Age of Expansion

A World where Space Travel is prevelent.

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In 2100 ACE space travel is common place for military and civilian use. With the new frontier, world governments have joined into The Confederacy, in an attempt to rapidly expand the reach of Earth's power into the Galaxy. Discontented with The Confederacy's policies and diplomatic ways, a paramilitary organization, known as The New Roman Empire, left Earth and settled Jupiter as their capital, expanding from there.

Age of Expansion was created by Badyer21 5 months ago

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The time period is 2100 where space travel is prevalent both for military and commercial purposes. A government called *The Confederacy* has total control over Earth and her moon along with Mars. At the rise of *The Confederacy* a group now only know as *The New Roman Empire* took a space station and a fleet of ships and left Confederacy controlled space, establishing their own government as a direct rival of *The Confederacy*.

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