Each Contract is a gamble The winners change the world The rest are here

Population: 175


Allena the Goth Anarchist (10 Victories , 19 journals)

Died August 25, 2022
Cause of death: Sarkites

Perhaps it was a blessing that she died at the time she did. May the world not forget her name.

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Conner Metal the Naga (10 Victories )

Died June 12, 2022
Cause of death: A Swat Team

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Viper the Genetically Unstable Hero (11 Victories , 13 journals)

Died May 21, 2022
Died trying to protect the other contractors who aren't as capable to protect themselves

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Alexis Veir the dead kid (10 Victories )

Died October 12, 2021
Died trying to help people

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David Silvana the Decaying human suffering from Necrotizing fasciitis (7 Victories , 2 journals)

Died August 06, 2022
Cause of death: Explosion and all that



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Irwin Timbre the lost university student (4 Victories , 10 journals)

Died August 06, 2022
Cause of death: Shot while riding in a gasless golf cart while being chased by seven police cars and a police helicopter with a sniper after finishing the contract.

Shot while riding in a gasless golf cart while being chased by seven police cars and a police helicopter with a sniper after finishing the contract.

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Ulysses G. Stridulum the Brawling Gator Wrangler (4 Victories , 8 journals)

Died June 27, 2022
Died trying to To be powerful enough to be a frontiersman to help with the swamp, right now I am as weak as a snail

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Tommy Lenston the A Vet with a broken mind, Serving to do good and his God (4 Victories , 8 journals)

Died May 18, 2022
Died trying to Obey his god Yog-sothoth and whatever he asks | Bring good and peace to the world

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Alpha the Demon Master Swordsman (5 Victories , 4 journals)

Died April 04, 2022
Died trying to To avenge his family and ancestors and regain there former glory

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Elvis the Impersonator (9 Victories , 5 journals)

Died March 05, 2022
Cause of death: Piranhas

He died trying to save his own skin

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Fonzie T. Buck the Martial Arts Instructor/ Upcoming Actor (5 Victories , 10 journals)

Died February 20, 2022
Cause of death: Thrown by Amaranth

A ex-convict/ martial instructor. Fonzie Timothy Buck, was recently found at a interstate near reaching Miami. He was found badly wounded from multiple wounds but the killing blow from getting thrown and his lower body being simply skidded across the ground and his head seemingly fractured to which lead to a fatal but quick death.

Family and Friends will truly mourn a man who tried to right his wrongs from what they have told us.

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Arthur Annuler the Otherworldly Outsider (7 Victories , 14 journals)

Died February 06, 2022
Cause of death: Eaten by Dogs

Sometimes, bad decisions are made

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Constantine the surgeon for criminals (7 Victories , 14 journals)

Died January 15, 2022
Cause of death: point blank headshot

Dr. Skunk murdered Constantine due to Constantine's unfortunate condition of blood paraphilia.

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Raze Evernoth the imaginative yet reclusive memer (8 Victories , 1 journals)

Died December 18, 2021
Died trying to Leave his mark in the world and become memorable for all time - past, present, and future

Getting shot in the chest by MP5 while being Monke.

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Paul Matthews the 42 year old (7 Victories )

Died November 06, 2021
Died trying to Hunt Monsters

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Leonardo the Lost Traveler (5 Victories , 5 journals)

Died October 16, 2021
Cause of death: gun shots

leonardo was hunter who died at the age of 21 after trying to escape a group of guards. he lived in the hunter's world and then illumination he spent his childhood with his family slaying beast and grew up to become a strong and feared hunter sadly he died before fulfilling his promise to his mother or did he?

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Oxob the Electric boxer (5 Victories , 3 journals)

Died October 15, 2021
Died trying to get away from the Nemesis clan, and become a better boxer

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Ardis "Longshot" Hemmingway the Cyborg Sniper (5 Victories , 9 journals)

Died September 26, 2021
Died trying to become the president and take down the people who gave him that eye

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Elliot Broussard the rebellious goody-two-shoes! (6 Victories )

Died September 11, 2021
Died trying to sate his curiosity about the world and the experiences it has to offer

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Victor Green the Withdrawn Demonologist (5 Victories , 17 journals)

Died July 16, 2021
Cause of death: Drained by Vine Spears

Sought to conquer hell, probably there now. May his manor be put to good use, and his Grimoire be given to worthy hands.

