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A World not for the faint of heart. Gothic-Punk Horror Setting.

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3 weeks, 5 days ago: Grace Cyanide wrote a Downtime Journal for Sanctuary

New Books

Dear Diary,

We're back in Jersey. Horatio has been coming around more often, catching us things to eat in adition to what we can catch. After we'd caught what we needed for the next day or two (we learned that things get... gross after too long of being dead), we were playing with Horatio, a game I called Copycat. My friend says Horatio doesn't like that. I do it anyway. So the game is that whatever Horatio does, I do, right? Well Horatio was batting at a beetle in the air and I did the same thing, and I didn't FEEL myself touch the beetle but it came down. Horatio looked at me and I looked back at him, and he went into the bushes to get another beetle, put it in front of us, and meowed a bunch- my friend translated, he was telling us to try again. So we did! We brushed the beetle away without touching it, and I felt woozy the same way as I do when we call Horatio- I think it's my friend getting tired. 

We gave ourselves time to rest between our trials for this, so it took awhile, but I watched carefully: what happens is my friend moves her hand faster than mine,  on her own,  which still kinda worries us, cause I don't want to be separate from her and she doesn't wanna be separate from me. But we're pretty, pretty sure it's fine.

Also, we got new books. If we go in the library when old Miss Gallagher is there and nobody else, nobody bothers us. Miss Gallagher can't see well enough to be freaked out by us, but she does clean her glasses a lot, cause I guess we look like a smudge. We got books on all the ghost type stuff we can, not like, Goosebumps, but the ones that look more like enci  (scratch) encyk (scratch) encyclope dias. We're doing our best to remember everything useful. 

1 month ago: Amon wrote a Downtime Journal for Scenario for Demon Cabinet of Mr Lung

Struggle of money

I have just discovered a huge problem... I DON'T HAVE ANY MONEY!!! if i was still at the height of my power among my error pathway, i could easily steal the identity of some rich guy and have all of his asset but now i can only steal part of their physical aspect! this is ridiculous. I've stolen some money from some random passerby and bought this... Macdouble? its decent, not the best, but its decent i guess. The fries though, OH MAN are they great haha. I also bought myself a new robe after that damn cat tore it up. The absolute meaning of depression. 

During this time, i have yet to encounter a tarot club member which may mean that they dont ahve access to this place which is good. i dont have to fight with invinicble odds. Harbingers though, they seem to share the same power as a beyonder of the 1st squence path, demigods so to say the least of, i suspect that those are simple low tiers though and that some may even hold sequence 0. Powers on the level of gods making things happen just at a whim. Knowing too much about them doesn't seem to affect my mutations or sanity, perhaps they follow a different law. Same with looking directly at them. 

I have stolen a boat! i never managed to experience riding in the sea before as there were always beast such as the kraken and the black emperor or the tyrant, damn those gods. I'll steal back my sequence and overthrow them one day i swear!

1 month, 1 week ago: Green wrote a Downtime Journal for Passing the Hours

The search and the discovery

I have just returned from the contract as they say. People of another realm, of another land, that speaks another language. It seems doing these contracts will grant me power and improve my skills. I must do more but for now, I must continue to search for my sister. I start to look into all the slave market and break into black markets. I steal documents to try to track down who may have bought my sister but i still have no clue as of currently. I have noticed after returning though, my smell has gotten a bit stronger. I can organize out different scents. I shall train this new improvement then! I first stole different bombs and traps of different component and try to train my nose to detect them. As a by product though, i can smell other smells stronger as well now. This resembles a reagent quite a bit, first stage reagent, it seems like i will become a beyonder through these contracts without the need of reagents but i shall still use them as a catalysis as it seems like without one, it just enhances my sense currently. It seems like i can continue my search for my sister at a much more effecient pace like this. Perhaps If i keep doing these contracts, ill find her one day. Maybe even bring her back if shes dead... COME MYSTERIOUS PEOPLE COME, I INVITE THEE TO GIVE ME THESE CONTRACTS even if they are the deal with the devils.

