


Mikaela Ritter

Naomi Montes

Thomas Wiley

Caitlyn Levine

Jalen Daniels

Haven Mclean

Alma House

Francis Hodges

Ernest Berry

Gina Wilkinson

Cloe Mckee

Kaiden Riley

Arianna Zhang

Megan Beasley

Ruth Haas

Phoenix Alvarez

Inspector Gadget

Enrique Davenport

Johanna Wall

Ezequiel Petty

Lillie Blanchard

Freddy Osborn

Gabrielle Brady

Alayna Yates

Jaylin Jimenez

Caleb Leach

Kolton Jordan

Liliana Mclaughlin

Keagan Simon

Dillon Mullen

Anaya Barton

Nathan Wells

Dario Roberts

Kaleigh Gilbert

Mira Huber

Braiden Brooks

Gregory Lucero

Sam Deleon

Donald Walton

Lindsay Garner

Sadie Conrad

Connor Byrd

Max French

Jocelyn Beck

Dorian Bartlett

Jarrett Morse

Priscilla Friedman

Lea Vazquez

Amy Weiss

Josh Wallace

Nasir Campos

Lamar Washington

Zane Walsh

Eli Gutierrez

Harper Moore

Anabelle Frost

Carley Jackson

Kaydence Casey

Bruno Nixon

Leonard Shaffer

Ryker Hobbs

Scarlett Hatfield

Adrien Compton

Naima Chavez

Kristian Mcintosh

Sidney Skinner

Adeline Jones

Abagail Curtis

Charity Meza

Tyshawn Morrow

Hana Molina

Hailee Hayden

Charlie Rodgers

Keagan Howell

Nathan Bridges

Seth Horn

Addison Pugh

Mira Barrera

Mia Hensley

Ansley Berry

Phillip Wise

Lucas Weber

Alondra David

Hana Castaneda

Ellis Ferrell

Claire Rodgers

Cedric Montoya

Ralph Kerr

Cadence Hardy

Victor Adams

Abigayle Becker

Eleanor Michael

Kimmy Viable

Payten Simmons

Zaiden Everett

Jeremy Blackburn

Benjamin Pope

Shayla Steele

Jasiah Howell

Cassandra Richards

Josue Valdez

Kaiya Olsen

Harper Keith

Octavio Warner

Mia Coffey

Tiffany Gallagher

Aspen Brooks

Alexander Gallegos

Jamal Perry

Karissa Sutton

Keira Chang

Karissa Shah

Zain Vaughan

Hillary Lindsey

Drake Whitaker

Braiden Hicks

Ignacio Noble

Danny Mcdaniel

Ronan Holt

Chris Charvis

Antoine Byrd

Frederick Doyle

Caylee Valenzuela

Joe Duarte

Jacob Frederick

Julianne Skinner

Bailey Chapman

Christopher Avila

Andrew Hogan

Emmy Brown

Clay Moses

Tatiana Stevenson

Isaiah Moon

Emily Barber

Giuliana Park

Donna Bautista

Jaylon Nielsen

Winston Mercado

Pranav Richard

Bryanna Noble

Aleah Hester

Sterling Olson

Katie Randolph

Maximus Morrison

Brodie Bryan

Evie Rios

Gavin Burke

Judah Kerr

Tommy Nelson

Charlize Becker

Kamron Chavez

Memphis Carroll

Yamilet Small

Zoey Summers

Marlie Sexton

Dominique Gentry

Kristin Humphrey

Larissa Davis

Maddison Berger

Karter Martinez

Olivia Preston

Yurem Horton

Cornelius Skinner

Devon Howe

Yadira Rowland

Ansley Lutz

Edwin Jenkins

Meadow Castaneda

Brenna Ochoa

Elvis Lee

Dereon Fuentes

Melanie Flynn

Camron Elliott

Jack Wright

Ibrahim Hancock

Jazmyn Weaver

Shania Vaughn

Deven Crane

Harley Graham

Braydon Robbins

Marshall Horton

Jaelyn Mccormick

Sarah Ray

Taylor Byrd

Lisa Morrow

Litzy Adkins

Kaelyn Welch

Sydney Ruiz

Averi Wilson

Amya Holland

Ben Travis

Zaid Newton

Kadyn Huffman

Emmalee Gutierrez

Kaelyn Wolfe

Giselle Byrd

Alexzander Graham

Micheal Hudson

Macie Huerta

Lucian Sheppard

Kayla Holloway

Jaydon Pace

Alondra Hensley

Pierce Shields

Valery Coffey

Irene Kaufman

Dangelo Cline

Thaddeus Humphrey

Virginia Huynh

Ruby Jones

Kyan Salazar

Cory Mccormick

Conrad Gross

Cale Bowman

Adison Ross

Dominik Stark

Jaylynn Torres

Jillian Hayden

Rishi Nguyen

Zackery Alexander

Amiya Howell

Kianna Griffin

Quinten Robertson

Carolina Knight

Jacquelyn Cherry

Trent Christian

Yazmin Villanueva

Kymani Fox

Luca Lee

Mathew Beck

Jenny Rivas

Braylon Rhodes

Taylor Dean

Everett Burton

Ashlynn Murillo

Leland Bush

Elisabeth Cole

Alec Klein

Angelina Gray

Braydon Clements

Laila Carroll

Deshawn Mccarthy

Ian Barker

Elizabeth Randall

Tara Ballard

Valentino Dougherty

Aron Macias

Ryder Holder

Allen Robbins

Gillian Mcdonald

Alani Day

Elizabeth Hays

Muhammad Gregory

Sophia Farmer

Brayan Waller

Ayanna Campbell

Cullen Nicholson

Justus Fritz

Gaven Kelly

Aria Butler

Cassidy Davis

Jon Davies

Fletcher Gill

Casey Nolan

Shyanne Huerta

Annabella Esparza

Bradley BigBoy

Shawn Fritz

Grady Lowery

Kailee Moore

Maribel Reeves

Haiden Rosales

Krista Salinas

Sofia Jennings

Miah Hunter

Jennifer Rhodes

Aiden Blankenship

Phoebe Esparza

Kymani Lam

Jaylyn Bernard

Sarahi Matthews

Zoey Rich

Justice Mora

Martha Hampton

Ricky Colon

Nathaly Scott

Jacquelyn Gordon

Payten Bird

Elle Key

Bailey Lucas

Sheldon Long

Vincent Mora

Marisa David

Josue Acevedo

Lilianna Griffin

Amon [no surname]

Kendall Boyer

Connor Benson

Zoie Rivas

Leilani Copeland

Piper Foley

Sergio Booth

Raiden Davila

Karlie Mckee

Joselyn Blankenship

Breanna Simon

Thaddeus Dillon

Asher Potts

Cody Nixon

Rory Herrera

Jonathan Cabrera

Heath Cobb

Jermaine Franklin

Kameron Compton

Marques Ramsey

Crystal Bruce

Mohammad Kirk

Shaun Guerra

Gauge Hardin

Leslie Ashley

Cierra Yu

4 bodies were unidentified in the wreckage