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John Wulf the Werewolf (5 Victories )

Died July 13, 2021
Died trying to Protect his pack

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Sahir Haj the Photographic War corresponder (6 Victories , 2 journals)

Died July 06, 2021
Died trying to Bring light to conflicts in the world and get better at his Job to do so

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Pétur Kristinnsson the friendly Icelandic Selkie (5 Victories )

Died June 26, 2021
Died trying to unlock his true potential

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The Man the Masked Wrestler (4 Victories )

Died June 21, 2021
Died trying to Pay the bills for the orphange he grew up in

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Sir Blackwood the Intrepid Adventurer (8 Victories )

Died June 01, 2021
Cause of death: Head caved in by Thor's hammer

Sir Peter Thomas Blackwood died in Asgard, and will be honored by the gods with a place in Valhalla. While stealing the legendary hammer Mjolnir with his old friend Edward Grimm, the Hammer punched through the wing of Aetherwing the Dragon and killed Sir Blackwood, the greatest explorer of this generation.

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Scorpio the Celestial marksman (4 Victories )

Died March 27, 2021
Cause of death: Killed by someone handsome aka self homicide

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Lucy Kate the skater punk werewolf girl (4 Victories )

Died August 25, 2020
Cause of death: Stabbed by an animated ventriloquist dummy

The wolf creature's blood-matted fur fell away, leaving a severely wounded young woman. She turned to the ginger boy, her same age, and breathed her final words.

"Elliot. If you see Reed. . . Tell her she's going to do great things."

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Reed Thornwood the underaged Navajo Nation park ranger (5 Victories )

Died July 22, 2020
Cause of death: Died on an alien planet far from home and family. More specifically, crushed by some sort of bug transport.

Died younger than most, lived more than most.

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Luci Anwalt the power hungry perfectionist (1 Victory )

Died September 07, 2022
Died trying to Discover true immortality

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Mensa Gray the physically frail psychic (2 Victories , 4 journals)

Died September 07, 2022
Cause of death: Granny.

Their parents will never know.

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Charon the Ghost

Died August 24, 2022
Died trying to Play one final game

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Albert McDonald the lunatic FinBloc ex-engineer (1 Victory )

Died August 17, 2022
Cause of death: Crusade against the infidel

His insanity, as he stood his ground while being aimed at by 24 officers, deciding to combat the infidel before death, taking down 4 of them and injuring 18.

While he died proudly, this sentiment would disappear in the first minutes on his afterlife.

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Sebastian the Hunter

Died July 29, 2022
Died trying to explore the world, learn the mysteries of nature and hunt

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Shikō Ningen the Inventor/Father of Sentient AI

Died July 18, 2022
Died trying to Innovate AI, and make sure it isn't like Makoto

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Aiden Foster the boy from another world

Died July 01, 2022
Died trying to understand his dreams and return to what he believes is home

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Niklas Söderholm the trained field medic (1 Victory , 1 journals)

Died July 01, 2022
Cause of death: shot dead in siberia trying to kill the unkillable

shot about 3 times complained and was evicerated by ghost

View Sheet - Read Niklas Söderholm's Journal (1 pages)

Django the Labrat Scrap Genius Raccoon

Died June 30, 2022
Died trying to To effectively begin a Raccoon take over or at least end animal experimentation

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Leonel the Mercenary samurai

Died June 30, 2022
Cause of death: Being dumb

Imagine a murder hobbo, but it goes horribly bad.

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Oscar Walker the profesional marksman (1 Victory , 4 journals)

Died June 23, 2022
Cause of death: A lot of bullets

He died as he lieved, in combat.

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Kyle Hughes the Trophy Fisherman (2 Victories , 4 journals)

Died June 21, 2022
Cause of death: Mushroom Infection turned into zombie

His sin was being too timid in a fight, and far too ambitious. He wanted to show the world a valuable truth, and it cost him his life. A good man, gone to join the deeps of the departed with his fallen friend Rob.

