Among the Darkness

A world ravaged by horrific nightmares that threaten the survival of humanity.

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A Survival Horror setting that encourages the Contractors to rebuild the world that was ravaged by a Solar Flare, while simply trying to survive the things that have now awakened to torment and devour humanity.

Among the Darkness was created by nomadofendings 11 months, 3 weeks ago

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Sierra Clark the artist reality shaper
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All it took was a natural phenomenon... One simple, but large, solar flare, to remind all of humanity that civilization was merely an illusion we created to comfort ourselves. When the power grids collapsed, it was an exciting and fun time at first. Living without lights or smartphones, people speaking to one another and bonding as they had no internet or television to keep them distracted. Neighbors meeting one another for the first time and sitting around candlelight or campfires, while they waited for the governments to repair the damage done to the power grids... But hours turned into days, then weeks, then the reality slowly began to creep in. When medicines were no longer being delivered, money could no longer be accepted to buy food or goods, and 911 was a distant dream, it only served to remind you of the nightmare you've now found yourself in.

It's been months since the world fell into a new dark age, where satellite and internet communications are no longer available. Where roaming gangs of survivors do what they can to survive, no matter the cost. When humanity began to rip itself apart, many would imagine that this had to be rock bottom for humanity... But the Darkness was there to remind them of what slept within the shadows... Slowly stirring to see what horrors could be spread on the remaining few that live Among the Darkness.

House Rules

Contractors from Among the Darkness Are portable, and may play in Contracts in other Playgroups.
Among the Darkness grants 6 Experience points to GMs who achieve the Golden Ratio.
  • Finance Assets and Liabilities are not allowed to be taken/used within this setting as bartering will be the main form of commerce.

Full Setting Description

"When you wander away from the campfire at night, it's there with you... When you turn off the lights before going to sleep... When your driving home late at night in your car... It's always been there with you, and has existed before time itself... It will be there long after we're all gone, which may be sooner then we all thought. The Darkness knows you better then you could ever know yourself, and will always be there with you when you stray too far from the light... Watching... Waiting..."

-Harbinger of the Kanawha

Perhaps it was a rumor heard on the road, maybe seeing a truck carrying goods to trade with a nearby town, or the fact that you saw the emination of lights at night, but Contractors eventually find themselves in the city of Charleston, West Virginia. Charleston is one of the few settlements left that actually have electricity, due to a local group of Army Corps Engineers fixing their hydro electric dam. Many are allowed to stay within Charleston so long as they pull their weight and help out with tasks to keep the settlement secure and running. Every once in a while, mysterious hooded figures will arive to Charleston (some may have even seen a few of these strangers on the road as well) that offer Contracts to those that are willing to leave the safety of the settlement, and venture out to complete said tasks... Those that know the powers that come with this arrangement simply don't care or turn a blind eye. If those with supernatural Gifts are there to help, people are willing to take all the help they can get... Besides, it's not like the "things" that lurk in the woods are even remotely natural, or even of this world.

This is where your Contractor come into play.

Among the Darkness is, in it's purest form, a survival horror setting that deals with your Contractor simply trying to make it through the Contract in one piece. You wont start off knowing anything more then just the rumors of Harbingers and things that have slowly begun to awaken in the more remote regions of the territory, but you at least know enough to not simply dismiss the rumors as pure fiction. Your characters will deal with roving gangs of marauders, other settlements willing to negotiate and trade, and other horrors that are beyond comprehension. Charleston will also play a large roll in the Contractors life as it's the one source of comfort within a world that has torn itself apart, so helping it not only survive, but thrive, will be encouraged (and rewarded) if committing Downtime actions to that.