The Secret War

A World almost indistingushable from our own. It is a place of deep intrigue, where all may not be as it seems.

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The Secret War was created by Strazhari 4 months, 3 weeks ago

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This is the earth you always wanted. Sports on every channel, crime in the inner city, lying politicians & ruthless corporations. It is a world of deep conspiracies. It is a world where the truth may be out there, but quite a lot of people don't want you to see it. For players choosing this as their home, it is in every way normal, & for the most part: so are you. There are no Aliens, Vampires, or other Monsters native to this cell. It's a good place to home your Everyday Hero, or Redeemed Assassin. However, it is Netherworld compatible, so there may be more to it than there seems to be, & your Monsters, Werewolves, & Distimed Cyborgs are certainly welcome to travel there.

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