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liam stevens the unlucky idiot

Died June 15, 2022
Died trying to invent great things and further his persuit of knowlege

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Isaac King the Former Mortician (1 Victory , 1 journals)

Died June 15, 2022
Cause of death: Russian Kidnappers

Yeah nah he fuckin DEAD

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Frigg Anderson the cryptozoologist (1 Victory )

Died June 11, 2022
Died trying to document anomalous creatures and use them to better humanity

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John Jones the Hard working employer (1 Victory )

Died May 30, 2022
Died trying to find potential employees for the government to ensure the safety of USA

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Ceird the Master alchemist (1 Victory , 2 journals)

Died May 22, 2022
Cause of death: Took one for the team

in a desperate attempt to stop the wolves from entering the cave, Ceird was standing there playing with chemicals and being ripped to shreds by 12 wolves as the mad war veteran Murdock shot his automatic as Ceird moved in front taking round after round letting his chemical containers get punctured as he went out in a blaze of glory

View Sheet - Read Ceird's Journal (2 pages)

Gareth Vendet the Aspiring "Treasure Hunter"

Died May 15, 2022
Died trying to Gareth wishes to amass a vast armada so that he may control the seas; and reap all it's bounties

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Charlotte Hill the forensic photographer

Died May 14, 2022
Died trying to find her missing sisters

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Sister Mary Catherine the Old School Nun (3 Victories )

Died May 12, 2022
Died trying to Bring the Word of the Lord to the people by any means neccasary

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Micheal D'onovitchison the famous actor

Died May 08, 2022
Died trying to become the most famous person in the world

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Vito Kazynski the Aspiring Hacker Technomancer

Died April 29, 2022
Died trying to Surpass Humanity through technology

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A.N Other the being that barely mirrors humanity (3 Victories , 7 journals)

Died April 13, 2022
Cause of death: Because their player is a dumb dumb failed a pop quiz

She wanted to die anyways, fuck farm houses.

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Charles Manson the Shadowy infector of technology (3 Victories )

Died April 07, 2022
Died trying to Dominate technology

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Frank the Disgraced Performer (1 Victory )

Died April 04, 2022
Died trying to Get those darn kids!

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Artemis Barclay the botched cultist of Hastor the Yellow King (2 Victories )

Died April 02, 2022
Died trying to redeem himself in the eyes of her fellow cultists and to open up the portal of the Far realm and release the Yellow King

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Junior T. Jones the Middle aged Christian Conservative Sheriff (3 Victories , 8 journals)

Died March 28, 2022
Cause of death: Nazi's, Lottsa Nazi's

Today a Young Sheriff has sadly fallen to pass as he was killed by a group of Nazi's in Goshin, Indiana where he was far away from home.
Suffering from Blunt Trauma to the head, and many other things he had managed to reach the hospital thanks to the police but sadly he was killed in his sleep.

Friends and family are saddened to hear the news, especially his father and many others back home and at the workstation.
A known Christian, he will be remembered.

View Sheet - Read Junior T. Jones's Journal (8 pages)

Maximilian Calcolo the Biotech Researcher (3 Victories , 2 journals)

Died February 26, 2022
Cause of death: Bugs. Too. Many. Bugs

"A Great mind was lost that day. So long Max."

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Odysseus "Ody" Ritzcouzuki the ex cultist turned detective

Died February 24, 2022
Cause of death: Bomb placed under his bomb


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Auryx the Disease-ridden entity (1 Victory )

Died February 22, 2022
Cause of death: allowing itself to be murdered by Danielle

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Elvira Sinclaire the die-hard religious exorcist (1 Victory , 1 journals)

Died February 13, 2022
Cause of death: Spider Swarms

She died as she lived, fighting her hardest in the name of her God- the silent white-haired exorcist nun. Little is known about her but she was a tough fighter and a good shot.

May she rest well in the afterlife.

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Kisa Oliveira the The herbal apothecary hippie.

Died February 10, 2022
Died trying to Communicate with plants and create new herbal medicines

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Muscle Max the WWE Superstar (1 Victory )

Died February 10, 2022
Died trying to become the penultimate human

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Colt Ingram the Adrenaline Junkie Salesman

Died February 10, 2022
Died trying to do something more in life, get out of the mundane loopful life that is boredom. Along with yes doing the occasional good thing

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Miles Teal the blind Gulf-War veteran (1 Victory )

Died February 05, 2022
Died trying to end the horrors of war

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Henry the clever little ball of mischief

Died January 30, 2022
Died trying to prove to his parents that he's more mature than they think he is

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Ilya Clayborn the trust fund baby to contractors

Died January 30, 2022
Cause of death: pumpkin head slicing

He died with some character development, trying to make sure some kids didn't die. Fucking pumpkins.

