David Silvana's Journal

Green like rotting flesh
You cannot view this Journal entry because it contains spoilers for a Scenario you have not discovered.

First Steps of decay

"I've been sick for a long time. I know that, how many years has it been? how long have i left my family? how long have i abandon my friends because I can't stand for them to see me wither away? why am i still alive?"

David wanders into the forest. His flesh melting and barely hanging on, his body looking thin and weak. Yet, he grasp a tree and proceeds to crush it with one hand. "i no longer feel hungry, nor do i feel desire for the pleasure of flesh. I feel a innate rage and desire for violence instead. It is truly odd... I used to be quicker but now im much stronger. My muscle and flesh are practically gone..." David looks around with a sad look before he spots a rabbit. Taking out his axe, he throws it at the rabbit, the axe spinning, before chopping down the rabbit. Walking over slowly, david seems to contemplate his existence. Why he is still alive at all, with his illness, his doctor saying he would've died in 2 years and yet its been many more and much longer, yet he still lives.

David thinks back to what he heard from those strange people. His illness isn't a illness, its a mutation. A bacteria that eats flesh is now keeping him alive. It eats for him, it holds him up, its almost magical the more david thinks about it. Mindlessly skinning the poor rabbit in hand, he focuses back to it and notices what kind of bloody mess he made. Soon quickly, david makes a spot with the rabbit bone, marking his territory away from the other cryptid before he continues on his journey walking silently.

"perhaps ill learn more... perhaps i can recover my voice and how i look and meet up with my family, i hope it hasn't been so long they would forget about me..." David thought silently.


There was been no dialouge in this journal, only thoughts, David is muted.

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