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3 months, 4 weeks ago: Amarjeet Inderpal wrote a Downtime Journal for Smart Cruise

Seeking Sikhism

See that? I made a funny.

God...what does religion even mean to me?

 I am an Initiated Sikh, but come on now: I was raised a Sikh. Is it really a choice when it's all you know?

Is God within me & within the world? Yes, I suppose so...but I don't have the faith of my parents. Or their courage.

I don't wear a turban because let's be honest: It typecasts you.

"Oh, you're a Sikh! Where is that funny little knife you have to wear?"

Not exactly helpful on job interviews in a modern world. Even in India few people forget it was Sikh Bodyguards who assassinated a Prime Minister (Ugh...I hate that word!) ages ago. You would think the sacrifices our people made for Queen & Country would at least matter a little.

They do not though. Not even a little. Average Bloke on the street sees you as a "Daft Asian" at best, possibly a good time for a few quid if his Mates ain't looking.

Fuck. That.

However, even saying so just shows what a bad Sikh I am, eh? Amarjeet Kaur Inderpal - Failed CPS, Failed Sikh...what's next? A failed marriage? Failed mother?

Plenty of room for failure yet: I'm not even 30 years old...lovely.

If God is listening, listen here: I do not wish to Fail again. Not ever. I will do anything to avoid that shame again. Show me the Way, & I will follow no matter the pain, no matter how long or how hard it is.

God Save me from the shame of failure.


4 months, 4 weeks ago: Morgion the Mottled wrote a Downtime Journal for Mall Rats

Entry #2

(written in french)

April 25th, 2021


I quickly injected the awakened with a sedative more potent than the one it was previously given and called my brothers. From there, we went to The Secret Place and invoked the Plaguefather. He filled our minds with glorious mechinations for the future and we set about at once to fullfil His will. The awakened was passed on to the brother in charge of the laboritories, where it will reside in an induced coma until the time comes for it to be released again. In the meantime, I have much research to do, and much power to attain. My God trusts me to be the lynchpin in his plan, and I must gain in power to be of proper service. The other brothers are tasked with similar missions, all of us to gain in power and knowledge to make sure His will is fruitful.


Morgion the Mottled

Disciple of the Plague God, High Priest of Tambazi Ufu, Wearer of the Mask, Patient Zero, Deliverer of Smallpox to the Eastern Territories, Victor of Texarcana Mall

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I am laying down the rule that once your character is asigned to my Cell, they are Grounded to my cell alone unless you discuss it with me, and invest either Gameplay or Gifts in order to travel to other dimensions. Keep this in mind while you make your character!!!!!

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