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Benson the failed science experiment working a full time job at a Mcdonalds

Died January 27, 2022
Died trying to destroy the corporate world that is america from the inside

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Aro the Homeless guy (3 Victories )

Died January 20, 2022
Cause of death: Eaten by Finger Biters

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Rigel Morris (Bandit) the racoon who can transform into a human

Died January 19, 2022
Cause of death: The violence inherant to man

Perhaps Bandit was not meant for the world of humans much less for the one of contractors.

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Franklin Stein the Eccentric Cyborg Scientist

Died January 19, 2022
Died trying to discover all the truths of the world

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Peter Briggs the detective (2 Victories )

Died January 15, 2022
Died trying to get the innocent people out of jail and criminals in jail

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Greg Smith the accountant

Died January 01, 2022
Died trying to manage investments and supervise projects

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Lawrence Wilson the criminal specializing in grand theft auto

Died January 01, 2022
Died trying to pay back the large debt his younger brother has amassed

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Adrian "Necrom" Clark the Necromancer Hacker

Died November 25, 2021
Died trying to be immortal

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Mark Smith “Dynamite Striker” the World Renowned WWE Fighter

Died November 18, 2021
Cause of death: An explosive

He is dead

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Inspector Gadget the Cybernetically upgraded Interpol Investigator (3 Victories )

Died November 09, 2021
Died trying to keep the world safe, and protect the order of law

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James Clement the Hiker investigating a heinous murder

Died October 24, 2021
Died trying to Nothing, he’s dead

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Dr. Philo Crane the mad scientst

Died October 24, 2021
Died trying to bring back Frankenstien!

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Cedric the cephalopod-like hitman (2 Victories )

Died October 24, 2021
Died trying to become alone in the world

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Tony Abbandonato the Ex-Mafia Hitman (1 Victory )

Died October 24, 2021
Died trying to Protect his love from the shadows of his former life

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Sowdiebop the kobold soda connoisseur (3 Victories )

Died October 11, 2021
Died trying to spread his products across the globe

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Victoria Swann the Aetherrealist Psychic (1 Victory )

Died October 04, 2021
Died trying to avenge her father, killed by Aetherrealist hunters

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Miles "Underworld" Upshire the White Collar Necromancer

Died September 27, 2021
Died trying to obtain true immortality and gain control of the entire world

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Nightgaunt the Psychotic killer

Died September 25, 2021
Cause of death: Vengeance positive feedback loop

The streets are safe once more

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Alexander "Justice" Maximillion the An Up and Coming Vigilante

Died September 11, 2021
Died trying to defend those who are weaker than him

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Mahila the prehistoric druid

Died September 09, 2021
Died trying to bring back prehistoric life to the modern day

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Sasha [NoLastNameGiven] the Abandoned Robotic Construct

Died September 09, 2021
Cause of death: Her skull was bashed in by the remnant of Mahila

Karma. Helluva word, eh?
Karma's what you get when you use people.
Karma's what happens when you leave people to die.
Karma's what happened when Sasha coldly walked past Mahila, crippled on the floor, most of her blood drained from her body, while she was pleading for her life.
Karma's what happened when Mahila's dead husk got a chance to kill Sasha.
Karma is what let Mahila's staff find home in Sasha's metal skull.

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Duke Hazard the Hard as Nails Biker Gang Boss

Died September 09, 2021
Died trying to kill the president and become the emperor of mankind

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William Kinkaide the Scottish Professor of Cryptozoology

Died September 01, 2021
Died trying to Reclaim Scotland from the English

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Raphael the Rich duelist

Died August 30, 2021
Died trying to make sure everyone he cares about lives

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Megu the red prinny (1 Victory )

Died August 27, 2021
Died trying to become human once more, and get sardines for life

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Mare the Kraken Priestess

Died August 26, 2021
Died trying to put the world into motion

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maddex the hero that wants to right his rongs and face his monsters (1 Victory , 1 journals)

Died August 26, 2021
Cause of death: ternd in to a raviger

they were in a chand up situation but its chill

View Sheet - Read maddex's Journal (1 pages)

