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Entry 2: Back to base

            Return to the base was a strange change of pace. It has been years since I got a chance to interact with others. I fear I wasted much of my opportunity be too quiet and awkward to interact much with the people of the outside world. Perhaps I should spend some time practicing what I will say when I meet other in the future. I could use some of the snow on hand to build snowmen with which to practice my introductions.

            The power granted by the man in the wide-brimmed hat seems to have now manifested. I am able to temporarily cripple my metabolic processes in order to leave a mark of sorts on my quarry. I can then smell the exact location of my quarry until I choose the lose focus on the mark or mark a new quarry. I have tested this power’s capabilities on a number of native creatures a snow hare I followed for some distance, a seal whom I could track even in the sea and a reindeer I followed for a full week before harvesting. I have found a glass marble my mother left at the base, it has a snowflake pattern suspended within it, I believe I can use it to help me focus this power.

            This power could prove a great boon in combating the yeti-creatures I deal with here. More power may be required to finally defeat the yeti creatures. If the man with the wide-brimmed hat is to return with another offer I must accept to further my own power so I may finally deal with the yeti-creatures for once and for all.

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