1 month, 1 week ago: Eugene “Doc” Roe wrote a Game Journal for Scenario for Demon Cabinet of Mr Lung

The Demon Cabinet of Mr Lung part 1

From El Paso, I finally made my way back home to Bayou Chene, Louisiana. Well, the area formerly known as Bayou Chene. It turns out, in my absence, that the town went under. We never had much of industry or commerce, but it's still odd to think of an entire town you knew just gone. Most of the little towns near the bayou still exist and are apparently where everybody moved off to. My mamaw and papaw died there in their house by the big cypress tree. You can't see the house or the tree anymore since the entire area is now under 12 feet of river silt. My parents and siblings moved away when the school and post office closed down in '52 off to St Martin, where I'm living now. I got a job working at the feed store, and the owner set me up a little cot in the back for me to sleep in. The money's good (I think) and nobody asks me much about where I came from or anything. They can tell from my accent and my name, that I'm a local boy. But nobody brings up that nobody seems to know me.


So it's been a good month. First time since Bastogne that I haven't spent all my time off in the hospital. I could get used to this. The feed store owner says I should train to be an EMT, or go to nursing school, since fellas do that these days. It ain't a job for women anymore. I know from my time in hospitals that I've seen plenty of women doctors. Most of them seemed to be from India or Pakistan, but they knew their stuff. There were a bunch over in France, but I always assumed it was because all their fellas were off fighting the nazis like we were.


And one day, just like all the others, a man found me while I was on my cot in the feed store and offered me a job. This time in New Orleans, so not too far away. We had to get our fortunes told by a chinaman named Mr Lung. I agreed.



1 month, 1 week ago: Eugene “Doc” Roe wrote a Game Journal for The High Cost of Living

The High Cost of Living part 1

Of all the wounds I'd incurred since Bastogne, this one was the most debilitating. Even after spending an entire month in the hospital, I was still pretty injured and was now in physical therapy. My right shoulder doesn't have the same range of motion it once had and pains me occasionally. I got shipped to Las Vegas from the small town health clinic I was dropped off at after getting shot. Once again, I kept my mouth shut about where and when I was from, not wanting to end up back in a mental hospital. Instead I was treated as homeless and the bare minimum was done to keep me alive and in good health. If it wasn't for the compassion of a nurse in Las Vegas, I wouldn't have even gotten into physical therapy and would have been kicked out immediately after they knew I wasn't going to die of sepsis. So bless that woman.


Shortly after arm stretches, I got back to my room and barely had enough time to sit down when a familiar sensation of being between worlds occured. I expected to see Flagg, but instead saw a different man but one who seemed more like Flagg than many of the others had. Again, I was offered a job, this time in El Paso, Texas. I was also offered pain medication that would alleviate the throbbing in my shoulder (I still was not 100%, more like 60) for the duration of the contract. I took the job, and I took the medication. El Paso was not far from my home in Bayou Chene. This was the closest I had come to being home since I left for basic training.



1 month, 1 week ago: Alexander Felidae wrote a Downtime Journal for The Black Rites of Luveh-Keraph

Home Again

By the time Alex returned to the hotel in Cairo, John was gone. After a brief conversation with Doc, Alex decided to try and head back home, though with no money left it would undoubtedly be a struggle. Fortunately, whatever force or entity had called Alex and the others to Morocco seemed to be feeling forgiving, as Alex somehow just stumbled his way through the streets and found himself a couple dozen miles from his cabin. After the experience, Alex could feel his connection to the Beast had grown stronger than before, himself and the set of feral instincts comprising the Beast having become more closely attuned since he chose his nature over his nurture. Under normal circumstances, the walk would have been somewhat daunting, trekking for a good few hours through only moderately familiar forested terrain, but Alex simply sank into the Beast, letting I become We become I, and rapidly tore across the ground, his claws anchoring him and allowing him to use the full might of his feline limbs to hurl himself along the forest floor. As he approached his cabin, only half an hour since his arrival back in America, Alex finally began to lose cohesion, the parts making him Alexander Felidae and the parts making him the Beast once more separating into two distinct entities, but Alex could tell, his bond with his true nature was stronger than ever before, an additional golden thread wrapping around the thicker spiritual one tieing him to the Beast and reinforcing the connection ever so slightly.

1 month, 1 week ago: Eugene “Doc” Roe wrote a Game Journal for Passing the Hours

Passing the Hours part 1

I have documented my experiences being pulled out of Bastogne by the monster who calls himself Flagg. I now sit here in a hospital and attempt to recall the last few days of being in the year 2021, almost 80 years since my encounter with Flagg.