Nephlhim the Idiot with a gun

Died August 26, 2021
Died trying to He thought it was a good idea at the time

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Noel the nature ninja of the swampz (1 Victory )

Died August 26, 2021
Cause of death: Blood Boom from Nameless Boy

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Helmnar the wanderering soldier the military veteran/amputee

Died August 25, 2021
Died trying to Become a more proficient fighter

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Wúshēng Dǎjí the Chinese hitman

Died August 20, 2021
Died trying to gain immortality

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Nesban shorts the Michelan star chef

Died August 19, 2021
Cause of death: Big ass crossbow to the everything

Died as he lived in the search for ingredients

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Killian Máni the bartender werewolf

Died August 10, 2021
Died trying to follow his ancestors ways

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Robert Dabolina the "Psychic" Charlatan (1 Victory , 1 journals)

Died August 10, 2021
Died trying to change the United States' educational system from the ground up

View Sheet - Read Robert Dabolina's Journal (1 pages)

Chuckles smileyface the Clown suit (3 Victories )

Died August 10, 2021
Died trying to Make the world laugh

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Ferin the Octopus man

Died August 09, 2021
Died trying to return to his watery homeworld

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Will Forbes the Awkward teen, particle manipulator

Died August 08, 2021
Died trying to Be worth it, mean something

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Angelo Lamenti the rebellious music prodigy

Died August 08, 2021
Cause of death: Decapitation by Russian brown bear.

His life was short and not that fantastic. Angelo was willing to risk himself in hopes of tasting victory, but was caught lacking. Apparently it takes more than a song in your heart to survive. A lesson for every unexperienced Contractor.

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David Jones the Nomad musician

Died August 07, 2021
Died trying to Find the perfect song, his magnum opus to change the world but to also bring creativity and joy to the world

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Roy Harris Osborne the Demon-Infected Business Magnate

Died August 07, 2021
Cause of death: Betrayal

Of course it was Patrick, what did I expect?

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Alan docs the Librarian mage

Died July 29, 2021
Died trying to To Read and learn about all book and Scroll that ever existed

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Sgt Jane Belteen the Psychic

Died July 21, 2021
Died trying to Squash those bugs!

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Jack Nguyen the Young programmer (2 Victories )

Died July 10, 2021
Cause of death: forgot to exert mind

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Evan stark the Master marksman (1 Victory )

Died July 05, 2021
Cause of death: Arrow from a crossbow

Sucks to suck

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Johnny Boy the Italian Mobster

Died June 03, 2021
Cause of death: Tossed off a city

A 20,000 foot fall can kill a man. Easy enough.

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Jekyll Midason the possessed swordsman (3 Victories )

Died May 25, 2021
Died trying to get rid of the god possessing him and be able to help while doing it

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sawyer cardwell the pitiful asian idol (1 Victory )

Died May 15, 2021
Cause of death: stupid fucking scarecrows with farm tools..

i had a fck ton of shit in store for this girl, and i'm sad to see my first character go so quickly.. )":

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Cylia Ambrose the Synthetic Humanoid (2 Victories , 1 journals)

Died May 10, 2021
Cause of death: Betrayal by everything she cared about

Here lies Cylia Ambrose

Placed in a situation where she had to accuse another, leading to their death if successful- to survive, she refused and accepted death.
What was there to fight for, if her friends were so quick to throw her away?

View Sheet - Read Cylia Ambrose's Journal (1 pages)

Drill Sergant Brown the Drill Sergeant

Died May 02, 2021
Died trying to Become the perfect leader

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Urick the zombie (1 Victory )

Died May 01, 2021
Died trying to Feeeeeeeeeed

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Lance Remington the Runaway Prince (3 Victories )

Died April 27, 2021
Died trying to Help people on his own terms

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Nightstalker the Silent night (1 Victory )

Died April 25, 2021
Died trying to To be one with the night

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Mitchel Gosben the Blood magic butcher (2 Victories )

Died April 25, 2021
Died trying to learn more and more about the ways of the occult and unlock more supernatural blood magic

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Barroth U. #39 the sentient butler AI

Died April 17, 2021
Cause of death: Unintentional Explosion from Someone Else's Trap

Barroth was a complete newbie to the Games. Teleported into some school in a pocket dimension and didn't know what to expect. He went into a vent and got his chest caved in, and nearly died. It was only until Aaron set off a trap concerning a book titled the Art of War did an explosion occur, and Barroth was the only casualty. May this robot rest in peace with his creator.

