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A world where videos of the supernatural go viral every day.

374 members | 1064 Contractors | 724 completed Contracts

Last activity: 1 day ago

The most active "Illuminated Earth" World. Come play and leave your mark on the setting!


A world inside a digital realm of video games.

23 members | 24 Contractors | 6 completed Contracts

Last activity: 1 week ago

As the owner of a new UR-VRH (Ultra Realism Virtual Realty Headset) headset, you have a gateway to a new and wondrous universe! Immerse yourself in deep forests filled with dangerous monsters, avoid fearsome traps placed within dungeons that need to be explored, and test yourself against all manner of player-created content as well. Inside the box, you have the following: A headset, a full tracking body suit, manual controllers, adjustable sensation sensors, and a mental jack-in port.

Set up your avatar, put in those stats, select your first powers for your class, and join the world of Neo-GENIS today!

Among the Darkness
A world ravaged by horrific nightmares that threaten the survival of humanity.

3 members | 2 Contractors | 0 completed Contracts

Last activity: 10 months, 3 weeks ago

A Survival Horror setting that encourages the Contractors to rebuild the world that was ravaged by a Solar Flare, while simply trying to survive the things that have now awakened to torment and devour humanity.


Project *******
A world where reality flows, bends, and breaks, and the whole world stands at a delicate balance.

68 members | 172 Contractors | 163 completed Contracts

Last activity: 1 year, 2 months ago

The world is full of anamolies and secret organizations. Join one of the many groups or create your own. Currently in the "open cannon" However actions will affect the world as a whole moving it in one way or another. Be an contained or uncontained anomaly. Work with or against the Foundation juat better have some friends.


The Netherworld
A world between worlds. The last resting place of countless stillborn worlds that could have been.

29 members | 37 Contractors | 11 completed Contracts

Last activity: 1 year, 4 months ago

The Netherworld! Connecting a dozen or more parallel worlds, the Netherworld contains the rubbish of all the Worlds that might have been. If you have an idea that doesn't fit anywhere else, this is probably the place!

The Arcanum
A world where magic and mythic creatures never left the world.

2 members | 0 Contractors | 0 completed Contracts

Last activity: 1 year, 5 months ago


The Contract Play-by-Post
A world where videos of the supernatural go viral every day.

43 members | 42 Contractors | 16 completed Contracts

Last activity: 1 year, 5 months ago

Heyo! Come join us over The Contract Gaming, an unofficial play-by-post and text-play server, beautifully crafted for meeting and playing with other Contractors in the text-play format. We are a general play server not dedicated to any specific world so absolutely anyone can join.


Realm of mysteries
A world the mystical lurks around every corner in plain sight but hidden.

16 members | 22 Contractors | 20 completed Contracts

Last activity: 1 year, 6 months ago

Steampunk with super natural, hidden away from public eyes, 8 deity's that control aspect of the universe itself.
22 pathways with a specific progression. Incorporated into the storyline.
Treading the line of madness itself. What do you seek among the mystic and the powerful?


Reigns of Chaos
A world about to erupt in chaos.

16 members | 18 Contractors | 8 completed Contracts

Last activity: 1 year, 7 months ago

Embrace the chaos! This is a heavily houseruled world. Make sure to read the house rules before joining.


A world that was like our own 50 years ago, but much has changed.

31 members | 42 Contractors | 12 completed Contracts

Last activity: 1 year, 11 months ago

Three months ago, the world was normal.
A lot like our own, actually. The populace had no exposure to the genuine supernatural, tended to react with fear and panic.

Three months ago, the first contractors found it.
Fringe groups and conspiracy groups have exploded in popularity online. 4chan groups pop up overnight, devoted to uncovering and decoding weird occurances that hit the news, though most (like the talking dog) are discredited. Some sightings, like the woman who disappeared from a guarded cell on camera, are harder to disprove. Others, like the naked man with a mouth in his chest going viral on tiktok, are more credible but dismissed as hoaxes and publicity stunts- for now.

(If the link expires, bug Redchigh on the main discord)

Illuminated San Francisco
A world where entrepreneurs would kill for the next big thing, and those who fall off the wagon are crushed beneath the wheels.

14 members | 7 Contractors | 2 completed Contracts

Last activity: 1 year, 11 months ago

An Illuminated Region where the action centers on San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area.


The Mythos
A world where gods are real and legends are true.

15 members | 21 Contractors | 17 completed Contracts

Last activity: 2 years, 1 month ago

Ever wanted all those bedtime stories your Mom and Dad told you about the scary skinwalkers, vicious vikings, and magic mermaids to be true?
Welcome to The Mythos, where every legend is true, to an extent! All sorts of fictional beasties live here, leprechauns, mummies, dragons, kindhearted politicians! (Okay, maybe that last one isn't true)
Every culture's gods are on the chopping block, all the legends make for great Contracts!
-Go hunt Grendel with Beowulf!
-Recover Mjolnir for Thor!
-Cleanse some ghosts from a prison!
-And so much more!

The Desolation
A world where harbingers and contractors failed and the illuminated got out of control.

3 members | 3 Contractors | 0 completed Contracts

Last activity: 2 years, 2 months ago

The Illuminated Earth but 100 years in the future after everything gets out of control. Experience a similar world to the illumination but expect the fantastical, prepare for the weird and the horror of it. A twisted version of the illumination, a setting designed for those who love exploration and want a darker setting that tips towards the grim and strange side.

Super Cluster e-3-r44
A world the worst criminals of the universe are dropped in a super prison.

2 members | 0 Contractors | 0 completed Contracts

Last activity: 2 years, 3 months ago


Age of Expansion
A world where Space Travel is prevelent.

7 members | 7 Contractors | 6 completed Contracts

Last activity: 2 years, 4 months ago

In 2100 ACE space travel is common place for military and civilian use. With the new frontier, world governments have joined into The Confederacy, in an attempt to rapidly expand the reach of Earth's power into the Galaxy. Discontented with The Confederacy's policies and diplomatic ways, a paramilitary organization, known as The New Roman Empire, left Earth and settled Jupiter as their capital, expanding from there.


Sunken Dreams
A world with recent occurrences of the supernatural.

7 members | 9 Contractors | 7 completed Contracts

Last activity: 2 years, 5 months ago

Happy Sunshine Land
A world <insert tag line soon>.

3 members | 1 Contractor | 0 completed Contracts

Last activity: 3 years ago

A good world