My first recollections were of bouncing up and down in the seat of a moving transport. My prewaking thoughts placing me in the back of an Army transport with the rest of Easy Company. I expected to smell cigarettes. To hear subdued conversation with spots of banter mixed in. Instead I heard children laughing and the voice of a scolding mother. The oddity of it woke me at once. I was staring at the back of a bus seat, the seat next to me empty except for my medical bag. I was in the middle of the bus and looking around quickly, noticed the bus was a little less than half full. I saw the mother with her two small children. I saw the elderly black couple and the young mexican man. Everyone was dressed in bizarre, informal, almost obscene clothing. The men wore no hats. The women wore no dresses or skirts. The colors were flashy and attention grabbing, many of them with words written on them. Like 'Juicy' across the back of a woman's pants. I looked down expecting to be dressed in similar clothes, but found myself wearing what I had been wearing the day I arrived at boot. A button down shirt and slacks. Sitting in my lap was an unsealed envelope with "Doc" written on it. Inside was a scrap piece of paper with the words "get off at the next stop" and the names and descriptions of the three individuals I would be meeting when I got off. A man covered in tattoos, a teenage boy and a little girl. It seems a bizarre combination of people and I'll admit to my brain automatically assuming the two children belonged to the tattoo'd man. Maybe I was meant to help them, like the creature called Flagg said I would do.


The bus slowed down and the lights in the cabin came on. The doors opened and the driver looked back at me, his eyes never blinking. I folded the piece of paper and envelope into my pocket, grabbed my medical bag, slung it around my shoulder and got off.


1 month, 1 week ago: Eugene “Doc” Roe wrote a Downtime Journal for The Black Rites of Luveh-Keraph

The Black Rites of Luveh-Keraph part 2

Since being pulled from the world I knew, these contracts have arrived fairly regularly. Monthly, sometimes bi-monthly.


I've been picking up the pieces of my life in the meantime. None of my family remain, at least none that I knew. Working at the feed store and making conversation, I've come to meet a couple of people who are relatives of mine. one a grandniece, the other a second cousin. but my parents, my brothers, sisters and cousins are all dead. Their children, whom I never met, are elderly. Their children's grandchildren are my age. I asked about relatives they had who fought in what's now called World War 2, and they told me they had a relative who died in Belgium, but his body was never recovered. He was mourned for dead and their lives continued as the lives of the living do.


I still use the surname Roe, and if any of these decendents knew who I used to be, they would wonder why this man at the feed store shares the exact same name as the relative they lost in Belgium and why he looks exactly like the enlistment photo in an old family album. I suppose if any of my siblings were still alive, they might make the connection. but I never met their children, and anyone younger than that simply wouldn't even remember hearing of a family member named Eugene Gilbert who went missing in World War 2.


I debate staying here in this place I have a distant connection to from a past life. Bayou Chene isn't even a town anymore, it's just a body of water with the same name. The people here are similar, yet different. Much like the man I see in the mirror.

1 month, 4 weeks ago: Alexander Felidae wrote a Downtime Journal for Head Count

Near Undeath Experience

Alexander Felidae had been through a lot since first joining the games. From fighting zombies in a submarine, to trying to recover a book from an invulnerable murder scorpion, to fighting outlaws in the 1800's. This was the first time he'd failed to complete his objective though. Honestly, it didn't really bother him too much, life in the military, short as it was, had taught him to, if not expect, at least be prepared for failure. This brought him back yo another topic, one he'd been hoping to put off a little while longer: what was he going to do about his job? His leave ended in a couple of months, and he wasn't sure what the armys policy was on their soldiers turning into super-powered catmen when they were off-duty. He sighed, no helping it now, what was done was done. He then started to wonder, why exactly had he agreed to this line of work? What did the Beast living just beneath his skin really want? Alex looked around his home, the old cabin in the woods his grandpa left him, until finally, he locked eyes with a stray cat wandering just outside his window. It averted it's eyes, bowed it's head, and quickly scurried away. The feeling from that first time, that first meeting with a harbinger, returned. He could always just leave the army. Hunting payed well enough, especially with his senses, and it would take away from his prep-time for the next game. Yes, all for the next game, and then the next, and eventually... Alex purred subconciously. Eventually, his prize would come. He just had to keep winning.

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The Dark Mirror resembles our own world on the surface, except for one key difference: Radio Waves of any kind fail to penetrate the stratosphere. This small yet crucial difference means a world without radio, without radar, without cellular phones. It is a world where people fear to take flights, as many disappear never to be seen again. Xenophobia rules as nations lack clear means of communication.