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Wilfred Jameson the elderly man with a big dog formerly a dental hygeinist (2 Victories )

Died April 11, 2021
Died trying to become a powerful sorcerer and harbinger of death

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Hank Lazarus the former athlete wallowing in depression (3 Victories )

Died April 03, 2021
Cause of death: a pit trap underneath a riddle he couldn't solve

Hank's life truly ended in 1994, when he killed those children in a drunk driving accident. Nothing he did past that could truly be called living. Nevertheless, his corporeal form persisted 27 more pathetic years, most of them blackout drunk, until he was finally given a shot at redemption by going on missions, accumulating great power, and protecting those who need protecting. He was no better at this than he was at not driving drunk and killing two kids, and is now well and truly dead for his efforts.

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Chip Walker the News Anchor

Died April 02, 2021
Died trying to become more famous!

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Fegelein Kleineman the politican

Died March 31, 2021
Died trying to become rich and famous

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Erik Emphereal the mass murderer (1 Victory )

Died March 29, 2021
Died trying to kill people

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Allen Nakamura the Ex-yakuza Handyman (2 Victories )

Died March 25, 2021
Died trying to Take down all organized crime

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Aria Carcan the Fragile Tank (1 Victory )

Died March 25, 2021
Cause of death: Murdered by the Scarecrows

Guarded to the last

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The Captain the Disgraced Soldier (2 Victories )

Died March 17, 2021
Cause of death: Throat Slit by Edward Grimm

In a final act of self-sacrifice, he died saving his friend and comrade, Edward Grimm. He will be remembered.

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??? the Legendary Soldier

Died March 14, 2021
Died trying to Kill everything that is demonic or evil in nature

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Sawyer (placeholder) the Lol

Died March 10, 2021
Died trying to To dir

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Floki Lobo place holder the a somewhat mad man of voodoo magic

Died March 10, 2021
Died trying to learn more about dark and voodoo magic and someday become one of the most powerful warlocks there is

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Sawyer the survivor (1 Victory )

Died March 10, 2021
Cause of death: His head being bit off by viperfly

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John J Johnson the easily forgettable middle manager of a box factory call center (1 Victory )

Died March 06, 2021
Cause of death: ground pounded by Slenderman

unmemorable in life. remembered in death.

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Micheal the Boxer

Died March 04, 2021
Died trying to become the greatest boxer

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Napalm the Explosive celebrity

Died March 01, 2021
Cause of death: A Explosion worthy of Napalm praise

"if i didn't die, i would of inadvertently blew up a entire city"

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Precious the escaped shapeshifting experiment

Died February 28, 2021
Cause of death: Pumped full of lead by MS-13 Gangsters

The best dog.
The worst contractor.

#RIP #PetsofTwitter #CuteDogs #DogsDoPeopleStuff #Dogsarepeopletoo

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Cyprene DeBellevue (placeholder) the (Dead) dramatic Cajun witch

Died February 28, 2021
Cause of death: MS-13

Cyprene *could* have been more interesting given the chance, but he landed himself in federal prison almost immediately into Contracting. He was so close to killing that governor... and when freed, went on a Contract with a chain smoker and a dog, flirted with a 90 year old (successfully), and then trusted that dog too much and stretched the patience of the wrong people a bit too thin. “A hole the size of an apple in Cyprene’s face...” Rest In Peace, you teal-eyebrowed dumbass.

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Cyprene DeBellevue the dramatic Cajun witch

Died February 28, 2021
Cause of death: Shot to death by MS13 members

His plants are rotting in his New Orleans apartment, and based on the flexibility of Cyprene’s morals, that’s probably the most tragic thing.

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Skipper the man who likes to drive

Died February 28, 2021
Died trying to rid the world of EVIL!

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Emily the Badass punk hired gun.

