Legendary Artifact

Disciple's Trinket

Created by Tommy Lenston, looted by UA-417.
A Old Pendent, made from the outreaches of where gods lie, a blessing from a certain parasitic god

The darkness hides a cruel god, willing to give a limb out to those who cherish him. A Black void grows on his back to allow a black tentacle to come out and strike terror and form itself into a elongated huge blade and reach how far it would like too, helping the blessed who are willing to bow down. The Trinket itself, being given to him in a dream after contract after having a conversation with his god and being gifted to him for being faithful and doing what he wishes, only to wake up adorning it and it being the middle of the night with an extra limb.

You gain the following benefits as long as as long as Will only come out in a dim light or complete darkness, if a bright light is on him he must destroy it to use extra appendage and you are wearing this Artifact.

You gain an additional limb that functions as a standard human arm and hand.

Each additional limb you posses can take one Quick Action per Round without incurring a -2 dice penalty to your main Action. Any Battle Scars that affect or remove your additional limb will heal in a single week.

Your extra appendage can be used to attack in exactly the same manner as a Great Sword.

Your appendage is capable of bending and squishing in normally-impossible ways. It may fit through any gap that is not water-tight and retain its functionality.

Your extra appendage can stretch to reach an additional 30 feet.