It is a Horror setting, where the Supernatural is certainly known by some, but the lack of communication implicit in the setting makes putting a finger on what that means difficult at best. It certainly has it's own Artifacts, that function separately from powers if you are brave enough to wield them.

House Rules

Contractors from Dark Mirror Are portable, and may play in Games in other Worlds.

Approval: All Restricted Assets MUST be approved by me before a Character is permitted to play. A Contractor that is deemed unsuitable to the setting will not be allowed to participate. As always, I reserve the right to disallow or even ban Characters or Players without warning or reason given

Characters: Contractors will flatly be denied residence in this (or Netherworld) settings if they cannot explain how & why they have Powers. "Gifts lol" is NOT good enough. A character should have some narrative about what made them interesting to the Harbingers in the first place.

Dread: Dread is my own House Rule that applies in my games alone. Essentially, if I deem a Player speaking out of turn or otherwise being disruptive, they will get ONE (1) warning. After that they will take Cumulative levels of Mind Damage for each occurrence, as the inescapable grasp of death closes around their throats, leaving them blithering idiots.

No Spectators: You will not be permitted to play in Netherworld games if you have played in 7+ games but not yet run one (any World, Side Games count if verified). This number "resets" to 0 every time you run a game. An exception will be made in the event a given PC has filled out ALL of their Game Journals & Downtime reports.

Haunts: A Haunt is similar to a Trauma or Battle Scar, in that is is a self-contained Supernatural effect that you can be "contaminated" with when visiting Haunted places. The severity of a Haunt varies, from merely annoying to potentially lethal. Haunts apply fully in all Netherworld Compatible settings



Full Setting Description

This is a Horror setting. Players entering this setting should be prepared for harsh realities with no concern given to how there Contractors feel about it. If you have a concern regarding potential disturbing content, contact me before game & ask.

This setting is Netherworld Compatible


The Dark Mirror resembles our own world on the surface, except for one key difference: Radio Waves of any kind fail to penetrate the stratosphere. This small yet crucial difference means a world without radio, without radar, without cellular phones. It is a world where people fear to take flights, as many disappear never to be seen again. Xenophobia rules as nations lack clear means of communication.

It is a place where light struggles against encroaching darkness, pollution & acid rain choke what light does make itself known. The rich & powerful rule from mighty gothic edifices towering over trash strewn, graffiti covered alleys. The wilderness is a savage place, with generations cut off from contact, grown strange in isolation. The crumbling highways are hedged in by looming impenetrable forests. These are places of savage desperation & ancient secrets.

Culturally the world resembles a modern era that never was. Media comes from massive corporate & state conglomerates, brought by cable terminals. Underground journalists & conspiracy theorists fight to reveal secrets to an uncaring populace. Power is frequently lost, plunging whole regions in darkness for days on end. Revolution is frequent, & crushed with extreme brutality. Technology is both a bit archaic & extremely advanced. Isolated enclaves hold the secrets of advanced technology closely & guard such jealously. The average person dresses warmly. Hats are common, as well as sturdy umbrellas for Acid Rain. The working class has a tired, 1940's look about them, with grey or dull brown coats to match their drudging lives. The rebellious underground is much more colorful, akin to the Punk scene of the early 80"s...wild hair, piercings, tattoos...a culture built from & idealizing the trash in which it dwells. Life is short for both working class & punk dregs, with only the wealthy & powerful enjoying long lives.

Magic, as it is known, is both everywhere & nowhere. People fear the Evil Eye, the Mortal Curse or the Haunted House. Everyone knows someone who knows someone who has seen these things. You will not find bands of Werewolves, or clans of Vampires. You will find multiple evil souls who could be *called* Vampires or Werewolves, due to obscene powers they have invoked & terrible sacrifices they have paid...but each would be unique, with little to nothing in common. Some rare places even teach the "Dark Arts." Creatures of pure spirit swim through the stratosphere, invisible to us, feeding off our joys & sorrows, & then our souls upon death. In doing so, they come to know us, & mimic our worst fears & hearts desires...they have many names, but most in the know call them The Nephilim.

Beware, not all is as it seems. Those who would disrupt the tenuous status quo would be wise to vanish quickly: the Police of the world are hardened brutes, more Tactical Squad than Peacekeeper. The Contracts exist here, largely out of sight. The last Harbinger from this place fell in a pitched battle with the cabal of Veteran Chosen he created: That was over a 100 years ago...only now, in the new millenium, has the Path to Ascenscion opened once again.

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