Died February 27, 2021
Cause of death: Blown up, stabbed and shot

Shot, stabbed, and blown up

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Yuri Borodin the woodcutter

Died February 27, 2021
Cause of death: Shot by an assassin in the Governers Mansion

Very sad

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Daniel headhunter the Assassin

Died February 14, 2021
Died trying to Inmortality

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Atha Jules the Inventor turned amnesiac robot (2 Victories )

Died February 07, 2021
Died trying to learn her past and figure out why she is a robot

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Said the Public Speaker

Died February 05, 2021
Died trying to Make a new Islamic Golden Age

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Isaa the Quiet Assassin (2 Victories )

Died February 02, 2021
Cause of death: Game Toxicity.

Isaa was a son of a shapeshifter and a human. Born in Bahla, Oman; the city of magic! As he grew up as a child, he used to see his father hitting his mother on daily bases... In a place no woman has any rights in. At 5 years old, Isaa’s mother has succumbed to her illness leaving Isaa with a necklace and in a place where he felt not welcomed with his abusive father. Isaa grew being bullied until he was 7 years old, as he had some problems with his speech because of his inability to control his tongue probably. At a destined day in 2005, the floating rock of Bahla finally fell, and the horns of hell were finally blown. People got on their knees and tried to reflect on their acts as they welcomed the judgement day, yet Isaa who already felt like he didn’t belong there, ran as fast as he wanted... Looking backward he saw the people of Bahla extend their hands toward him as if asking him to not leave them there, and right in front of his eyes... Isaa’s world vanished with just one spark of light that wiped the entire town from existence! As he looked upward he saw a winged creature, disgusting looking, homing in the sky. With just the sight of such creature, Isaa lost conscious just outside the town of Bahla.

Waking up just to find himself in a cell, Isaa was soon the center of attention of the whole country, yet his remarks about a winged creature and his inability to speak properly have made him a laughing stock to everyone and scarred him mentally to not speak. Using caves as shelters and stealing from people to survive, Isaa could only rely on theft to stay alive; training himself to be stealthy and sneak into people’s house as survival in a modernized Middle East was very hard for a 7 years old kid.

At 11 years old, Isaa has killed for the first time, as he was trying to steal food from a house yet seen the drunk father hitting their children which brought back unpleasant memories. Overcame by rage Isaa couldn’t think clearly as he grabbed the knife that was in the table and stabbed the man on the back cutting through his intestines yet Isaa thought that one stab wasn’t enough for such a scum and thus stabbed over and over again. The dead body fell to the ground, and the abused kid backed to the corner and started crying quietly as Isaa finally realized what he has done.

Scrolling through Muscat, Isaa grew up into a fine thief, and by 13 he was used by some rich people to steal important documents from each others. His small physique and his reluctance to speak even in the direst conditions made him one of the favorite thieves of the rich. It sustained him will, and allowed him to finally start making connections, until one day Isaa was betrayed when he was 14 years old. One of the richest people in the world in 2013 was the OPEC leader who loves to use the underaged Isaa as a thriving raccoon, but it has been many years since Isaa started working for him, and the small kid probably knew so many secrets and his existence became a threat to the OPEC leader, thus he was set up for a grand scheme of sending him in a mission then giving his whereabouts to the targets which will in turn kill him, but defying all odds, Isaa who is a 14 years old managed to come back with a scary scar left on his neck, and without any vocal cords. His mission was a success, one that relieved him from his fear of speaking since he became a mute, yet it also broke him as he was forced to kill a lot of people to achieve his mission. Unknowingly to Isaa, the fact that his mom’s necklace was the one that made him “regenerate” despite his neck was slashed by a knife have changed him forever, and he will probably find out in the future.

With Isaa becoming mute, the OPEC no longer felt threatened by him being interrogated and didn’t even want to spend the time hunting down the 14 years old who just murdered many people and completed his quest. They didn’t want the kid to know that the plan was devised by them, thus kept him on a leash as a hunting dog. A 14 years old Isaa started developing an obsession with daggers and knives, as they were the ones that were used to make him mute, and they were the ones that were used for his first kill, and they were the one that protected him from being killed, in Isaa’s mind it was the daggers and the knives that always have been sincere to him, when everyone else was cruel and mean.

A life of independence soon followed as Isaa reached 16 years old, and OPEC losing a lot of market shares to both America and Russia who started producing more oil and also the revolution in Libya that decreased the oil production Saudi agents used to produce from there. With two new powerful competitors entering the market, the demand of Isaa was higher, and like an item he was offering his service to the highest bidder. At the start he wasn’t very famous, yet his ability to assassinate people was much better than anticipated and he always got his hirers the results they wanted. Thus one day Isaa was hired by the American companies to steal a very important document related to a scandal of the leader of OPEC from a location. The mission was meant to go smoothly as the OPEC leader and his wife were supposed to be outside of the mansion, yet once Isaa bypassed the cameras and sneaked inside, he have seen a scene that he never saw before.... The brother of the OPEC leader, and the OPEC leader’s wife, yet what infuriated Isaa the most is the fact that there were so many underaged girls who have been tortured and used as toys. So without any warning, Isaa threw a dagger killing the wife who was riding her husband’s brother. The proceeded to torture the fat pig for hours to come. He freed the underaged slaves, yet he didn’t know at the time that he just signed their death sentence. As he completed his mission and returned, he downplayed the situation as this wasn’t the first time he did something without thinking as he raged.

On the other side, the OPEC leader have thought that Isaa have found out about their past plot to kill him, and have declared Isaa the enemy of the people. Hearing the news Isaa continued to work as an assassin, yet everyone he met was like a predator looking at Isaa like weak prey. As Isaa became 18 years old, he has already killed half of the well known assassins of the world, and he was very efficient with his daggers and knives. But as he reached 19 something in him snapped as he learned about the truth of the OPEC plot and how everyone has pretty much betrayed him except his daggers and knives. Thus he asked the Americans to make him an alias, in which he used to ask the Russians to give him an alias, in which he used to ask the Saudi to give him an alias, and this is how Master Assassin Isaa became Naoh.

Living in Switzerland with the money Naoh collected back when he was Isaa was very thrilling, yet there was two wishes that always came to Naoh’s mind, to destroy OPEC and to know more about the winged creature that he saw at the time.

This character was supposed to develop special body traits with every power suiting its shape shifter bloodline. I might have assigned the wrong limits because of my misunderstanding of the game, yet I was going to edit them. As Naoh awakens his first power, he excels at using his best friends the daggers and the knives, and for his second power, he runs very fast but the hands of those who once lived in Bahla chases him from the ground trying to grab him and dragging him down but to no avail.

The character was designed to show the beauty of how Isaa descend into the darkness as his body changes and become monstrous for every major traumatizing event he encounters, until one day the innocent kid Isaa that exists until now fades away, and it is just a sequence of unfortunate consequences that lead him to become a monster (NPC). I was thinking of a cool epilogue like killing harbingers or so once he gets very strong as he starts thinking that one of them is probably the winged creature or related to it. By instinct Isaa is aggressive against winged monstrous creatures as they remind him of his real hometown and his regrets.

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Victor Artell the parkour thief

Died February 01, 2021
Cause of death: Mauled and eaten by a liger

The big kitty was not looking for pets.

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Parzival the Videogame character come to life

Died January 30, 2021
Cause of death: spores

he was a loving husb- nvmd just FUCK SPORES!!

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Doc Benton the cross-species impulsive surgeon

Died January 23, 2021
Cause of death: Drained dry by a vampire, blessed by its esteemed master or some such.

A particularly fancy gravestone in a nice graveyard in Scotland, paid for by a fellow contractor, Belle, reads:
Dr. Benton
"Trusted Friend, Honored Surgeon, Paid the ultimate price to protect the innocent."
"I've Got A Plan!"

The truth:
Esteemed travelling doctor, mostly residing in southern mountains of California, USA
Lived 130 years, harvesting many organs from others to sustain his curse of a life.
Died his first game, with many of these... 'parts' on his person, and a long path of connected crimes, though he did leave the 'donors' alive when possible...
A book, that included the secrets of his formulae and many alchemical processes, the secret to the curse of unlife, respectlessly looted by the vampire hunters...
Funnily enough, Belle ensured he had the hero's treatment in the end.

Last Words, in the clutches of Anna (NOT Buffy) villian wanna be.
"I got a plan!"

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Julian Troyer the druid animal surgeon

Died July 16, 2020
Cause of death: Matt

You know he was a cat surgeon, right?

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Sergeant Major Miles McCutcheon the dead

Died September 16, 2017
Cause of death: dead


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Randall Wilkenson the Native American spirit channeler (3 Victories )

Died September 16, 2017
Cause of death: Succumbed to mysterious Russian disease

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